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Also known as Operating Authority or Motor Carrier Authority, it is the permission granted by the government to transport goods in exchange for profit. Without trucking authority, you are not allowed to cross boundaries or even carry goods for delivery purposes. Although required by law, not everyone in the field has trucking authority.

In the United States, some companies are leased owner-operators, meaning revenues made are shared between the owner and operator. Alternatively, getting your own trucking authority offers you the operational freedom to choose your own loads, schedule, and even route leading to a more efficient and income-generating business.

An owner-operator owns and operates the truck he is driving. Owner-operators are tasked with the necessary expenses of operating the truck, such as insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc. Numerous owner-operators, instead of offering their services to a leasing firm, choose to obtain their own authority. Obtaining an authority is a very necessary step if you intend …

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