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3 Best Led Canopy Light for Gas Station in 2023

One of the things needed in a gas station is good lighting as it makes the stations more secure and creates an ambiance that is ideal for drivers. According to experts, lighting remains one of the most important components that helps a driver decide which gas station to enter during a journey.

When it has to do with lighting, a canopy is a metal plate that covers the junction box in a wall, ceiling, or soffit. Note that any surface mount or recessed lighting that leverages a canopy can be referred to as a canopy light. In gas station lighting, a canopy light refers to a light fixture that is installed directly onto the station canopy.

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These fixtures tend to be weatherproof since the junction box and other components are installed on the top. According to industry experts, the most viable way to select the ideal canopy light for your gas station is to choose the sort of lighting technology you want and pick the canopy lights that you believe align better with your aesthetic, functionality, and price goals.

Keep in mind that under the canopy, the 400 lux light level is adequate at ground level. Aside from that, 150 lux vertical illuminance is perfect for gas pumps.

The entrance and the exits of the gas stations will need to feature a 10 lux light level. 150 lux light level is also considered viable in the crossing area between the canopy and the store. It is also recommended that you keep the light level at 30 lux and above at the gas station and store environment.

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Best Led Canopy Light for Gas Station

Although the best LED canopy lights for your gas station will depend on your aesthetic, functionality, and price goals, below are viable options to note:

  1. Howard LCN2750MV- 27 Watt LED Canopy Light

The LCN series LED canopy is built to replace 70-watt metal halide fixtures. According to reports, the long LED life and great color it offers have proven this fixture as one of the best for gas stations as well as other new or retrofit projects. This LCN series comes with the following features:

  • Low copper die-cast aluminum housing
  • Long-lasting polyester powder coat finish
  • 3,650 Lumens
  • 135 Lm/W
  • 27 Watts
  • L90 lifespan: 50,000+ hours
  • LEDs available in 5000K/CRI >80
  • Minimum starting temperature: -40°F
  • Ideal for use up to 40°C (104°F) ambient temperatures
  • UV-stabilized acrylic prismatic refractor lens
  • Mounts flush to standard J-box, surface mount conduit, or ¾” conduit entry on top for pendant mounting using NPT threaded pipe
  • ½” conduit entries on three sides
  1. Square canopy, multi wattage multi CCT 3,000k, 4,000k and 5,000k, ac120-277v, ip65, bronze

For gas stations in places where it rains or even a station that needs to be washed, the constant moisture might prove to be a problem. You can leverage this 40-watt square induction canopy light as it is specifically designed for wet or damp climates and environments.

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Note that it comes with an airtight seal and safety coating for optimum use in locations where they might be exposed to the elements. Aside from that, induction lamp technology is designed to last 100,000 hours, and this means that it can last over 10 years.

  1. High Output Retrofit Bulbs

This is another valid option to consider if you are looking to save energy and money. Note that this option is ideal for canopy fixtures, garages, gas stations, and even low-bay applications. It comes with a wide, uniform light distribution that cannot be compared with the MH and HPS lamps.

It also utilizes a 120/277-volt bulb which is well renowned for its LED energy-saving technology. The minimal time for installation and lifespan of 50,000 hours also translates to very low long-term maintenance costs.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best LED Canopy Light for a Gas Station

  1. People-centered lighting design

You will want to take into consideration lighting parameters that include illuminance, light color, brightness distribution, and color rendering when evaluating the best LED canopy light for your gas station. You have to understand that people-centered lighting is essential due to the psychology of drivers.

It is believed that glare-free lighting with a whiter (cooler) temperature offers a psychological sense of safety and comfort. Nevertheless, the technical elements to consider include:

  • Illuminance. Keep in mind that both vertical and horizontal surfaces require precise amounts of light to guarantee safe operation in a gas station.
  • Utility needs especially since convenience stores in a gas station are known to possess softer lighting while the area around the pumps will have the highest illumination.
  • Light distribution is essential to control glare and do away with dark spots.
  • States and cities tend to possess lighting regulations for gas stations and other public and commercial areas.
  • Branding preferences should be considered when making the choice of lights.
  1. Principles of functional lighting

As with many other commercial and industrial facilities, gas stations tend to depend on partition lighting with cost savings and functionality taken into account.

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Generally, a gas station is made up of numerous varying areas such as the work area, work-adjacent areas, parking, walkways, car wash/garage, and convenience stores. You have to realize that each of these will have different light levels especially when it has to do with illumination and cost savings.

Within the gas station work area, contrast and a clear field of view are of utmost priority. Owing to the delicateness of gas stations especially when it has to do with safety, it is very important that workers and drivers have maximum visibility within the fueling and refueling areas.

Meanwhile, the convenience store will need something that is much warmer and inviting. Note that this offers customers that attractive ambiance they need to linger and make additional purchases.

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Technology is also very essential when it has to do with functional lighting. Fluorescents are well renowned for their poor light distribution, and this entails a bright white spot directly beneath them that gets darker as you move away. HIDs are known to possess vivid and uniform light but can be quite harsh due to their orange glare.

LED canopy lights boast of a uniform and comfortable light. 3D LEDs lighten up both vertical and horizontal spaces, offering the best light levels generally.

  1. Energy efficiency and cost savings

This is indeed another very important factor to consider since the lighting fixtures with the lowest lifetime cost have proven to be the best option when the economics is taken into consideration. Lifetime costs will have to encompass the purchasing, maintenance, and energy costs associated with the light fixtures.

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Once it has to do with maintenance, fluorescent and HID lamps are known to need scheduled service checks. A good number of gas station businesses prefer to replace these at 75% of their rated service life to guarantee more ideal performance, with steady checks carried out on ballasts, tubes, and other components. Meanwhile, LED canopy lights are known to need little or no maintenance throughout their lifetime.


Lighting at the gas station will need to be thoroughly evaluated, including canopy lighting, convenience store lighting, and environmental lighting.

According to industry experts, the most viable way to select the ideal canopy lights for your gas station is to choose the sort of lighting technology you want, as well as pick the canopy lights that you believe align better with your aesthetic, functionality, and price goals.