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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at a Haunted House in 2023?

You will need to be at least 16 years old to work at a haunted house. Note that if you are under 18, you will be expected to possess signed parental or guardian consent/permission.

Age plays a very vital part in employment in the United States. A haunted house refers to a space particularly meant to entice customers by providing a scary or thrilling experience. It was reported that Americans spent around $7 billion on Halloween and $300 million on haunted houses.

These scary houses can be located in makeshift, temporary houses, corn mazes, or even old prisons or asylums. Employees who are most often referred to as actors dress up in costumes and pop out at customers to give them a fright.

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Things to Consider for Under-18s Looking to Work in a Haunted House

With the encouraging growth in this line of business, it is possible that you might be looking to find employment at a haunted house or haunted attraction. Howbeit, note that with these sorts of seasonal jobs come special hazards and restrictions for employees under the age of 18. Nevertheless, below are necessary things to keep in mind;

  1. Seasonal employment

Around the end of September, a good number of seasonal haunted houses start to open up in most places in the country. These shops focus on providing a valid means to earn a little bit of extra cash, and they tend to have short terms of employment.

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These businesses are also more active within the evening hours, and this makes them a viable option for anyone under the age of 18.

  1. Hour Restrictions

In the United States, rules are put in place by both state and federal law and will differ depending on the minor’s age. Note that minors who work six or more consecutive hours are expected to get one or two breaks totaling at least 30 minutes.

These breaks will need to be adequately documented in a break log or outlined in the minor’s time punches. Documentation is very important irrespective of whether the breaks offered are paid or unpaid.

  1. Roles

Depending on your role, note that a good number of the duties one is expected to carry out in a haunted house are similar to any other retail establishment. You might be expected to work as an actor, stock shelves in their merchandise store, hang clothes or even attend to clients or collect cash. Minors are also not expected to be asked to carry out activities that are prohibited.

  1. Underage Employment

Also note that minors under 14 are only permitted to work as actors, performers, models, farm laborers (over 12), domestic service workers (babysitters), golf caddies, and newspaper carriers. Even if the haunted house is owned by a parent, minors are not permitted to work in any but these occupations.

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Minors under 16 who are working as actors, performers, or models will need to be accompanied by a parent to all performances and rehearsals.

  1. Rules for Haunted Attractions

As long as a minor is not working as an actor or performer in a haunted attraction, that minor will have to stay in line with all the necessary Child Labor laws such as obtaining a work permit, documenting breaks, and maintaining the correct work hours for the minor’s age.

Minors who function in support positions in a haunted attraction will not work in any of the prohibited or hazardous occupations as stipulated by state and federal law. Aside from that, employers are mandated to ensure that minors working around vehicles or in parking lots are wearing reflective gear so that they may be seen easily in dark conditions.

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Age plays a very vital part when it has to do with employment in the United States. Keep in mind that this age requirement guarantees that participants or workers in these establishments have the necessary maturity and capability to take care of the physically demanding environment that comes with creating spine-chilling scares.

In the United States, you will need to be at least 16 years old to work at a haunted house. Note that if you are under 18, you will be expected to possess signed parental or guardian consent/permission.