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9 Best Insurance Policy for Photo Booth Business

In recent years, these businesses have amassed popularity and have grown from just being random spots for teenagers to a location where technology makes taking pictures something to crave.

Even though it is known to function simply, have it in mind that it has become necessary for these businesses to obtain insurance. The essence of this insurance policy is to safeguard your business against numerous claims that could otherwise handicap your business or even cause severe financial losses.

Photo booth insurance is the sort of insurance coverage that is meant for businesses that provide photo booth services. Note that this insurance ensures that your business is adequately protected in the event of damage, theft, or other accidents that could possibly take place while using the photo booth.

Most often, the coverage tends to encompass liability insurance to safeguard the business owner against claims of injury or property damage, and equipment insurance to ensure that the equipment is safe against loss or damage.

Most often, entrepreneurs who are looking to start a photo booth business make the mistake of neglecting to obtain comprehensive photo booth insurance. Note that you need to obtain this insurance to ensure that you can safeguard yourself and your equipment against any accidents, disasters, or malicious harm.

Best Insurance Policy for Photo Booth Business

  1. General Liability Insurance

This policy ensures that both you and your business are safeguarded in the event a client experiences damage to properties or personal injury because of the photo booth. It works primarily to cover the expense that comes with the legal proceedings that may be incurred thereafter or any compensation claims and is a must for businesses that have everyday interactions with clients.

  1. Professional Liability Insurance

Also referred to as errors and omissions, this is a very vital insurance coverage especially since your photo booth business will be offering professional services to clients.

The essence of this insurance is to cover the legal fees and compensation claims that come up when a client suffers a professional or financial loss due to negligence in your business. A good example of this could be your photo booth malfunctioning at a client’s event.

  1. Business Equipment Insurance

Photo booth businesses tend to depend heavily on specialized tools and equipment. Since a photo booth business tends to leave its equipment on site, theft, damage, loss, or destruction can greatly impede business operations. Owing to that, it is necessary to consider obtaining a photo booth insurance policy that covers these tools and equipment.

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance

If for any reason you get involved in an accident while moving to or from a venue, have in mind that your personal auto policy may exclude that loss. However, it is important you consider a separate commercial auto policy because it will extensively fill that coverage gap, and each state necessitates the minimum level of auto coverage for every vehicle that operates on public roadways.

Have it in mind that those minimums tend to just offer basic protection, and this will most often leave you underinsured in the event of a loss. As such, it is important to purchase limits greater than those required by state law.

  1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In most places in the United States, businesses are mandated to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for their workers.

This coverage works to safeguard your workers in the event they get injured at work or become sick after a work-related accident. Aside from the employee’s medical bills and lost wages, note that it will provide cover if the worker requires time to recover, has any disability, or even has death benefits as a result of a work-related accident.

Although a good number of states tend to allow exemptions for business owners, you have to consider including yourself in your workers’ compensation policy if you also take part in the day-to-day activities of the business.

  1. Business Interruption Insurance

This is another important policy to consider to guarantee the survival of your photo booth business, particularly during hard times.

If for any reason you have to halt business operations for a renovation project, relocation, or transfer of business location, this particular insurance works to provide the funds you can utilize to compensate for payroll, loans, mortgages, taxes, as well as other operational costs while income isn’t coming.

  1. Employee Dishonesty Insurance

The primary intention of this insurance is to recoup losses in a situation your employee commits a crime. This insurance is important because it will provide coverage for your business if your employee perpetrates embezzlement, destruction of money, and other securities, as well as other related crimes.

  1. Property in Transit Insurance

This is the insurance that ensures the safety of your photo booth when it is being delivered from one location to another. Note that if your business’s photo booth becomes damaged or lost during the trip, this is the insurance that will ensure that your business can recoup losses.

  1. Cyber Liability Insurance

If your photo booth business has a website that receives or collects sensitive information with the users’ consent, then this is a very vital insurance to obtain. The essence of this insurance is to provide protection if cyber criminals in any way get access to very important user information.

Also note that it works to cover attorney fees, administrative costs, as well as other legal expenses if those affected chose to file a claim. In addition, cyber liability insurance will pay the necessary PR costs.

How Much Does Photo Booth Insurance Cost?

Have it in mind that the average photo booth insurance tends to cost around $33 per month or $396 per year. However, there are numerous factors that will determine the cost of your policy. These include your

  • Location
  • Deductible
  • Number of employees
  • Per-occurrence limit
  • General aggregate limit

What Insurance Companies Offer Photo Booth Insurance

Below are some of the best companies to consider when looking to purchase photo booth insurance;

  1. CoverWallet

This is a well-known insurance broker with an online quotes comparison platform that you can leverage to discover insurance companies that provide photo booth business insurance. Have it in mind that comparing quotes is quite simple since all you are expected to do is make available basic business information.

Note that at the point where you’re set to get insured after evaluating the offers of different insurance companies, you won’t have to put any calls across since CoverWallet allows you to buy any quote on its website.

  1. RV Nuccio

This company provides photo booth insurance that features equipment breakdown insurance, general liability insurance, and employee dishonesty insurance. Have it in mind that this is the best company to work with if you’re eager to find well-tailored business insurance.


Regardless of your situation, have it in mind that picking the right photo booth insurance policy is very necessary. A photo booth insurance will help to give you peace of mind as well as ensure that you can focus on running your business efficiently.

It will cover repairs, and compensation for personal injuries, and property damage coupled with many other things. Ensure that you work with a licensed agent who has experience in business insurance to ensure you get the appropriate insurance for your photo booth business.