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50 Best Embroidery Business ideas You Can Start Today

Embroidery Business

Do you want to start a fashion related business but you lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, here are 50 embroidery business ideas.

Embroidery is a very versatile design; you can use it to make just about anything look beautiful and a lot of people appreciate good embroidery designs. You can earn good money from starting an embroidery business and we have come up with 50 lucrative embroidery business niches that you can choose from.

Best Embroidery Business ideas

1. Baby Blankets

What better way to say “Welcome to the world darling baby” than to have an embroidered baby blanket that says just that? People looking for gift items to present at baby showers and expectant parents are some of the potential customers you should target for better sales.

2. Aprons

A great embroidery design can make a plain looking apron look great. You can specialize in making embroidered aprons for young girls, chefs, men, women, grandparents or barbecue makers.

3. Running Shorts

If you live in an area where people love to run or close to a college or high school, you can earn good money from making and selling embroidered shorts to the sports team especially the runners.

4. Lab Coats

Another embroidered product that would sell well in towns with higher institutions of learning and high schools is Lab coats. Many students buy lab coats for laboratory practical and they wouldn’t mind a nice embroidery design to distinguish their lab coats from those of other people.

You can also sell them to people who work in the medical industry or other industries where lab coats are part of their work outfits.

5. Pillows

With an embroidered pillow, who needs a pillowcase? You would make a lot of sales if you make embroidered pillows for sale. You can also make embroidered pillow cases too.

6. Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are more beautiful when they are not plain and boring. You can make beautiful, themed bed sheets like Valentine sheets, bed sheets for new couples, Christmas-themed bed sheets and so on. The key is to be very creative and make something that people would fall in love with at first sight.

7. Handkerchiefs

An embroidered and personalized handkerchief is a perfect gift for loved ones. It stands out from most handkerchiefs in the market and many people would not mind gifting it to their loved ones.

8. Shirt Sleeves

Some people love to personalize their clothing and embroidering their names on the sleeves of their shirts is one of the ways that they do this. You can offer such services at flea markets or close to boutiques so that people who wish to have such designs on their shirt sleeves can do so at the point of purchase.

9. Company Uniforms

Rather than print the names of their employees on their uniforms, some companies choose to have it embroidered. And you would agree with me that it is classier and wouldn’t fade out like ink does.

10. Medical Scrubs

You can target Doctors and Nurses and help them design their names on their uniforms with beautiful colors and fonts. Many of them would not mind parting with a couple of dollars to have this done.

11. Towels

This is the most popular and most lucrative embroidery business niche. Embroidered towels are unarguably beautiful and many people just love them and prefer them over regular, boring towels.

12. Curtains

Embroidery designs add beauty and color to curtains and window blinds. You can make a lot of money from selling embroidered curtains as many home lovers buy them.

13. Selling Embroidery Learning Kits

Another good niche you can choose is to start selling learning kits to people who may wish to learn how to do their own embroidery designs.

14. Gym Bags

Gym bags are trending and it seems every manufacturer is looking for ideas to make their gym bags stand out and be desirable.

An embroidered gym bag would certainly stand out. You can make embroidered gym bags with motivational quotes for fitness and exercise on them or make personalized gym bags with the names of the owners embroidered beautifully on them.

15. Table Mats

Your grandmother may have one of this. In the past, young girls were taught to weave, sew and embroider clothing and household items and table mats were one of the most popular items they loved to make. Embroidered table mats are evergreen and it would fetch you a lot of money if you sell them online to arts and crafts stores or to art and classic home decor lovers personally.

16. Beach Hats

When it is close to summer, start making beach hats with beautiful embroidery designs. You should target tourists, ladies, college students, holiday makers and beach lovers as these are people who love to buy beautiful hats for fun trips to the beach during summer.

17. Beach Bags

An embroidered beach bag plus a hat to match is the perfect combo. You can design beach bags to match beach hats and make good money from selling them.

18. Hair Accessories

Another good idea is to make embroidered hair accessories. Ladies love anything that would make their hair look great, and if you are able to come up with outstanding designs, you would make a lot of sales and earn a lot of money.

19. Book Covers and Cases

Gone are the days when book covers were basic and boring, books are now fast becoming collector’s items due to the takeover of eBooks in the market. Many people wouldn’t mind lovely, embroidered book covers and cases to protect their book collections.

20. Foot Mats

If you have ever made one of this, you would know just how beautiful they can look. A foot mat that says ‘welcome’ on it with beautifully embroidered letters is a sure sell.

21. Phone Covers and Cases

There are many phone and tablet covers that are made of fabric rather than the common leather or plastic cases. You can start making embroidered versions of these fabric cases. People would buy anything that stands out and looks very great.

22. Pot Mats

These are very useful in the kitchen. A lot of cooks prefer to place their pots on these rather than directly on their countertops so that the heat doesn’t damage the countertops. You can start making embroidered versions of these for sale.

23. School Bags

A lot of parents would buy these. One helpful idea that would help you sell these faster is to have words that express love from parents to their children on them. Many parents would not mind shelling out a few dollars for a school bag that says “I am proud of you Son/Daughter”.

24. Car Seat Covers

This would fetch you a lot of money provided they are beautifully designed but it may take you a lot more time to make compared to most of the items on this list.

25. Baseball Caps

I am yet to meet a man or male child who doesn’t love baseball caps. Okay, maybe they do exist, but the number of people who love them is definitely higher than those who don’t like baseball caps. You would make a lot of money selling nicely embroidered baseball caps to people.

26. Selling Embroidery Machines

Another good business idea is to start selling embroidery machines to people who are interested in starting embroidery businesses. You can add sales of embroidery materials as well so that you can make a lot of money too.

27. TableCloths

Tablecloths are not out of fashion, party planners and decorators still use them a lot. You can start making embroidered tablecloths for dining tables at home, or sell/rent them out to party planners and decorators.

28. Laptop Bags

Another good idea is to design and sell embroidered laptop bags. Many people have to take their laptops to work and school every day and a durable, embroidered bag would certainly catch their attention.

29. Personalized Place Mats for Restaurants

You can design a sample of this and go round restaurants in your area to show it to them. If it is beautiful enough, many of them would ask you to make them for them as part of their brand strategy. Table mats with restaurant names embroidered on them would always stand out.

30. Napkins and Wipes

Napkins and wiping clothes with beautiful embroidery designs on them are also very lucrative embroidery design business ideas.

31. Golf Items

You know how golfers love to be classy and stand out? You can feed off this by making golf bags, golf caps, golf shirts and other golf-related items with beautiful, personalized embroidery designs on them. You can make a lot of money from this if you can create outstanding designs that would appeal to deep-pocketed individuals who make up the bulk of golf-lovers.

32. Dance Wear

Embroidered uniforms for cheerleaders and embroidered costumes for dancers are also appealing sales items.

33. Military Name Badges

You can also make money from helping military officers put their names on their uniforms in form of embroidered name badges.

34. Bibs for Babies

Embroidered baby items always sell well. You can sell embroidered bibs for babies as this is one product that people would definitely buy. You can consider making them in large quantities and sell them to baby stores at wholesale prices.

35. Umbrellas

Who says umbrellas have to look plain and boring? You can start making outstanding umbrellas with embroidery designs on them. Many people would love to buy them.

36. Pageant Sashes

You can start selling sashes to high schools, colleges and beauty pageant organizers as they often need to buy sashes for their beauty contests and other events such as homecoming and prom.

37. Martial Arts Uniforms

Another idea is to make and sell beautiful embroidered martial arts uniforms such as Karate, Taekwondo and Judo uniforms and belts.

38. Jackets

You can sell embroidered jackets to cyclers, hikers and other people who regularly wear jackets.

39. Advertisement Banners

Embroidered banners last longer than printed ones, though it takes more time to make and cost more money. People who know the value wouldn’t mind spending the extra cash.

40. Underwear

Boxers, singlet, pants and swim wear are also fast selling items that you can design and make money from.

41. Chair Covers

Embroidered chair covers have been around since most of us were kids, and they don’t seem to be going extinct anytime soon. Furniture are now very expensive and people would do anything to protect them, including covering them up with nice looking materials.

42. Sweaters

You can make personalized name sweaters or make sweaters with beautiful embroidery designs on them.

43. Quilts

Quilts look even better when they are designed and quilt lovers would appreciate your work and wouldn’t mind paying for them.

44. Patches

Embroidered patches are not very hard to make and you can make good money from selling them.

45. Wedding items

You can specialize in designing embroidered items for weddings, such as ring pillows, gift items, bridal party sashes, pocket squares, and so on.

46. Diaper Bags

Another item for babies that you can make money from is diaper bags. Embroidery would make a basic diaper bag look even more beautiful and attractive to new moms.

47. Pet Items

Pet lovers wouldn’t mind buying your embroidered pet blankets, saddles, pet clothing and beddings from you.

48. Fashion Accessories

I mentioned bags and hair accessories earlier but you can also add other fashion items like embroidered belts, wristbands and neckwear to your line of products.

49. Tourist Items

You can create products that are specially targeted at tourists looking for memorabilia to take home with them. You can make caps, shirts, towels and shirts that say “I have been to this location” in a beautiful, irresistible way. Some tourists would buy for themselves and buy some as gifts to take home too.

50. Corporate Items

Lastly, you can make more money by targeting companies and corporate bodies looking for innovative branding strategies. You can tell them why it is more beneficial to make embroidered bags, caps, planners and other gifts to hand out to their customers, than the conventional printed ones used by most companies.