Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you inspire to be like great business leaders and public speakers such as Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Mo Ibrahim, J. F. Kennedy, Barrack Obama, Winston Churchill and Zig Ziglar?

Do you have a strong desire to develop your public speaking skills or do you want to improve on your public speaking style? Do you know you can develop or improve your public speaking skills in 21 days or less? If you want to find out how, then read on.

In this article, I am going to reveal to you 21 smart ways to develop your public speaking skills in 21 days or less. Call it high speed learning and you won’t be wrong. So if you are prepared for this high speed learning, then read on as I share with you 21 smart ways to improve your public speaking skills in 21 days or less.

21 Ways to Improve your Public Speaking Skills in 21 Days or Less

1. Have a strong desire to improve your public speaking skills; desire to become an excellent public speaker. If you don’t have a strong desire to develop the necessary public speaking skills, then you will not be motivated to do what it takes to achieve the feat in 21 days.

2. Read books that will help you master the art of public speaking. I am talking about books such as “Effective Public Speaking” by Dale Carnegie and “The Art of Persuasion.”

3. Attend a public speaking training course or seminar. This step is highly recommended by master public speakers such as Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett credits his effective public speaking skills to a course he took under Dale Carnegie.

4. Listen to audio tapes or CDs on public speaking skills development.

5. Look for friends with the same goal and orientation; and work together with them towards developing or improving your public speaking skills.

6. Sign up for a public speaking training course online.

7. Volunteer to speak in shows or event that others avoid or don’t have time for.

8. Watch public speaking skills development videos prepared by great public speakers.

9. Look for a professional public speaker and seek mentorship from him or her. Propose to be his or her protégé in return for working for free.

10. Engage in positive arguments, discussions or debate with friends.

11. Read the speeches and written materials prepared by professional public speakers.

12. Join organizations where public speaking skills development is top priority. Example of such organization is Toastmaster.

13. Join a network marketing business that trains distributors on how to become great business leaders and public speakers.

14. Visit blogs, forums and websites that share public speaking skills development tips and spend some time there.

15. Look for a paid public speaking coaching service and sign up. This is all about getting a personal public speaking coach to guide you along the way.

 16. Join business networks and exchange ideas and techniques with like minded people who are at the helm of affairs of great companies.

17. Attend business conferences or entrepreneurial summit. You may pick one or two public speaking inspiration by listening to young entrepreneurs, business executives and CEOs.

18. Listen to the speeches and addresses of great leaders and public speakers. You can decode the source of inspiration of these great business leaders by simply listening to their speeches.

19. Look for public speaking opportunities in your church or place of worship. You can volunteer to help with the announcements and addresses. Places of worships and societal gatherings are great places to hone your public speaking skills for free and even overcome your fear of rejection.

20. Develop the mindset required for public speaking. Remember, public speaking skills development must begin with a change of mindset or else; you will only be pouring water on a rock. You must develop your mindset to face your worst fears, handle criticism and rejection.

21. After reading books, attending seminars or trying out other effective public speaking techniques; you must remember to work on yourself. Learning how to be a good public speaker without putting what you learned into active practice is simply a waste of time and energy.

Working on yourself entails changing your perception towards failure, working on your appearance and acquiring the necessary skills needed to become a good public speaker. I am talking about public speaking skills such as communication skill, people skill and a good sense of humor. In fact, I will recommend you start by studying the traits of successful leaders and master public speakers; and work on yourself to develop such traits.

As a final note, I want to state that anyone can become a great leader and public speaker; all you need is a strong desire and unyielding resolve to achieve your desire. I wish you the best of luck; see you at the top.