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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at a Gas Station?

The exact age to work at a gas station in the United States will vary depending on your location or even the duty you will be expected to carry out.

For instance, in some states, the minimum age to work at a gas station is 16 years or older. Aside from that, note that certain gas stations have their own policies when it comes to the minimum age requirements for employment. Gas station jobs over the years have been one of the most sought-after job positions in the United States.

This is because the economy of the country has propelled massive growth for the industry and its workforce. This has encouraged young job seekers to want to apply for jobs at the gas stations closest to them.

Gas stations are facilities that are built by private or public companies to sell fuel and engine lubricants to vehicle owners. The popularity of these stations has grown massively and they can be found in every country of the world, and anyone with the right age requirement can work there.

At some gas stations, you are required to be 18 before being hired. This might be because employees are expected to work in the store alone at times, something that can be hard to do if you are 16. As gas stations often sell alcohol, it could also be another viable reason.

Requirements to Work at a Gas Station

In the United States, gas stations tend to possess varying requirements owing to differences in brand, location, company policies, and government policies. To ensure you grasp the working policy of the particular gas station you intend to work at, it is necessary you make inquiries online by going to their company website or reaching out to the gas station via call or email.

Entry-level positions like station attendant, cashier, maintenance worker, etc., need very minimal job requirements. Once you are above the minimum hiring age, you have excellent communication skills, and you do well at the job interview, your chance of landing the job is very encouraging.

Also, note that possessing prior experience in the job also gives you an edge. Howbeit, managerial or supervisory job positions at gas stations like station supervisor, general manager, etc., will warrant that you have prior experience in the industry and have a specific level of academic certification.

Working Conditions at a Gas Station

Gas station employees are always at work because a gas station tends to have a steady flow of clients every day. Aside from that, employees are expected to showcase friendly, prudent, and dynamic personalities when dealing with customers.

They should always be willing to offer satisfactory service and guarantee that customers are happy by maintaining good customer relations.

How to Apply for a Job at a Gas Station

To apply for a position at a gas station, you need to send an application form. You can obtain this online or ask in person at the gas station. Aside from that, you can also print an application from the company’s website and complete it prior to visiting in person for submission.


To work at a gas station in the United States, you are expected to be at least 16 years old. Howbeit, it is very necessary you understand your duties, as certain responsibilities, like the sale of alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, will have to be done by a person who is at least 18 years old.