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Do you want to start an aerial photography business but you lack skill and experience? If YES, here is every detail you need to start and run a drone photography business from home.

In recent times, the civilian community has started developing and making use of drones to carry out tasks such as surveying of vast farm lands (plantation), for delivery of parcels, to monitor and count wildlife and livestock, for geographical mapping, for search and rescue operations, for monitoring pipelines, for road patrol and for general commercial photography and motion picture film-making.

Are you about starting a UAV (drone) photography business? If YES, here’s a complete sample aerial drone photography business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE to raise money. Drone technology is rapidly gaining prominence in the globe beyond the military circuit. Drones are unmanned but controlled aircraft (aerial vehicle or unpiloted …

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You will need about $350,000 to start a drone photography business (Small Scale). Here is a detailed cost analysis for starting a drone photography business and raising finance. If you are considering starting a drone photography business in the united states of America, then you should look towards raising capital to undergo the required training …

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