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50 Best Small Business ideas for Rainy Season in India in 2022

Do you want to start a business and make fast money in India this dry season? If YES, here are 50 best small business ideas for dry season in India for 2023.

India has seen businesses grow tremendously than in previous decades due to the fact that trends have made the market one that accepts unconventional businesses. Nowadays, there are numerous startups that have caused the country to earn global recognition, regardless of the fact that india is a third world country that has a struggling economy.

Startups have now become a huge trend for the younger generation as most either want to have multiple sources of income or do not want white collar jobs. If you are therefore searching for small business ideas that you can run in India during the rainy season in 2018, then reading this article will give you the inspiration you might need.

However, as with any other business, it is important that you have carried out prior planning and also have the proper skills to start the business especially in the rainy season.

You should also note that not all businesses are the same and while some will require a thorough in-depth feasibility report on the market dynamics, some will require a simple plan to keep you on the right path. Below are therefore small business ideas for the rainy season in India.

50 Best Small Business ideas for Rainy Season in India in 2022

  1. Fast Food Restaurant

If you are looking to get substantial revenue, then starting a fast food restaurant is a good business idea. Depending on what your start-up capital is, you can start the fast food restaurant on a small scale by offering limited food items and then start to expand on your menu as the restaurant grows.

A fast food restaurant offers hot beverages and accompanying snacks during the rainy season and so this is a perfect business for you especially as you can still run the business once the rains have stopped. You will need to invest on infrastructure, labor, raw materials and furniture to get going.

2. Incense Stick Making

Even though southern India especially the state of Kanataka is well known as the leading manufacturer and supplier of incense sticks known as agarbatti; it doesn’t mean that you cannot go into this kind of business if you are so highly inclined.

You can start with selling only hand-rolled incense sticks as they are more in demand. Ensure that you can make them and that you also have strategies in place to attract customers to your business because this business is very lucrative.

3. Laundromat Business

If you are living in an area where there are lots of single young people, then you might need to start a Laundromat business as only few young people like to spend money in procuring a washing machine and so often opt for a Laundromat service. This kind of business requires a one-time investment but the return can last for a life time. Ensue that you have strategies in place that will allow you attract the customers you will need for your business.

4. Fertilizer Factory

The rainy period is a time for farmers to grow their crops thereby pushing the demand for fertilizers. As an innovative entrepreneur, you can key into this by making fertilizer on a large scale. One benefit of making fertilizer on a large scale is that you will get subsidies as well as other benefits from the government.

The business will require you to have lots of machinery as well as raw materials you can use in producing the fertilizers. You will also need to invest highly in capital as well as labor. This business is regarded as a small business especially when compared to other forms of businesses.

5. Waste Management Business

There are a number of industries and institutions that are on the look-out for how to properly dispose their waste and so starting a Waste Management Business can become a very lucrative opportunity for you. You will however require special equipment to dispose the waste and competent staff that will collect and dispose waste. In order to bag a few contracts, you will need to make your bidding attractive enough to be noticed by your intended market.

6. Brewery

India has seen a huge boom in the demand for different beer brands and so this is an opportunity that any innovative entrepreneur can seize to make lots of huge profits. Even though this industry is a high investment one, you can still get a fair share of the market for yourself by launching your own brand of beers. Ensure that you choose a unique name that can be easily remembered and also that you have strategies in place to ensure that your beer stands out from others and that customers buy your brand.

7. Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

If you are located in the urban area, then you should know that the population keeps growing by the second as more people are migrating to urban cities in search of better opportunities.

The lifestyle of the urban city is fast paced and so most people do not have the time to take care of their accommodation and so as an innovative entrepreneur, this is a business that you can easily tap into especially as the accommodation of people are likely to be dirtier during the rainy season. The good thing about this business is that you can clean as many accommodations as possible especially if you are charging by the hour.

8. Moving Company

Most people like to move during the rainy season because it is during the rainy season that can judge how the new area will be like and so starting a moving company during this period will enable you generate a huge amounts of profit; however one good thing about this business is that it will still continue even after the rainy season has passed.

9. Car and Bike Wash

Cars and bikes usually get really dirty during the rainy season and so there are going to be many people wanting to have their bikes and cars washed. The car and bike wash business is likely to yield a lot of returns for any serious entrepreneur especially as you can still run the business after the rains has passed. The business requires a one-time investment to get a facility, equipment to use in washing the cars and bikes as well as hire competent staff to help you out.

10. Gaming Parlor for kids

The rapid strides made by technology have made starting a gaming parlor become a lucrative business especially for an entrepreneur with passion for games. Kids of today have become very interested in the online world and so starting this kind of business will definitely be the best thing you can do especially as the rainy season is bound to keep the kids playing the game longer.

Most of the money you would need to start the business will be used to purchase the gaming equipment you need as well as leasing a facility with which to run the business from. You can streamline your expenses by purchasing second hand equipment.

11. Bakery Shop

The bakery business can definitely be started during the rainy season especially as customers will be sure of getting hot bread. Most people prefer locally made bread than the commercial ones and so if you are located strategically, you are likely to pull a fair amount of customers.

Aside from bread, you can also bake biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries and other bakery items that you feel will attract the right customers. If you do not have money to rent a shop for your bakery business, you can start the business from home but ensure that you have strategies in place that will enable customers become aware of your business.

12. Car Rentals

If you have substantial capital, then you can look to starting a car rental business especially as more people – such as foreign tourists and companies that are looking to ferry important clients – will likely prefer to use cars during the rainy season than scooters and bicycles.

  1. Beauty Parlor

Starting a beauty parlor business is now very popular and this is a business that will generate huge returns especially during the rainy season where the rain can mess up a lot of hair and make-ups.

The good thing about this sort of business is that you can run a beauty parlor that is not restricted to just a particular sex. Ensure that you have the proper equipment in place and that you have employed skilled beauticians and that you are located in a strategic location so that you can get a fair share of the market.

14. Corn Farming

Corn is regarded as the best of cereals due to the fact that it has the highest genetic yield potential amongst all the available cereals. Also, corn is one of the most versatile crops and it has the capability of adapting to various climatic conditions.

Corn can be used for a variety of purposes from immediate consumption to processing and use for other forms of consumption and so this is a good business that you should think of starting especially during the rainy season. If you are going to be farming commercially, you will need to use quality seeds so that you can attract a lot of customers.

15. Mushroom Farming

With mushroom farming, you can start with low capital but within few weeks make a huge profit especially if you know how to grow the mushrooms because cultivating mushrooms requires knowledge of art, science and technology.

If you however have no experience, you might need to find out from other mushroom farmers what techniques are best. You will also need to know the different types of mushroom available, the best environment needed to grow the mushrooms, how much it would cost to produce and how quickly you can recoup your investment.

16. Coffee Shop

If you are thinking of the perfect business to start during the rainy season, then you must consider starting a coffee shop where you can sell hot coffee and snacks. If you are passionate about starting a coffee shop, then with a substantial amount of money, you can definitely start this business.

Most Indians treat the coffee shop as a place outside of their home, where they can relax. One thing you should note about this kind of business is that it is a high-volume and low-transaction kind of business.

17. Meal Delivery (Tiffin Services)

There are a growing number of individuals and families in India who are now sourcing their daily meals from those who offer meal delivery services also known as ‘Tiffin service’.

Starting this kind of business does not require lots of capital as all you would need are; cooking utensils, packaging materials such as steel meal boxes, food ingredients and a vehicle or bicycle for delivery. It is important that you have strategies in place that will ensure that your target customers are largely aware of your business.

18. Pest Control

The rainy season is the perfect season for a pest attack and so starting a pest control business will prove to be very lucrative for you. However, this kind of business requires that you have the right skill as well as knowledge regarding the different types of pests that exist and the varying procedures that can be used in controlling them.

Knowing these will enable you have various options for your clients as they are likely to choose what they are going to be able to afford. Ensure that you have the necessary equipment needed to enable you carry out your business effectively.

19. Food Truck

The restaurant business has evolved with food trucks now becoming the norm for entrepreneurs who can cook but cannot afford a location to cater to their customers.

However regardless of the fact that this costs the entrepreneur less to start up than a regular restaurant, the food truck also has advantages in that it provides the entrepreneur with a diverse market and allows them access to multiple locations via mobility than a typical restaurant that is fixed at one location. Most of what will likely consume your start-up capital is the vehicle which can be gotten as second hand.

20. Certified Seed Production

One of the most popular and lucrative businesses that you can start during the rainy season is making available quality seeds. You should know the kinds of seeds you intend to produce and also if you intend to produce one kind of seed or several seeds.

This kind of business requires you to have a certain level of technical skill as there are a number of strict procedures that must be followed if you intend to produce seeds that are of the highest quality. Find out what regulations your state government has regarding seed certification, this is so that you don’t end up starting a business that will encounter hitches.

21. Grocery Store

A Grocery Store is where people who need basic amenities go to and while this might be an all year round business, it is a perfect business that you can start during the rainy season especially if you offer delivery service for those who might not be able to leave their homes or offices to come and shop at your store.

One of the criteria for breakthrough in this business is where you intend to locate the grocery store as it is important that you locate your store in an area with high foot traffic. Also ensure that the signage for your grocery store is prominently displayed.

22. Waste Paper Recycling

This is a cheap business that you can start up and rake in a lot of cash for yourself. This kind of business requires minimal materials and yet the margins are so high. You will need to find reliable contacts in order to gather the waste paper.

23. Baby Sitting Service

More women are now bringing home the bread either as single parents or trying to help their partners and so do not have the time to tend to their babies as before, which is why so many babysitting services are on the rise.

The good thing about this kind of business is that you can use your house especially if you have a large parlor that is conducive and free of clutter, otherwise you may have to rent a facility to run this business. Alternatively, you can babysit for your clients in their own homes but this can be sorely limiting as regards the revenue you will generate.

24. Courier Service

During the rainy season, people would still want to deliver packages but would not want to go out in the rain to do so and so if you are innovative enough, you can start this business, as all you would need is a scooter or a small vehicle. The good thing about this business is that you require little capital to start and you can still run the business even after the rainy season.

25. Tea Vendor

This is one of the easiest businesses that you can startup especially as you do not need much capital to start the business. What you will need to start this business is a bicycle, a large kettle of hot water, teabags and sugar. The rainy season is one where people take in a lot of hot fluids and so this business will prove to be a hit; you can always park your bicycle in a sheltered location if it is about to rain so as to protect your investment.

26. Sale of Raincoats

No one wants to move around in the rainy season without any form of protection and a raincoat has been one of the most popular ways people have protected themselves during the rainy season. The fact that this is an essential item means that you can always buy in bulk and sell during the rainy season; any leftover stock can be kept till the next rainy season.

Ensure that the raincoats you intend to stock are in trend as you might not have many people patronizing you if you buy something that isn’t trendy.

27. Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the process of using technology to collect and preserve rainwater in order that they might be used in households and for agro and industrial purposes and it is one of the most effective water management and conservation method. There are two processes to storing the rain water and one is via surface runoff harvesting while the other is by rooftop rainwater harvesting.

Once the rainwater has been collected, it can then be stored in a natural reservoir, tank or diverted to an artificial recharge system. In order to be able to start and run this business, it is important that you have basic civil engineering knowledge.

28. Umbrella Assembling and Selling

Even though the umbrella can be used in both rainy and dry season, it is one of the products whose demand always shoots up drastically during the rainy season.

You can simply by umbrellas in bulk from manufacturers and sell to your target market in order to make your profit or you can also assemble the umbrellas by creating customized umbrella for kids and teenagers. If you intend to assemble umbrellas, ensure that you are very creative and that you are cognizant with the trends in the children and teen industry so that you do not end up assembling umbrellas that no one wants.

  1. Vending Machine

The vending machine business is a form of retail business that has been upgraded technologically. The good thing about this kind of business is that you do not have to be there to attend to customers because as long as you have your vending machine installed in a strategic location and always stock up your products at the right time, then you will always generate revenue.

Ensure that you stock your vending machines with products that are always in demand during the rainy season such as hot coffee, tea, snacks, cigarettes and so on. If you can afford more than one vending machine, then you are likely to be raking in a whole lot of money once you start this business.

  1. Spa and Massage Service

The rainy season can bring about a lot of stress and exhaustion and so people will need to go to a place where they can not only physically relax but mentally as well, which is why a spa center is a lucrative business to start up.

The spa culture is on the rise in India and most of the common spa treatments are aromatherapy, body treatments, facials, hydrotherapy, massages (ranging from ayurvedic to exotic massages). In order to make your spa and massage service become known, you will need to have packages in place that will attract the right customers. This kind of business is not restricted to the rainy season though.

31. Candle Making Business

Candles are used almost by everyone either in their houses or religious places and so starting this business is bound to enable you generate revenue that will grow and boost your pocket as long as you have the required skills and knowledge necessary in making candles. You can also make candles that can be used for special occasions and the fact that people are likely to buy more candles when it is cold and wet than when it is hot is enough reason for you to go into this business.

32. Snail Farming

Snails are usually considered as a healthy source of nutrition due to the high protein, and low fats that it has and day by day the demand for snails is on the increase especially as all parts of the snails are regarded as useful. The profit that can be gotten from rearing snails on a commercial basis is quite huge and with modern upgraded technology, one can generate enough profit from snail rearing within one year.

Before you intend to start this kind of business, ensure that you have sufficient knowledge about the business so as to know the species that would enable you generate more revenue as well as the best location with which to start your snail farming. This is one of the perfect rainy season businesses that you can start in India.

  1. Plumbing Services

Even if you aren’t good at plumbing yourself, this does not mean that you cannot run this business and make money for yourself as you can hire skilled workers to execute whatever works you get and ensure that you have all the plumbing tools and equipment in place as well. In order to be successful in your plumbing business, you will need to create lots of awareness so as to attract customers.

34. Yoga Center

Yoga has become a very popular form of exercise and even though it originated from India, there are still many people who need someone to teach them how to do yoga properly and so if you are well versed in yoga, you can start a yoga center that will not only bring in the locals but also foreigners as well. Ensure that your yoga center is strategically located in order to enable more people become aware of it as it can also be a good place for people to come to during the rainy season.

35. Supply of Generic Medicines

During the rainy season, lots of people develop ailments and sometimes cannot go to a pharmacy to get the drugs they need and so with your scooter or car, you can get these generic medicines at wholesale rates and then supply them to those that cannot get these drugs or to doctors that are in remote villages. This is not a regular sort of business and so you would need to find out all there is to know about the business and what sort of licenses you would need to be able to run the business.

36. Match Making Business

More single people usually feel very lonely during the rainy season and so starting a match making business means grabbing hold of an opportunity that will enable you generate lots of revenue. In order to get your business noticed, you will need to engage in lots of promotional activities. One good thing about this kind of business is that not only do you need low capital to start up, but you can also run this business even after the rainy season.

37. Sale of Homemade Sweets and Savories

India is a place where lots of people love homemade sweets and savories and so if you know various traditional recipes of popular Indian sweets and savories, then this is a business you need to get into. If you are looking to avoid licensing procedures that are quite expensive, you might then need to start the business on a low scale where you prepare the sweets and savories in small quantities and market them from door-to-door instead of having to lease a place.

38. Breakfast Service

One of the cheapest business ideas that you can start off is a breakfast service and this is because you do not need a substantial amount of money to start this business. During the rainy season, a lot of people do not have the time to make their own meals and so will not mind patronizing a street-side breakfast service. Ensure that you offer favorite Indian meals such as dosa, boiled eggs, idli, omelette, and buns with butter.  You can also offer hot beverages such as tea and coffee to go with the meals.

39. Indian Bread Production

India has a variety of bread such as paratha and chapatti and so this is a lucrative business that you can look to start up especially if you are able to knead the dough well, and a lot of people will definitely buy from you especially during the rainy season. You will need to get the bread press, food-grade plastic bags, a stove and a sealer. You can try to sell your Indian bread to stores aside from households.

  1. Sale of Rubber Shoes and Sandals

The rain usually ruins peoples foot wears which is why many take to wearing rubber shoes and sandals during the rainy season so that they do not get their leather shoes ruined. Ensure that you have contact with several rubber shoes and sandals manufacturers so that you can always have good stock.

You will need a substantial amount of money to be able to buy a large amount of rubber shoes and sandals and you can strike a deal with stores and supermarkets to get them to carry your products.

  1. Liquor Delivery

The rainy season comes with a lot of cold and some people take liquor in order to ward off the cold as hot beverages cannot be taken all the time. Starting a liquor delivery business is therefore guaranteed to allow you rake in a lot of cash as not many people want to go out all the time to get liquor.

As long as you have a scooter and contacts with reliable liquor dealers where you can get liquor at wholesale rates, then this is a business that you should definitely start up because not only will you sell at market prices but you will also add delivery charges as well.

  1. Spice Powders Production

The spice powder business might be one that has a lot of big brands in it but if you are serious about starting your own spice production business, then you can make it to become a success. There are several consumers who do not like the commercially made spice powders and instead prefer the ones that are home-made; therefore, it is best to ensure that you make your spices in small quantities so as to always have a fresh stock.

In conclusion, startups can be very hectic no matter how thoroughly you might have planned; it is therefore important that you remain patient and keep working till your efforts pay off. While there are many factors that allow for a successful business; attracting and having a constant stream of customers is one sure way of attaining success.

The above businesses are the top small business ideas that are highly lucrative in India during the rainy season and can be started with a small amount of money. Ensure that you have thoroughly analyzed all the business ideas before choosing the one that best suits your skill and budget.