Do you want to know how much money online stores make on the sale of a printer? If YES, here is an analysis of the income & profit margin for online stores. There are several online stores that are into the sale of printers. The fact that these stores have different sources where they get supply of their printers shows that the profit they are expected to make from the sale of a printer will not be uniform.

We are not ruling out the fact that the profits they make may fall within the same range, but with different amounts due to certain reasons. A comprehensive survey was conducted in a Print Buyers Online Quick Poll Survey last month, were major print buyers where asked, “How much net profit do you believe the average printing company makes?” 82 people participated in the survey:

  • 1 percent of print buyers said “Over 60 percent net profit”
  • 29 percent of print buyers said “About 25 percent net profit”
  • 49 percent of print buyers said “7-12 percent net profit”
  • 21 percent of print buyers said “1-3 percent net profit”

Factors That Influence the Profit Margin On a Printer

The profits as stated above is dependent on the types and brands of printers that are being sold by the online store. The major types of printers that can be sold online because of their high demand are; Laser Printers, Solid Ink Printers, LED Printers, Business Inkjet Printers, Home Inkjet Printers, Multifunction Printers, Dot Matrix Printers and 3D Printers.

Some of the leading and highly selling printer brands based on a niche are;

  • Best all – around printer: HP OfficeJet Pro 9015.
  • Best photo printer: Epson SureColor P400.
  • Best small printer: HP Tango X.
  • Best office printer: Canon Maxify MB5420.
  • Best laser printer: Brother HL-3170CDW.
  • Best cheap printer: Canon Pixma MG6320.

Another fact that can influence the profits you can make from selling a printer online is the domain you are hosting your online store. For example, you could pay $20 yearly for a domain name, $29 per month for Shopify services, $20 per month on extra website plugins, $500 annually on custom designs and $100/month for paid ads.

In such a case, your store will cost you around $200 per month. When you account for all the expenses, the average margin is usually between 15 – 20 percent.

In Conclusion,

Generally, the average ecommerce gross margin is approximately 35 percent. But every online store is different. It’s important to analyze your profit margins and determine strategies for improvement.

This is because you can actually make more profit from a printer if you have access to cheaper supply especially directly from the printer manufacturing company and if you leverage on an existing online store (eCommerce store) to sell the printer as against hosting your own online store which usually takes a lot to host and maintain.