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9 Best Ways to Keep your Food Truck Warm in Winter

Truth be told, icy conditions and low temperatures can prove to be very disastrous to food truck owners. For one, the eating habits of patrons change and only a few people possess the willingness to wait outside for food, and this translates to a loss of revenue during this season.

Owing to that, a good number of food trucks shut down until spring. Howbeit, even with the cold weather and decrease in interest, there are still ways to ensure that your food truck remains successful after the temperature drops.

Aside from the fact that the cold can be quite discouraging, there are many factors that can come into play causing food to not stay as hot as it should be.

Howbeit, there are a whole lot of things you could possibly do to make your food truck ready for winter. If done appropriately, it will help you stay active, maintain a steady stream of customers, and form new business connections.

How to Keep Food Truck Warm in Winter

1. Insulation

This is without a doubt one of the proper ways of keeping your food truck warm in winter. Insulating the interior of your food truck helps to limit heat loss.

Consider insulating the walls using Styrofoam panels (or nonflammable Rockwool behind your cooking line), then install interior paneling on the walls and ceiling. A good number of food truckers believe that 100% stainless steel sheets are ideal for the walls.

2. Heaters

Even though electric heaters are known to be ideal for warming up your truck, central heating systems and appliances can prove to be more useful. With a central heating system, it is possible to use a timer to automate its actions. It allows your heating system to work at the time you specify. This will ensure that your truck stays warm when you want it to be.

3. Portable Radiant Heaters

In this modern era, this has proven to be a valid option for anyone looking to heat up small spaces or areas, such as cooking stations or customer seating. It will indeed help to have at least two heating sources to cope with the cold winter months.

4. Double-Pane Windows

For food trucks with windows, you can retain heat inside your truck by using double-pane windows. Although an extra layer of blinds and curtains can surface, thermal curtains will indeed be your most effective approach. They are well renowned for blocking heat from the inside.

5. Weather-stripping

Weather stripping is a sealant used to fill in gaps and seal off areas around doors and windows. It tends to feature a flexible material like rubber, vinyl, or foam, and you can apply it by hand. The stripping helps keep out dirt, dust, and pests while also helping to regulate the temperature within the truck.

6. Skirting

You should consider this option especially since it helps to block cold drafts and keep the undercarriage warm. It will need to be secure but not too tight that it completely stops ventilation. Make sure you have a little bit of ventilation in your skirting, especially during the cold winter months.

7. Floor Mats

If you are looking to keep your food truck warm and conducive during winter, then you should consider using insulated floor mats to prevent heat from escaping through the floor. Aside from the fact that they help to keep the truck warm, they greatly help to reduce the risk of accidents, protecting yourself and your employees.

8. Maintain a Consistent Temperature

This is indeed one of the most common things to do to ensure that your truck stays warm and nice. It is possible to monitor and adjust the temperature within your truck regularly. This will ensure that it stays comfortable without wasting energy.

9. Portable Generators

It has always been said that selecting the right food truck generator is very important to the success of your business. However, this is another place where its importance cannot be underestimated.

Aside from the fact that it ensures that your food truck will keep running smoothly, you can consistently power your heaters and other equipment to ensure that your truck stays warm.