Do you want to know how much money nursing homes make yearly? If YES, here is an analysis of the income & profit margin for nursing home business owners. Nursing homes play a very important role in caring for the elderly and the disabled. These homes houses senior citizens and others who need help due to mental or physical problems. Nursing homes are known to provide a communal environment for patients to live in and enjoy.

In most nursing home instances, patients are rarely able to take care of themselves at home so they choose to live in a nursing home where they can obtain assistance from professional caregivers around the clock. In the United States, most nursing homes house as many as they can reasonably accommodate to be able to generate enough revenue.

However, younger patients are ideal, as younger patients are more likely to remain in the facility for years to come. The passing of a patient can be extremely difficult emotionally, and an extended stay in the nursing home is a consistent source of income.

This business is ideal only for individuals who are interested in medicine, care giving, and generally improving the human condition. Anyone who is especially compassionate toward the disabled and elderly can run a nursing home.

Anyone looking to start this business should be able to assess the potential of the market. He should have first class understanding of local demography as well as the medical industry. Additionally, the entrepreneur should have excellent interpersonal skills. Owning a nursing home requires regular interaction with employees, residents, and medical equipment suppliers.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Nursing Home?

Also the cost of building and starting a nursing home facility can be breathtaking. Costs will include employee wages, utilities, internet, nurse call buttons, security cameras, computer hardware, food and drink for patients, bedding, and medical equipment. You might also decide to purchase software designed to ameliorate the challenges of nursing home businesses.

Average Salary of Nursing Home Staff

A state licensed nursing home manager will likely command a salary of between $35,000 and $75,000 or more. If you do not want to handle advertising efforts, a marketing director will be necessary. In this business, also expect to pay such a professional between $40,000 and $70,000 per year.

Nursing staff will likely demand a salary in the range of $30,000 to $50,000. Administrative staff will cost between $10 and $15 per hour. Kitchen/food prep staff will cost between $10 and $12 per hour. The cost of food and beverages hinge on quality. Expect to spend several thousand dollars per month on sustenance for your residents.

How Much Money Do Nursing Homes Make Yearly (Profit Margin)

Have it in mind that starting and running this business can be costly, but the more comfort and incentives you offer your residents, the more your nursing home can charge, but also the more it costs you. In this business, what really matters or will ultimately dictate your profits will be the location you choose.

Note that you will need to render your services in an area where seniors who might use your services are willing to spend $8,000 to $10,000 a month for an L-shaped room with kitchenette and closet, maybe an extra room with a door for an extra bedroom.

To generate enough profit in this business, you need at least 80% of the residents in your home to be willing to pay what you charge monthly. Normally, nursing homes make money by charging residents a fee for staying in the facility. This cost is applied on a per-month or per-year basis.

In the United States, nursing homes can charge between $2,000 and $4,000 per resident per month. However, the precise cost depends on the location and the quality of the facility. The profit level of any nursing home will depend on the size of the facility as well as its amenities. If you have a large facility with top-notch amenities and maintain full capacity, profits can reach the six figure mark or higher.

In this business, if you build a true brand and open additional nursing homes in new locations, it is very achievable to make millions in profit. However, you can boost profitability by offering auxiliary services on-site.

It is possible to charge residents additional fees for optional niceties like cable TV packages, nuanced dining options, on-site entertainment events, specialized care, and so on. If your facility reaches full capacity, it might be possible to receive financial kick-backs for referring prospective residents to other facilities with available space.

Estimated Profit Margin for a Nursing Home

In terms of profit margin for nursing homes, it is sometimes very minimal to comprehend, especially if the majority of the residents are there on Medicaid. A nursing home can go many months with no profit margin at all – they make just enough to pay wages and cover expenses.

For nursing homes with the capital to keep their facility upgraded and beautiful to look at, and those that can afford to build a facility with a majority of private rooms, they can attract private pay residents who offer better reimbursement rates, and many of these facilities are also offering transitional care or rehab units for those fresh out of the hospital, most of whom are funded by Medicare part A.

Note that Medicare part A also reimburses at a much higher rate than Medicaid. So a nursing home can make a bit more money and manage to cater to those who can afford them. But it’s never a booming business, and more often than not a labour of love rather than profit.


The growth and profit potential of a nursing home depend on the quality of the nursing home, its condition, and the level of care rendered. Another critically important factor in terms of growth potential is location. A nursing home located in an area with a large population of senior citizens will have considerable growth potential.

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