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How Much Can You Make Removing Poison Ivy?

If you worked “full time” (forty hours or more per week) at $50 an hour, then you could make over $100,000 in a year removing poison Ivy. Individuals in this business charge clients to remove poison ivy and other poisonous plants from their homes and yards.

This service is valuable for keeping the community safe and the business can be run from home, making it an enticing venture to willing entrepreneurs.

The exact fee structure and the money to be made in this business is always up to the business owner, although many such businesses charge by the hour and count their travel time into the amount of time they bill. Even though everyone benefits from removing poison ivy and other poisonous plants, the ideal target market for this business tends to be younger (25-39) homeowners.

This is a demographic less likely to be familiar with poison ivy and more likely to have the disposable income to hire someone to remove it.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The exact amount these removal services cost or charge can vary, with some experts charging $40 an hour and some charging $75 an hour or more. The exact amount of profit for each business will depend on the number of clients and how much you charge them.

For instance, if you worked “full time” (forty hours or more per week) at $50 an hour, then you could make over $100,000 in a year. The real profit margin tends to be determined by how many clients a business services and how far they are willing to travel within the region to expand the service area.

Nonetheless, there are few factors that will influence the amount any poison ivy removal business can make in the United States. These factors include;

3 Factors That Determine How Much Money You Can Make Removing Poison Ivy

1. Competition

A poison ivy removal business that have very little competition in its service location or in the overall services they provide, can get a generous markup. If they have so many competitions, the business and service markup and profit margin are more likely to remain the same or depend more on the other factors mentioned below.

2. Client relationship

In this business, the more clients a poison ivy removal business services, the more money it can make. Also have it in mind that a client who gives you a lot of business is expected to get a more favourable billing rate, which means the markup can also be lower.

3. Local standards

Just like it was stated above, note that the service’s geographical location will also dictate what kind of mark up the business can get. For instance, poison ivy removal businesses in the Indianapolis area will charge less that the same businesses offering the same services in Chicago.

The income range of any service region will ultimately affect the exact fee a business will charge and that will affect the general income of the business.

In conclusion, the growth potential for this job is steady. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, jobs involving the plant industry as a whole grew by the thousands. Given the specificity of a poison ivy removal business, the growth potential may be gauged better by how much poison ivy and other poisonous plants are in your region.