If you have ever been around successful people, then you would find that they are very smart and intelligent people. It is such a great experience to be emotionally intelligent. People globally are becoming aware of their emotional intelligence- EQ, and how they can use it to their advantage. This read is basically to expose you to Emotional Intelligence and to also guide you on the process you might need to follow to improve your emotional intelligence.

Let us get it straight, just so this article doesn’t come across as foreign; Emotional Intelligence EI or EQ is simply the ability to monitor one’s own emotions as well as other people’s emotions so as to be able to differentiate between different emotions and to label the emotion appropriately and to use the emotions to guide thinking and behaviors.

Emotional Intelligence EQ plays a key role in determining how successful you can become in your relationship with people, your physical health, your mental health, your personal ambition and your career. It is indeed an important factor and everyone that desires all round success in life and career should take time to learn, improve and harness their emotional intelligence. When you study emotional intelligence, you would be exposed to self awareness, self management, self motivation, empathy, relationship management and social awareness.

If you critically study successful leaders, you would realize that they have their emotional intelligence under their control and they know what to do to improve it when the need arises. It is fact that emotional intelligence help successful people stay successful. If you don’t have strong emotional intelligence, you are likely to lose grip of your life or success when confronted with traumatic emotional experience. These are the tips you need to follow if you want to improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ);

7 Action Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence Fast

1. Undertake Emotional Intelligence Test

The first thing to do in order to improve your emotional intelligence is to undertake an emotional intelligence test so that you can be aware of the level of your emotional intelligence EQ. You can search for an online platform that conducts this type of test and sign up with them. In most cases it is free of charge to do an EQ test online and in some instance you might have to pay to do a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence assessment since experts would help you analyze your result and send the report to your email address.

2. Spend Time Meditating

Meditation is an essential requirement for those seeking to improve their emotional intelligence. If you spend time alone meditating, it helps you build strong emotional stamina to be able to confront life’s challenges. You don’t necessarily need to travel to the woods or the mountains to engage in meditating. You can meditate whilst driving; you can meditate on your bed and in any place with little or no distraction. Just make it a point of duty to create time for daily meditation, it could be 20 minutes or more; the truth is that it will go a long way to help you improve your emotional intelligence.

3. Learn to Always Confront Challenges with a Positive Mindset

People that are always afraid to confront their challenges are known to have weak emotional intelligence. If you form the habit of always confronting your challenges with the mindset that whatever the outcome is, whether positive or negative, it is working for your good, then you are working towards improving your emotional intelligence. The truth is that there are some forms of advantages in every unpleasant situation we come across in life, and it takes people with healthy emotional intelligence to appreciate this fact.

4. Laugh at the Slightest Opportunity

Another way to improve your emotional intelligence is to laugh as often as possible. Psychologists say that even when you are hurt, if you take time to laugh, it automatically resets your body system from a sad / painful mood to a happy mood instantly even if you are still feeling the hurt. So, learn not to take things personal with people, and avoid stressing yourself unnecessarily.

5. Read Books and listen to soft music

If you want to improve your emotional intelligence, then you must be willing to read books that help you build your emotional intelligence, you should read motivational and self help books, as well as books on emotional intelligence. It has been proven that soft tone music like country side; rhythm and blues, et al helps people to become more aware of themselves. Soft music help people connect to their inner self and it helps them build their emotional stamina. For instance, when people are heartbroken, they are likely to find encouragement listening to soft music and meditating.

6. Spend time relating with people

You must learn to express your intimate emotions calmly. Your ability to effectively express and validate tender, loving emotions is very important to maintaining close personal relationships If you are deliberate about building your interpersonal skills, you would be unconsciously building your emotional intelligence. They say the easiest ways to learn swimming is not outside the swimming pool but right inside it. So also the easiest way to learn how to relate with people is to expose you to people. If you have health emotional intelligence, you are likely going to be a good leader and a likeable person.

7. Always Take Responsibility for your Action

Part of what you need to do to improve your emotional intelligence is to always take responsibility for any of your action, no matter the consequence you are likely going to face. You cannot improve your emotional intelligence when you are fond of blaming everybody for your woes. Be willing to be the first to apologize and forgive when things go wrong if indeed you are serious about improving your emotional intelligence.

8. Learn to keep cool under pressure-: Most people experience some level of stress in their life. How you handle stressful situations can make difference between being assertive and reactive. When you are under pressure, the most essential thing to have in your mind is to remain cool.

9. You must first understand the importance of emotional intelligence in all facet of life

To become intellectually capable is important but becoming emotional intelligent can be considered more better as there are many benefits attached with high emotional intelligence. Getting high emotional intelligence can assist you to live a happier life because it is easier to understand. Being rational and calm in difficult or challenging situations becomes the secondary nature and it can also lead you to better relationships along with job opportunities and effective performance in business. Below are four essential elements to emotional intelligence that can assist you to live a balance life:

  • Self awareness: This is the ability to recognize your emotions for what they seems to be and also to understand their origins. It also includes knowing your strengths and limitations including your self-esteem.
  • Self management: This is simply the ability to delay gratification, take initiative and to pull back sudden urge. It is also being able to cope with change and stay committed.
  • Social awareness: This all about being attuned to other people’s emotions and concerns, also being able to take note and adapt to social signals. It is also the ability to see the power dynamics at play around any organizational context or group.
  • Relationship management:  This is just the ability to go along with others, inspire and influence people, communicate effectively and manage conflict.