Are you passionate about beauty care and you want to start a business or make money off this passion? If YES, here are 50 spa & massage business ideas for 2020.

The number of people seeking regular escape from urban living is on the rise and that is why spas are even more popular than before. People love to be able to stay away from the incessant traffic, the noise and regular chaos that is characteristic of urban areas and take some time out to relax and rejuvenate at spas.

Massage business is also becoming more popular as people now understand the benefits of a regular massage session to their health and well-being. There are a lot of profitable niche ideas that interested investors can pursue in the spa and massage business industry. 50 of them are laid out for you below:

50 Best Spa & Massage Small Business ideas for 2020

1. Mobile Massage: Mobile massage is very popular nowadays because many people would rather have someone come to their homes, offices or hotel rooms to give them the much needed massage than for them to take a trip to a massage parlour which may translate to stress for them.

2. Day Spa: If you have a lot of money to invest, starting a day spa is not a bad idea. You can offer multiple services; as many on this list as you can, and you can also provide lodging services for clients desiring a getaway.

3. Fertility Massage: Massage is one of the trado-medical techniques that are used to boost fertility. You can start offering fertility massage too if you understand the techniques involved.

4. Manicure and Pedicure Services: People love to pamper themselves with manicure and pedicure sessions and if you start a business such as this, you would never fall short of people to patronize you as it is a service that is often needed by many men and women.

5. Foot Massage: You can specialize in foot massage services. The feet go through a lot of stress every day from running and walking and these activities can sometimes cause aches and other feet troubles. You would find a lot of customers who desire feet rubbing and massage services.

6. Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy works for healing many diseases and a lot of spa centers, chiropractors, yoga studios, and even hospitals offer aromatherapy services. You can start a spa business that specializes in aromatherapy, and make a lot of money from using things like essential oils, fragrances and herbs to heal people.7.

7. Senior Massage: Another massage niche that you can choose is senior massage. You can specialize in offering massage services to elderly people and senior citizens.

8. Neonatal Massage: There is a school of thought that believes that newly born babies ought to be massaged after they are born. Neonatal massage is also offered to new mothers who just delivered their babies so as to help them cope with post-childbirth stress. You can start a massage business that is specifically for these groups of people.

9. Antenatal Massage: Pregnant women go through pains and stress sometimes and one of the techniques they use to reduce these pains is to get a massage. Massaging a pregnant woman requires special skills and certification so if you have them, you can make money from offering antenatal massage services.

10. Chemical Exfoliation: You can start a spa that offers chemical exfoliation services. Many people undertake these treatments to make their skin glow and healthier plus it is a very cheap and easy niche business to start.

11. Skin Analysis: Another spa-related business idea is to start a skin analysis service that helps people understand their skin types, skin conditions, and the best products to use on their skin.

12. Steam rooms and Sauna: If you don’t have enough funds to set up a full spa, you can set up a steam room instead. This is a spa niche with a lot of prospect, and there is no doubt that you would make a lot of money offering this service.

13. Herbal Body Mask Services: Clay masks, seaweed masks, and other body masks made with herbal ingredients with rejuvenating effects are trending at the moment because a lot of people are only just discovering the benefits. You can start a spa business that specializes in offering this service.

14. Skin Hydration: One of the ways that people battle skin aging is to get skin hydration services. You can specialize in consulting and offering skin hydration services to people who need to make their skin look flawlessly beautiful.

15. Facials: Another spa business niche you can choose is to offer facial treatment services including facial scrubbing, peeling and other effective treatments to prevent and eliminate wrinkles and spots from the face.

16. Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is believed to be very effective for getting rid of stretch marks, burns and other tough skin conditions by promoting skin cell turnover. You can start a business in this niche, but you have to note that microdermabrasion can only be effectively done by a professional, and many people know this.

17. Reflexology: Reflexology is used to treat several illness and diseases. Many spas offer reflexology services, and it is a good niche to choose if you cannot set up a full day spa business.

18. Waxing: You can never go wrong with starting a business that offers hair waxing and removal services as most women get their bodies waxed on a regular basis. If you want to make more money in this business, set up a mobile version so that people can get waxed at their own convenient spaces.

19. Acne and Spot Treatment: Acne and spots on the skin are very irritating conditions that most people would spare no cost to get rid of, thus you can make good income from offering acne and spot treatment services.

20. Laser Treatment: This is one business that has gotten serious recognition in recent times. Laser treatment is very effective for many skin conditions and you would make impressive income from offering this service.

21. Tattoo Removal Services: People sometimes get tired of, or regret their tattoos. Considering the huge number of people with tattoos, there are plenty of potential clients that would patronize your tattoo removal business, no doubt.

22. Dermafiling: You can also offer services that help to polish and resurface the skin such as dermafiling. Many people would do anything to achieve the perfect skin and dermafiling is one of the trending procedures that people are choosing.

23. Botox: If you are qualified to give Botox treatments, you can make good money if you specialize in these. You can also offer other injectable beauty treatments including lip filling injections, Glutathione Intravenous Treatments, and Vitamin Treatments. These are treatments that are popular amongst upper-class women in the country.

24. Skin Whitening: Another lucrative spa-related business idea is to specialize in offering skin whitening services to dark-skinned people who are interested in skin lightening treatments.

25. Skin Tanning: You can also make good money from offering skin tanning services and selling skin tanning supplies to white-skinned individuals looking to darken their skin.

26. Makeup: Professional makeup services are also commonly offered at spas especially for brides, photo-shoots and people going for special events. You can earn impressive income from offering this service too.

27. Massage Training School: If you want to do something different but equally lucrative, you can consider setting up a training school to teach people who may want to learn how to offer massages and start their own massage businesses.

28. Organizing Spa Retreats: Corporate organizations and women groups would love this. Corporate organizations sometimes organize such events to help their employees relax and relieve stress and if you can get creative with your packages and marketing skills, there is no doubt that you would get a lot of patronage.

29. Corporate Massage: You can also offer corporate massage services, targeting business organizations and offices. Some companies have massage rooms where their employees can get quick massages to relive work-related stress. You can become an in-house massage therapist for such organizations.

30. Party Massage: Target bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties and other similar events. Party hosts sometimes love to offer something different to their guests.

31. Massage and Spa Supplies Shop: Spa and Massage business owners need places where they can buy supplies for their businesses. Considering the growing number of people setting up day spas and massage businesses, it is a very lucrative business idea to pursue.

32. Formulating and Manufacturing Products: Another great idea is to start formulating your own spa products such as skin wraps, skin treatments, herbal body masks and so on.

33. Thai Massage: This is a special kind of massage that is popularly offered at spas. If you understand the techniques behind giving a Thai massage, you can specialize in giving this to your clients.

34. Herbal Compress Therapy: This is a service that is very great for helping people relive stress, and helps to improve health. You can start a business that specializes in offering this type of massage to client.

35. Onsen Spa: Another business idea is to start an Onsen spa. Onsen is a Japanese-themed spa that helps to promote relaxation.

36. Ayurvedic Services: An Ayurvedic Spa would have no challenge making sales. Many people understand the amazing benefits of this Indian therapy and often make trips to spas to get Ayurvedic massage treatments done.

37. Sand Bath: You can also specialize in offering sand bath services. Bathing in the sand has been revealed to be highly therapeutic but not many people understand the technique behind sand bathing. You can earn good money from offering this unique service.

38. Himalayan Salt Services: Himalayan salt is also great for treating various skin challenges. This is another spa-related service that you can specialize in.

39. Hotel and Resort Spa: This is another business idea for a big investor. If you have a lot of money to invest in this business, you can start a hotel that doubles as a spa center so that guests who lodge into the hotel can also get spa treatments as part of the package.

40. Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that is focused on relieving muscles in the body. This is another lucrative massage niche.

41. Depression and Stress Treatment Spa: You can start a spa that is specifically for people who need to relieve stress and treat depression. A large number of Americans suffer from depression and anxiety-related diseases. Many of them wouldn’t mind paying some money to spend time in your spa, if it will help them get over their illness.

42. Children Spa: A children-themed spa is also a cool idea. Children and teenagers can spend time there during holidays, or host their birthdays there.

43. Hot Stone Massage Services: Hot stone massage is another commonly offered spa service that you can specialize in. It is very relaxing, and a highly preferred choice amongst spa visitors.

44. Sports Massage: Another good idea is to start a sports-themed massage business because footballers and other sportsmen often require massage services.

45. Cellulite Removal: Cellulite is another common beauty concern for many people. You can specialize in this service too.

46. Pet Spa: Some pet parents love to give their pets spa treats sometimes. You can set up a spa for grooming and caring for pets.

47. Honeymoon Spa: New couples often need somewhere nice and cool to spend their honeymoons. You can start a spa with nice packages and facilities for new couples.

48. Hair Treatment Spas: Some types of spas offer hair treatment services including hair coloring, hair lighting, cutting, hair thinning, hair removal, bald hair treatments and other hair care-related services. This is another spa-related business that you can invest in.

49. Trigger Point Massage: This is another type of massage that helps people deal with pain. You can start a business like this as well.

50. Shiatsu Massage: This is another imported massage treatment that is a favorite of Americans. It has a lot of healing benefits, and there is no doubt that you would make good money if you start a massage business that specializes in this niche.