Do you run a night club business and want to grow it? If YES, here are 15 unique ideas to entertain VIPs in your night club and keep them coming back for more. Running a successful night club business is no walk in the park. There are permits, licenses, and bureaucracy to manage. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a brand that sizzles with consumers.

A successful nightclub comes about because of reputation and image. Revenues might come because you sell drinks and cover charges to see hot live music, but you won’t make any money if people aren’t coming through your doors or if they are coming only once.

If you’re lucky enough to succeed, then you have to worry about staying relevant and keeping your fingers on the pulse of what people want in the face of stiff competition. You need to keep your top spenders (VIPs) happy so that they can keep coming back to you. Here are a few ways in which you can entertain VIPS in your night club.

15 Unique ideas for Entertaining VIPs in your Night Club Business

1. Have a VIP lounge

In order to be able to effectively entertain your VIP guests, it is very important that you have a VIP section; that is dedicated to cater to the needs of VIPs only. This is to separate the VIP experience from the normal experience and as such, make it worth having.

2. VIP or loyalty cards

Offering VIP or loyalty cards to your VIP customers is a great way to reward them, make them feel special, create advanced sales and generate a mailing list that will allow you to contact your best customers. Plus, all of these perks will give them advance notice of upcoming events and special promotions such as VIP appreciation parties.

Making sure that your VIP cards only go out to your target customers, and that you collect all their information, is imperative. For instance, you could make your VIP card a two-piece card. The top portion is the VIP card and the bottom portion is a lead card.

After the customer fills out the lead card, you tear off the bottom and give them the VIP card. Most importantly, make sure that the card is the best quality you can afford. You can purchase four-color credit card quality VIP and Club Cards with a signature stripe for about 30 cents each. Don’t forget that the quality of the card directly reflects the value your VIP program.

3. Drinks (without waiting at the bar)

Nightclubs can get very busy, especially on holiday and popular weekends. This means longer lines at the bar. You can offer your VIP guests the ability to avoid all the time-consuming hassle of getting drinks at a busy bar by having a staff deliver it to them whenever the request for it.

4. Skip the Long Lines

The more popular a night club is, the more likely that there will be a long cue outside waiting to get in. You can make things easier for your VIP guests by allowing them to skip the queue outside. These VIP can contact a designated staff when they are outside, and the staff will come out to personally walk them to their reserved private table. This will help to improve the whole experience for VIP customers.

5. VIP appreciation parties

Once in a while, you should throw a party at your night club strictly for your VIP members as a way to show your appreciation. You can also give out gifts to your top spender to appreciate them more.

6. VIP contests

Photo contests, costume contests, even contests for the best memory of your nightclub are sure to be popular contests that will create an engaged VIP community with the desire to keep coming back. Also, provide the opportunity to win free stuff.

Contests are also a good way to promote events, because who doesn’t like to win free tickets, drinks, and more? Like-gate contests are also a good idea. These are promotions that require persons to like your page to enter the contest, and are the lowest barrier to entry.

7. Create a VIP experience

In creating their VIP experience, you should aim to give the VIP guests a curated array of activities, refreshments, and event entertainment in a truly unique way. Creating a VIP experience doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Adding an extra experience on to an already established activity can create lots of opportunities to honor guests who normally don’t get to be in the spotlight.

8. Invite celebs

The presence of celebrities in the VIP section of your night club business can help to improve your reputation and the experience of your guests. Yes, you may have to pay them but yes, it’s worth it! Think of all the midweek bar and restaurant promotions you could build around a local celebrity at your place.

9. Special Events

Offer theme nights or events targeted at your VIP guests. Host a ’70s night, battle of the bands, karaoke night or sports-themed event. Showcase local bands, singers or standup comedians. Bring in a guest DJ from a popular local radio station.

10. Contests and Prizes

The popularity of singing, dancing and entertainment-based TV shows makes hosting a similar contest at your club a natural draw. Schedule a dance contest, open-mic night for comedians or a “Nightclub Idol” singing competition. Offer prizes and encourage audience participation.

11. Guest bartender contest

Hold a guest bartender contest and let VIP members choose drinks that will be promoted as the club’s drink of the month.

12. VIP Club

Make regular guests feel like they’re part of an exclusive group by establishing a VIP club. Similar to a frequent-flier account or store shopper card, your club can offer special benefits to those who visit frequently. This could include free food or drinks after a certain number of paid visits or a club T-shirt or specialty drink glass when VIP members bring in a new customer.

13. Don’t Sell Out High-Profile Customers

Even though this is not an entertainment idea, it still help to make VIPs feel more comfortable. If you have a celebrity at your club (who wants to remain anonymous), it is best to keep it confidential so as to make them feel comfortable and safe. Respect the privacy of your guests and that will help for your longevity.

14. Offer VIP members the ability to make special song request

Sometime, you wish you could have your special song play when you are in a club. Well, you can give your VIP members the ability to select a song (that fits into the theme for the night) so as to make the experience of the club visit more personal.

15. Distinctive design features

The right decor can often spell the difference between a filled-to-the-brim nightspot and an empty one. The decor embodies the concept of the nightclub. It will set the tone for the type of the club you are and the kind of customers you want to attract.

You should try to make the design of the VIP section different from the normal section in order to give it added sense of prestige.

A mahogany and leather designed club may be targeted at upper class patrons, while a mirror-and-smoke designed club will attract the young, hip and dance aficionados. Many clubs are also going for the high-tech look with video screens, as well as state-of-the-art lighting and lasers.