Are you celebrating an anniversary on a budget or you want to appreciate an employee leaving the company? If YES, here are 50 corporate gift ideas for employees. Gifts are one of the things employees expect from their employers. Employees help a company achieve its intended goals and objectives.

For a company to continue expecting loyalty from them; and to show that it values the contributions of its employees, celebrating them individually or as a group either on their birthdays or work anniversary goes a long way to show that they are appreciated.

Some companies however let their employees choose the gift they need for themselves, while others prefer to come up with unique anniversary gifts for their employees. If you are in the latter group, then you need to really think of unique anniversary gift ideas that will totally wow your employees especially as it is hard to get something that someone might really love.

One other thing to take into consideration apart from what gift should be given is how much you have set aside especially depending on the status of the employee and the length of time they have spent in your company. You might also personalize each gift by adding a note and appreciating your employee or saying something unique about them, it would make them become expectant when receiving anniversary gifts in future. Below are 50 business anniversary gift ideas for employees;

50 Corporate Anniversary Gift ideas for Employees on a Budget

  1. Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear can be referred to as an equipment that is used for outdoor trips or adventure such as hiking, walking, tours or mountain climbing. The outdoor gear can vary depending on the activity that an individual is planning on undertaking. However, while there are different outdoor gears for varied purposes, there are equipment that is needed no matter the activity.

You can choose one out of the varied outdoor gears for your employees especially those that love outdoor activities as this can be a perfect anniversary gift.

  1. Travel Voucher

A travel voucher can be used as a part or whole payment for a holiday or for less expensive treats such as a train trip or a night in a hotel. A travel voucher is usually valid for a longer period of time. Employees that have stayed long in the organization and are quite productive can get a travel voucher as an anniversary gift.

  1. Wine Box

A wine box refers to a wine that has been packaged in a bag-in-box. The wine is contained in a plastic bladder that has an air tight valve protruding from a protective box and serves as an alternative to the traditional wine in a bottle with a cork. Getting a wine box as an anniversary gift for an employee with a little note attached can pass a thoughtful message to the employee.

  1. Plane Ticket

A plane ticket is a physical or electronic document that is issued by an airline or travel agency and can be used to obtain a boarding pass that will then allow the passenger board the aircraft.

There are a number of people that haven’t been anywhere or have a dream destination in mind that they cannot afford. If you have an employee in this category, you can give them a ticket to travel to where they have always dreamed of. This kind of anniversary gift is for productive and long term employees.

  1. Quality Flashlights

A flashlight is usually a hand-held electric light that is portable in nature. There are several quality flashlights for sale in stores both online and offline. There are also different unique styles and shapes of flashlights which will give you a variety of options when it comes to choosing one as an anniversary gift for an employee.

  1. Coffee Gift Cards

A coffee gift card is a perfect anniversary gift for an employee that loves taking coffee and you could check out great coffee shops so as to allow the person you are gifting the card get a perfect brew of coffee. Gift cards can either be given manually or sent online. If you are going to be choosing an e-gift card, you can design it whatever way you want and add a personal and thoughtful message to the employee as well.

  1. Vase

A vase which is made from a number of materials such as ceramics, glass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, wood or brass is usually an open container and decorative in nature. The main purpose of a vase is to hold cut flowers. Getting your employee a vase as an anniversary gift especially one with a unique decoration, style or one that is antique will show how much you appreciate them.

  1. Custom Photo Frames

A photo frame refers to the decorative edging that is not only used to enhance a picture but used to display or protect the picture as well. Nowadays, there are different unique photo frames available and picking one for your employee might require you checking out different ones in order to arrive at something unique.

  1. Drink ware

A drink ware is a drinking vessel or cup that is used for liquid or beverage consumption and it is used with other items to set the table for a meal. There are many drinkwares available ranging from tumblers, teacups, jars, cups, sake cup, beer glassware, beaker and any other such wares.

  1. Engraved Knives

A knife is a tool with a handle that has a cutting edge or blade. There are various kinds of knives that are used for different purposes – kitchen knife, combat knife, pocket knife and hunting knife. Knives can therefore be used for eating, as a weapon, for sports and even in agriculture. Giving an engraved knife to an employee can be the perfect anniversary gift for such an employee.

  1. Quality Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are usually devices used in the kitchen to chop items into desired sizes. Getting this kind of gift for your employee especially one that loves cooking will go to show how thoughtful you are and how much you appreciate their services.

  1. Digital Camera

A digital camera is a device that allows pictures to be stored in an electronic memory instead of regular films. This allows the digital camera to take and store more pictures than a traditional camera. There are several good digital cameras that can be gotten at a bargain and you can save for months to get this as a gift for an entrepreneur whose services you appreciate and who loves taking photographs.

  1. Movie Tickets

More people are getting to relish the experience of watching movies on the big screen as opposed to watching it in their homes. It is for this reason that a movie ticket is a good gift for an employee who is a movie buff. However, you have to know what kind of movies your employees love or who their favorite actors are and you can save for months to get them movie premiere tickets to their favorite kind of movies or to see their favorite actors live.

  1. E-Reader

An e-reader is an electronic device that is mobile but bigger than the average phones and is designed purposely for the purpose of reading digitally. Even though many devices these days can display texts that can be read, an e-reader is a specialized device that will allow the user more optimization than your average device.

If the job of your employee entails them having to read a lot, getting them an e-reader can be seen as a thoughtful way of appreciating the job that they do for your company.

  1. Personalized Anniversary Card

An anniversary card is an illustrated piece of high quality card that is given on occasions such as a corporate anniversary, wedding anniversary or other forms of anniversary depicting the sentiments of the sender in relation to the event. An anniversary card is usually packaged in an envelope and can come in a variety of styles.

While there are usually generic corporate anniversary cards in stores, picking a personalized anniversary card tells your employee how much thought is behind the gift even if you are running on a tight budget.

  1. Inscribed Plaque

A plaque can either be made of ceramic, metal, wood, stone or any other material and it is given to an individual or a group of an event or accomplishment. A plaque that is given as an award usually states the reason and date of the award. Giving your employee an inscribed plaque is one good way of appreciating all they have done for your company and it can usually be displayed by the employee either in the workplace or in their homes.

  1. Sports Ticket

Sports are physical games or activities which through a casual or organized form of participation are competitive in nature in a bid to produce a champion out of two or more participants. Sporting activities are usually intended to showcase and improve the skills of participants whilst providing enjoyment for the participants and entertainment for the spectators.

There are different sporting activities in America such as baseball, basketball, soccer and the rest and fans usually do not mind shelling out money to get a ticket in order to watch their favorite sport or team. Before gifting your employee with a sports ticket, it is best that you know what sort of sports they love watching and who their favorites are. A sports ticket to watch their favorite team play an important game will be highly appreciated.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry refers to an accessory that is worn mainly as a decoration which is usually used to complement a piece of clothing. Jewelries have been used by humans for a long time but nowadays those who wear them either do so for social, traditional or religious reasons. Jewelries come in various forms and can be worn on any part of the body or cloth of the wearer. Common types of jewelries are earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and many more.

While this might not be suitable as an anniversary gift for all kinds of establishments, if you are in the fashion or any other related industry, giving jewelry as an anniversary gift will be highly appreciated by your employee.

  1. Wristwatch

A wristwatch is a timepiece that is small in nature and is carried or worn by the owner around the wrist. Even though there are regular and inexpensive watches everywhere, there are also watches that are expensive collectibles as they are valued for their craftsmanship that is usually elaborate and glamorous. Such wristwatches usually have traditional mechanical movements and might sometimes be less accurate but they are regarded as more expensive.

Getting a collectible wristwatch as an anniversary gift for your employee is a good way of appreciating all that they have done for the company. Such a gift is good for those that have stayed with the company for a long period and those that love watches.

  1. Golf Club

A golf club is a club composed of a grip and a club head that is used to hit a golf ball during a game of golf. A golf club can either be made of wood which is used for tee shots or long distance shots, irons which can be used for a variety of shots or a hybrid of wood and iron. A standard set of golf clubs consists of 14 golf clubs as players can use any combination of the 14.

This kind of anniversary gift is suitable for employees that are in the executive level and for those that love playing golf.

  1. Small Kitchen Appliance

Everyday, different kitchen innovations are released into the market place and while some offer a lot of use to the owners in the kitchen, a lot do not and so gets tossed to one corner of the kitchen. In getting a kitchen appliance, one must know how useful the kitchen appliance will be so that you do not end up wasting resources in buying what will not be useful in whatever way to you or the person you intend gifting the small kitchen appliance to.

This kind of anniversary gift is suitable for those that love cooking and so if your employee is one that always raves about how much they like to cook, getting them a useful small kitchen appliance is a thoughtful way of appreciating their efforts.

  1. Restaurant Gift Certificate

A restaurant gift card is a fantastic way of telling an employee on their anniversary that you appreciate all they have done by treating them to a meal out especially if the employee is a foodie. There are different types of restaurants and different restaurant gift cards as well. You should find out what food your employee likes as this will guide you on the restaurant gift card to get.

The status of the employee and how long they have worked will be a huge determinant when it comes to the value of the gift card and what scale of restaurant you will be sending them to. If you do not know what restaurants to pick, buy a variety of cards and have them pick the ones they like, the other cards can be given to other employees on their anniversaries as well.

  1. Basket of Gourmet Chocolate

Chocolates are one of the best gifts that can be given to anyone and gourmet chocolates are ones that are defined by the amount of cocoa that is in it as well as the quality of the ingredients used in making the chocolate. Gourmet chocolates are usually smoother than the average chocolate and most people prefer it because of its fantastic experience when consuming as you don’t need to chew it because it dissolves in the mouth.

There are different gourmet chocolates so it wouldn’t be hard getting a variety in a basket for an employee with a sweet tooth or ordering a pre-made basket of gourmet chocolate from a store. This is a very thoughtful anniversary gift for an employee.

  1. Fruit of the month club subscription

Almost everyone takes fruits and because of how people are becoming more health conscious, a fruit of the month club isn’t a gift any employee is likely to forget as this will mean they are entitled to an average pound of fruit every month which might feature fruits that are in season as well as exotic fruits. Most fruit of the month clubs usually package and ship the fruits directly from the grower in order to keep its freshness intact.

Fruit of the month clubs offer different subscription packages that range between 3, 6 and 12 months and allow customers to make new selections every spring, summer, fall and winter. This is therefore a perfect anniversary gift for your employees.

  1. Video Game Console

A video game console is usually a device that can be digital or electronic in nature and projects a video signal or image so as to display a video game that can be seen by people when they play by themselves or with other people. There are different types of video game consoles with some brands being more popular than some.

A video console as a gift is not your average or regular kind of business anniversary gift for employees, so before deciding on this kind of gift, you must either own a tech or other related company or know your employee enough to know that they would appreciate a video game console and what brand they would like.

  1. Music Concert Ticket

Everyone loves music but the genre is what might differ because while some do not mind listening to pop while they work, others might prefer something in the jazz or classical version while they work. So while music is universal, when it comes to genre or artistes, people have their preferences and might not like to listen to all kinds of music.

This kind of anniversary gift will mean that you know the employee well enough to understand their taste in music and know who their favorite artistes are as this will make them very enthusiastic to get a concert ticket to watch their favorites.

  1. Favorite Magazine Subscription

Everyone has a magazine which they regard as their favorite and which they try to keep up with by buying every issue that comes out. Even as many magazines are finally going out of print and preferring to focus on the online version, there are still a number of magazines in print and a number of people that pick up issues when shopping or have the new issues mailed to them.

Before deciding to pick out a magazine subscription gift for your employees, it is important that you know what their favorite magazines are so that you do not end up wasting money paying for a subscription that will not be appreciated.

  1. Personalized Desk Clock

A desk clock is small compared to the average clock and it is kept on the table. Earlier versions of desk clocks used to be decorative and highly ornamental and made from a combination of porcelain, wood or ormolu. But nowadays, virtually any material can be used to make a desk clock with most of them no longer as decorative as the ones from previous eras.

This however is no excuse as you can still find beautiful and decorative desk clocks to gift an employee on their anniversary. Going ahead to personalize the desk clock will show the employee that you gave much thought towards picking a good desk clock.

  1. Personalized Letter Opener

A letter opener is a device that looks like a knife but with blunt edge and is used for slicing open letters in a neat fashion as against having to tear the letter open with the hands as there are people that like things done in a neat and orderly manner. Even though the world has become digitized, there are still a number of people that receive paper mails and so a letter opener is a good idea for a gift or souvenir.

This kind of anniversary gift can be gotten for employees in the higher rank especially as they are likely to receive a lot of letters especially if your organization is one that has to interact with the public a lot.

  1. Customized Business Card Holder

A card holder is a device that is used to hold cards owned by an individual, this may be credit cards, personal business cards or business cards of others. Most people own cards without having where to put their cards, thereby leaving them lying about in a disorganized manner or holding the cards with a band.

A card holder ensures that all cards are kept in the device thereby bringing a better organization to the ways the cards are kept. For an employee, customizing the card holder will make it a good gift that can be given to them on their anniversary.

  1. Personalized Decorative Bookends

A bookend is an object that is used to support books that are in an upright row from falling over and while a bookend can be utilitarian in nature, it can also be decorative as well. Bookends can be made in woods, bronze, marble or even geodes. A bookend is used in public libraries or private ones.

If your employee is one that has a bookshelf or likes to read a lot of books, a bookend might be the perfect gift. Try getting one that is decorative and then personalize it so that the gift can be unique to your employee.

  1. Monogrammed Pen and Pencil Set

Pens and pencils are used to write or create artistic drawings. They are also used by everyone in the workplace even with the digitization of the workplace. A pen and pencil set usually comes in a case and is given out as souvenirs or corporate gifts.

There are different types of pencil and pen sets and so depending on the status of your employee or how long they have served, you can ensure that you give them ones that are of good quality and then have them monogrammed.

  1. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon has become the largest online electronic commerce and cloud computing company in America and has millions of people all over the world logged on to its site to check for best deals on items that they intend to purchase. Amazon has so many segments that it is impossible for one not to find what they need.

An Amazon gift card will be a fantastic anniversary gift idea for an employee particularly as it gives them the freedom and choice to purchase what they have been secretly wanting.

  1. Engraved Oil Lamp

An oil lamp is an object used as a form of lighting with the aid of an oil-based fuel source such as nuts, seeds and animal fats. Nowadays, oil lamps run on gas or petrol and they are used when there is an emergency need of light that is not electric. Oil lamps are majorly used for decorative purposes or for a particular ambiance that they are known to produce.

Oil lamps are also used in religious contexts and so if your employee is one who is very religious, getting them an oil lamp will be considered as a thoughtful gift.

  1. Wallet

A wallet is a flat case that is small and is used to carry personal items such as credit cards, cash, business cards, photographs, identification documents, transit pass and other sort of laminated cards. A wallet can be made of either leather or fabric and can either be straight or foldable.

Even though almost anyone can use a wallet, it is often associated with males because most females prefer holding or using a purse. Getting this gift for your male employee is not a bad idea. Ensure that the wallet is made from a unique material and it is set apart from regular wallets.

  1. Painting

A painted drawing can either be landscape painting, symbolist art, narrative, photographic, emotive or political in nature. Paintings can be done on materials such as canvas, walls, paper, glass, wood, clay, concrete, leaf or even copper.

This is the kind of anniversary gift that might be very expensive and should therefore be given to a most loyal employee that has been in service for a very long period and is a lover of arts.

  1. Gym Membership

A gym is a place where individuals go for gymnastic activities and they are commonly referred to as fitness centers. Many people believe that going to the gym will not only help them keep fit but will also keep them from falling sick. Staying fit has now become a fad as individuals are growing more conscious of their lifestyle and health.

Subscribing a gym membership for your employee for even a month is a fantastic anniversary gift that will be very much appreciated.

  1. Spa Gift Card

A spa gift card also known as a gift certificate is a prepaid store-value money card that is usually issued by a spa to be used as an alternative to cash when paying for their services. They are usually part of a promotional strategy by the spa to entice clients to come in or return to their spa.

A spa is a place where individuals go to get massages, facial treatments, pedicure and manicure, deep tissue and generally get other sort of healing and revitalizing experiences. A spa gift card is usually appreciated by anyone and would make a fantastic anniversary gift for an employee.

  1. Customized Coffee Mugs

A coffee mug is a container that is specifically used to take coffee or any espresso-based drink. Most coffee mugs are usually made of glazed ceramic and have a single handle for easy lift whilst the coffee is still hot. The reason why most coffee mugs are made of ceramic is to keep the beverage hot without any fear of breakage especially when compared to other kinds of glassware.

No American office is complete without an employee taking coffee or any espresso-based beverage and so getting a coffee mug and customizing it will be a fantastic idea. You can inscribe the name of the employee on the mug with the anniversary they are being gifted for or you can print their face or favorite character on the coffee mug.

  1. Company Sponsored Charity Donation

Many employees do not like to receive gifts for themselves and will not mind if their gift is turned into cash and donated to a charity of their choice or a cause that they feel strongly about.

When giving out this sort of gift to charity on behalf of the employee, ensure that you include a note that states who it is from and what they did to earn such a gift. This will serve a dual purpose as it will be much appreciated by the employee while the benefit goes to charity.

  1. Engraved Trophy Cup

Regardless of how commonplace trophies are, they are still mush appreciated by the recipient because it reminds them of something that they specifically achieved and can easily be shown as an evidence of merit. Trophies were originally given to those that participated in sports or any form of competition; however those practice has been modernized as trophies can be given in almost any endeavour.

Employees who have worked a number of years in the organization will be much appreciative of a trophy as this will mean that all their years of work has allowed them to earn something that can be displayed in their homes or even in the office as a constant reminder.

  1. Personalized Paperweight

A paperweight is a solid small object that is placed on papers to keep them from flying away. This helps create order in the workplace as paper due to its lightness has the tendency to fly off easily when exposed to breeze. Even though any solid object can do the work of a paperweight, a paperweight serves two purposes, keeps the papers down as well as provides aesthetics to one’s desk.

If the employee is one that works with lots of paper, then getting them a paperweight will show how much you appreciate them especially if the paperweight is personalized with either their names or a theme that they love.

  1. Water Bottle

A water bottle can be made from glass, plastic or metal and can be disposed or re-used. A water bottle is used to hold water, beverages or any other liquids that are expected to be consumed. A water bottle enables one to conveniently carry liquid around.

Not everyone likes to carry water bottles with them though, but if your employee is one that easily gets dehydrated or is particular about the ounces of water he or she consumes daily, then getting them a special water bottle is something that will be hugely appreciated.

  1. Desk Pad

A desk pad is a protector used for the desk for those that paint or write in such a way that could damage the desk. There are different kinds of desk pads with some being writing pads with surfaces that are of disposable paper and can be used to take notes, write as well as scribble. Some of these pads also come with calendar pages.

This can be a very unique gift for an employee who is always looking for paper to scribble on or take notes and adding a calendar with important dates marked out is a nice way of helping them keep track of activities within the company.

  1. Photo Album Box

A photo album box is usually one with several compartments where one’s collection of photographs can be slipped into. Even though more people are going digital as regards storage of their photos, but there are still a number of people who keep physical copies of memorable photos. Giving them a photo album box where they can store their memorable shots will be much appreciated.

You can put in certain photos of their activities within the company that they never knew existed as this serve to increase their appreciation of the gift.

  1. Chopstick Gift Set

Chopsticks are traditional eating utensils in certain Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Korea, but they are now used in other countries as well especially in restaurants that serve oriental cuisines. They are usually used in pairs and can be wooden, golden, plastic, bamboo, silver or ivory. Chopsticks that are made in authentic gold and silver are usually heavier than regular chopsticks and are considered luxurious items.

Knowing your employee well is vital before choosing this kind of gift for them especially if they are not of Asian descent. However, the fact that they might love Asian cuisines might be a pointer. There are various chopstick gift sets made in different materials. Ensure that you get them something unique.

  1. Gold Key Chains

A key chain is a small chain that can be either metal or plastic but that connects an item to a key ring. The chain is often retractable and ensures that the keys remain attached to whichever individual is using them. This means there will be less key misplacement as most users usually connect it to their belts. A key chain is usually beneficial for those who frequently use their keys and in a company this could be a security guard, janitor or a manager of a retail store.

While a key chain is a regular corporate souvenir, getting gold key chain will make whichever employee you are giving it to appreciate the gift especially as it sets it apart from other gifts.

  1. Handmade Pen Stand

A pen stand is a device used to store pens especially when they are not in use. There are different kinds of penholders nowadays, from regular ones to ones that are uniquely crafted. While regular ones might be easy to get, going for a handmade or unique penholder will tell your employee that you put a lot of thought into picking up the anniversary gift for them.

  1. Engraved Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is one that is carried in one’s pocket as opposed to being strapped on the wrist like a wristwatch. These sorts of watches were very common in the 16th century. Pocket watches usually come with chains that allows them to be secured to the attire of the wearer so that they aren’t dropped. There are basically two kinds of pocket watches – Lepine or open-faced watch or a hunter-case watch, each of these pocket watches have distinct differences.

This type of gift is suitable for employees that are quite old as they would most likely appreciate a pocket watch as a gift as compared to a millennial. You can go as far as engraving the pocket watch on the metal lid.

  1. Antique Glass Decanter

A decanter is usually a vessel that is used to hold liquid decantation such as wine which may contain sediment from a wine that was not filtered during the process of making the wine or for a wine that is very old. Decanters usually come in different designs and shapes and are mostly made in glass or crystal. A decanter’s volume can be said to be equivalent to that of a standard bottle of wine and unlike a carafe usually has a stopper.

If you know that your employee is a lover of wine or spirits, getting them a decanter especially one that is antique is a fine gift for their anniversary. However, this kind of gift is suitable for employees that have served the company for a long time.