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How Much Do Dump Truck Owners Make Per Load, Mile or Hour?

Dump Truck Business

According to reports, the nationwide median income for dump truck owners is $130,000 and above. Dump truck owners generate revenue in one of two main ways; operating as a driver for the dump truck or subletting out the dump truck.

The proportion of returns earned is determined by the number of vehicles you have, the kinds of clientele you possess, as well as the number of hours you operate. Dump truck drivers are frequently recruited by lawn care enterprises, construction firms, as well as mining companies to transport bulky items to and from job sites.

The heavy truck driving industry is predicted to increase by 6% in or before the year 2026, indicating that there will be a clamor for dump truck subletting programs. To get a clue of daily, weekly, as well as monthly subletting rates in your neighborhood, reach out to local mining businesses, building contractors, as well as competing dump truck companies.

Owner-operators have the right to choose how and when to operate, but you should also have in mind that the job is designed to be flexible. You can choose your jobs, work in various workplaces, and cross paths with new individuals as you go.

Dump trucks travel shorter distances than long-haul operators, allowing them to stay near their families. Although the median earnings are six figures, the 25th percentile ($47,500) and the 75th percentile ($194,000) are known to be different.

Even at these rates, most dump truck drivers earn more than the national average. When determining your income ability as a dump truck owner, you must take into account the considerations that lead to the disparities between the lowest and highest earners.

Whether you are an established owner attempting to figure out what variables affect your income or a driver seeking to control and eventually become the owner, there are three major determinants of earning capacity you should be aware of. Nonetheless, here is a breakdown of how much dump truck owners earn in the United States;

  • Income Per load: $53 to $120
  • Income Per mile: $2.30 to $3.19
  • IncomePer hour: $31 to $68
  • Yearly income: $141,311.

Factors That Influence the Income of Dump Truck Owners

  1. Location

The median income can differ by $40,000 between both the highest and lowest-earning states. You might have an edge because you earn a higher hourly wage based on your location. New York, Massachusetts, and Washington have the best recorded average earnings, all of which are more than $140,000.

While Missouri, Florida, and North Carolina have the smallest earnings. However, note that as earnings rise, so does competitive rivalry. So if you’re a current operator, think about your skill sets and how you would be advertising your solutions in your local market building.

  1. Costs of Truck Ownership

Used dump trucks could cost around $30 and $40,000, while new models could cost approximately $100 and $150,000. Note that you would be paying for the vehicle over time with payment plans. According to a leading truck financial institution, the median credit score for an accredited transaction was 677.

Repayments will differ based on your credit score, the volume of your down payment, as well as the expenses of your large truck. In addition to the vehicle purchase price, you’ll have operating costs such as:

  • Insurance coverage -$6,750-$20,000/year
  • Fuel (depending on gasoline prices as well as mileage; considering 3,000 miles, more than $1,400 each week)
  • Tires – $1,000 each
  • Safety checks (As necessarily needed)
  • Transportation department charges
  • Registration
  • Taxes
  • Promoting your company.

You must balance your prospective earnings with your capacity to afford the motor, as well as the expenses of general upkeep, both anticipated and unpredicted. You might find it beneficial to multiply your hourly expenses for running your truck by your area’s median hourly rate to determine how many hours per week you’d have to engage in operating a viable enterprise.

  1. Years of Experience and Skill Level

Education for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) usually takes less than two months, indicating low barriers to entry. Nevertheless, nothing could substitute on-the-job training. Aside from the fact that the knowledge makes you appealing to prospective customers, you will also learn how to cut costs.

Professional drivers can save money by picking the correct tasks, running the truck proficiently, as well as recognizing what it takes to keep a vehicle in good condition. You’ll also establish credibility as a dependable driver in your neighborhood, and the market for your offerings will rise as a result of your track record.

  1. Business Model

As was stated earlier, the above income is earned by dump truck owners in two different ways; becoming contracted for tasks, operating the dump truck by themselves, or subletting the dump truck to someone else. Dump truck operators who are employed for a job must be well-skilled at managing the dump truck in order to move substances like stones and rocks.

In addition, dump truck owners will also need to take into account the costs of keeping their dump vehicles in good alignment with their total yearly earnings.

Depending on where the work is done, possessing, subletting, as well as running a dump truck could be a moderately seasonal profession. If dump truck owners operate in an area with a tough environment, their earnings may fluctuate significantly.


If you manage a trucking company, you will always be on the move. However, as most owners of small businesses are aware, there are periods when you must pause to ensure that your company is generating the earnings it ought to. Finding the best trucking rates per load, per mile, per hour and yearly income is critical to ensuring your company’s profitability, although it could be a difficult task because rates are continually evolving.