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How Much Do Dog Breeders Make Yearly? [Profit Margin]

Do you want to know how much money dog breeders make in profit yearly? If YES, here is an analysis of the income potential of dog kennel business owners.

A lot of dog lovers in the United States are very enthusiastic about a particular breed of dog. A dog breeding business, however, let’s these dog lovers who like a specific breed pick out a puppy of that breed. Note that most businesses in this industry prefer to focus on raising one breed of dog and thus, serve people who love that breed.

This business is ideal for individuals who like dogs and love caring for them. A dog breeding business owner is expected to be in good enough physical condition to interact with, care for, and play with puppies.

They also usually help female dogs with births, so owners most certainly should be available when a dog goes into labour. Dogs are friendly and can easily be bred. As a breeder, your day will mostly involve taking care of the puppies by feeding, playing, and exercising the dogs.

You will also be putting the female and the male dogs together when the female is in heat. Note that some of your customers will ask you to deliver the puppies to their homes and you should be ready to make long distance deliveries for your customers or arrange animal transport.

Estimated Startup Cost

Nonetheless, the startup costs for a dog breeding business can be quite substantial, although they are controllable. Individuals looking to start and succeed in this business must have a facility for their dogs, purchase female dogs, buy a male dog or pay a stud fee, have food for the dogs and pay for shots and tests.

Note that most dog breeding businesses are located in rural areas in order to keep facility costs minimal. In addition, a dog breeding business is expected to be registered with the AKC, and each litter ought to be registered with the club. Registering a business is $100, and litter registrations are $25 plus $2 per puppy.

Dog Breeders who want to keep their costs as low as possible can begin by breeding just one female dog. Starting a dog breeding business with just one dog keeps cost of feeding, veterinary for puppies, and AKC litter registration fees minimal.

Estimated Profit Potential of a Dog Breeding Business

Have it in mind that dog breeding businesses have two potential customers. Dog lovers who are enthusiastic about a specific breed and have discretionary income are often willing (and able) to pay a premium for a dog in their favourite breed.

Then, pet stores that provide more stable revenue stream, even though they may not pay as much as an individual. However, a lot of pet stores in the united states prefer to work with rescue agencies and offer adoptions, and are moving away from reselling puppies purchased from breeders.

According to reports, a dog breeding business may charge anywhere from $500 to $3,000 for each puppy. Note that where a puppy falls within this price range usually rests on the pedigree of the puppy’s parents and how much care the breeder puts into breeding the dogs.

Ethical breeders, for example, won’t breed dogs that have behavioural problems or genetic health issues. Breeders must be able to cover the potential costs of having such a dog.

Also note that the amount of profit a dog breeding business makes depends on the quality of its dogs and how many litters it breeds in a year. A high-end breeder may have just four litters a year, but sell the dogs for $2,500 each. Nonetheless, if each litter had six dogs, the business would have an annual revenue of $60,000.

A low-budget breeder who doesn’t have the same quality of dogs may only sell theirs for $800 each. To make the same amount, they’d need more than 12 litters of six dogs each.

After normal business expenses and ongoing costs, a dog breeder can get an average monthly compensation of about $4000 – $16,000 depending on experience and domain knowledge. Dog Breeders can get an average wage of $35,700 per year. According to statistics, dog Breeders earn the highest in Wisconsin, where they can earn average pay levels of close to $43, 950.

Top Dogs to Breed and How Much They Sell for?

There are many dog breeds that you can choose to raise and sell in the United States. However, the list provided below is a list of some of the best dogs that are known to fetch good money in the market.

  1. Labrador Retriever

If you are searching for an all-time best seller, then the Labrador Retriever is an ideal choice to breed. The Labrador Retriever is a very friendly dog and makes a good addition to any family. Although they are quite expensive to breed but they will always be in demand. This dog breed is listed as a top seller by AKC. One Labrador Retriever goes for $1,500.

  1. The French Bulldog

According to statistics, these French cuties are one of the most adorable dogs that you will want to raise. This is because they are expensive and on demand, and also because they hardly reproduce naturally. In the United States, a French bulldog can fetch up to $8,000.

The main challenge a breeder faces with these dogs is their production is unpredictable and it requires a lot of capital to get started.

  1. Siberian Husky

Once you take a look at its beautiful blue eyes, you won’t need any other reason to know why you need to breed this dog. It has low healthcare costs and can easily be raised in a backyard as long as there is enough space. Currently in the United States, a Siberian Husky goes for $1,000 in the market.

  1. English Bulldog

This fierce looking guy is among the favourite in the United States. Selling for $3,000 in the market, the English Bulldog will always have a good return on investment. Just like its French cousin, the English bulldog cannot reproduce naturally as often as other breeds. However, if you have the capital and the time, the English Bulldog will give you a nice return.

  1. Rottweiler

This breed is strong and makes an excellent guard dog. Most people have problems with their tough and fierce nature but all it takes is good training to make them the ultimate watch guards. According to reports, these dogs are in high demand and a single Rottweiler can easily bring you up to $7,000 in the United States market. Rottweilers are also family dogs and they are easy to breed.

  1. German Shepherd

Agreeably, German shepherds are known to be very intelligent dog breed. Owing to its positive recognition worldwide, you can never go wrong breeding a German shepherd. The customer base for this breed is large and you will always fetch good profit raising these dogs. One German shepherd dog can easily fetch $6,500 and they are always in demand in the United States.


A dog breeding business can grow its revenue and profit by entering dogs in shows and winning. While dog breeding businesses usually have only one location where dogs are bred, a business can sell dogs locally, regionally or nationally. A business may breed just one or two litters a year and sell them to nearby dog lovers, or they might breed hundreds (possibly thousands) of puppies and sell them throughout the country.