Are you looking for the best ideas for storing candles? If YES, here are 10 great ideas for storing candles in 2023. Candles are a unique source of both illumination and ambiance—which is actually why it is so easy to end up with more than you know what to do with. Apart from being lifesavers in times of power shortages, candles can also be used to create a mood in the house, do away with bad odors, and of course, decorate the place.

Have it in mind that candles are an investment, and they should be treated as such. Owing to that, it is necessary to understand the proper ways of storing your candles when they are not in use. Be it pillar candles, taper candles, jar candles, tumbler candles, or any other assortment of candles, precautions need to be taken to ensure their longevity.

To make your candles last, here are some expert tips and ideas on storing them properly when they’re not in use.

10 Best ideas for Storing Candles

  1. Store In A Cool And Dry Place

Candles are known to last longest when kept at low-to-moderate temperatures. Therefore, places like cupboards, closets, and dry basements tend to make the best storage locations. This is because candle wax gets quickly softened by the slightest heat and because of this, it may melt out, bend or deform.

In addition, aside from melting them, sunlight tends to also make their scents and colors fade. However, freezing them is not advisable because although the wax will remain firm and intact, the wick will probably get damaged from absorbing moisture and may not light up effectively. Again, even if a place is cool, if it is damp then it is not the right location.

  1. Store Them Close To Their Holders

It may seem insignificant, but it is when you fail to find proper candle holders or stands that you will understand the importance of keeping the designated holders close to the candles. Note that it is when you want to use your candles that you realize you have limited choices of things to use as holders. Therefore, when storing your candles make sure that right next to them are their holders.

  1. The Importance Of Fire Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, U.S. fire departments responded to almost 7,600 home fires started by candles between 2014 and 2018. As a potential fire hazard, candles are expected to be stored away from curious children and pets, even when not lit. In addition, you should try not to store candles in cardboard boxes or with anything flammable for that matter.

  1. Keep Them Out Of The Reach Of Children

When you are not using your candles, endeavor to keep them out of the reach of children, especially the small active ones. Indeed, children are curious beings and they are attracted to almost anything. If you keep candles where they can find them, there could be an impending fire hazard.

Note that your kids may have seen you light up candles and when you are not around or not looking, they may like to imitate you. Also, note that they may try to swallow these candles and end up getting choked or poisoned. Always ensure to store your candles where your children can have no access to them.

  1. Wrap Them Up

You may have found yourself unconsciously scraping off the wax with your nail when handling candles. This is because candles are very sensitive and they need protection from friction or force. Therefore, right before you store them in a box or basket, consider wrapping them up in tissue paper individually. This will help keep them from absorbing moisture, and rubbing against each other or the container they are in. In addition, your choice container should be made of a case that is not easily affected by temperature changes such as woven baskets.

  1. Use Jars And Tins

If you always have candles, especially cake candles, then this is for you. Luckily cake candles are small and storing them may not be that hard. Note that you can simply lay them flat in tins or jars which you can either stack in a basket or shelf. However, if you intend to be more decorative, then consider separating and putting them according to their respective colors in each jar and then arranging the jars on your cool and dry shelf. You can also be innovative and even create color patterns.

  1. Keep Them Away From Sharp Objects

Always remember not to store your candles together with sharp objects such as cutlery or nails or files. Just like it was stated above, candles have very sensitive surfaces, and therefore if you keep them with items that can scratch or dent them, you will end up with unusable candles. Coupled with wrapping them, consider placing them in soft areas.

  1. Store Them Flat

If you are using regular taper candles, then consider storing them by lying them flat. They are kept flat because if they are left standing, they will more or less warp, and this damages the candles. But if you have pillar candles, they can be placed in jars and kept in an upright manner.

  1. Ziploc Them

Always remember that scented candles are very sensitive, and when they are left out in the open, most often, they end up losing their scents. Even though this doesn’t make them entirely useless as they can still be used for lighting, however, it will destroy their main purpose. To avoid this, ensure to keep all scented candles in a Ziploc back. This will ensure that the scent is held in and the candles remain fresh. Do not forget to wrap them first before storing them.

  1. Recycle

When using votive candles, it is advisable to be extra careful because they tend to melt into each other. Do not worry; there is a solution to this. Have it in mind that you can use egg cases or cartons to store these small candles. With that, they will be sitting in their separate divides avoiding the mass melting. Please also note that you can use ornament boxes or small containers such as bottle tops to hold them in a larger box or basket.

Candles are a luxury item that needs to be treated with care when you store them. By following these ideas and tips mentioned above, you can enjoy them as long as possible.