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7 Licenses You Need to Open a Daiquiri Shop

Truth be told, the exact licenses and permits you need to start a daiquiri shop will vary depending on your location in the United States as well as the sort of liquor you intend to serve to clients.

Howbeit, same as with other businesses, there are necessary licenses you will be expected to obtain before opening your door for service. Daiquiris are very exciting and can be flavored with a wide array of rums, and this makes them one of the most consumed drinks.

The citrus juice, sugar, and rum are strained into a glass and then mixed. Making a daiquiri can be quite cheap as most of the required ingredients are relatively affordable. If you are looking to start or operate a daiquiri shop, there are certain things you need to do to get started.

One of the first things to consider is the location of your shop. After that, you will be expected to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to conduct your business. You will also have to stock your shop with the necessary supplies and ingredients.

It is important to reiterate that the licenses and permits you need to start and operate a daiquiri shop will vary depending on your location in the United States. Nonetheless, below are the basic authorizations and licenses you need to run a daiquiri shop.

License Needed to Open a Daiquiri Shop

  1. Business Licenses

Ideally, every business in the United States requires a business license to open and operate, as such it is one of the basic authorizations to consider for your daiquiri shop. Since your shop will be providing patrons with alcohol, it is also imperative you obtain licensing via the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

  1. Resale Permit

If you plan to obtain your supplies and ingredients wholesale, then this is another valid authorization to look into. Note that this is a certificate you present to avoid paying sales tax on wholesale purchases for your daiquiri shop inventory. The tax will be moved to your customers when they patronize your business. Nevertheless, you will be expected to report on the sales taxes you collect, and then pay them to your state.

  1. Liquor License

Daiquiri shops are liquor related, as such it is required that business owners or operators obtain a liquor license. The Alcohol Beverage Control Boards (ABC boards) are tasked with everything that has to do with the sale of alcohol; therefore, every enterprise that makes or sells alcoholic beverages will have to apply for a liquor license.

For a daiquiri shop, you might be expected to obtain what’s known as an on-premise license, on-sale license, or on-license, which means you’re selling alcohol to be consumed on your property.

  1. Certificate of Occupancy

This is another valid authorization to take note of when starting this sort of business. Note that you will definitely need a good location to start and operate your business, and in most States, you will be expected to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, also called a C of O.

The essence of this certificate is to verify that your building is safe and in good condition for customers. It also helps to identify the purpose of your business. Classifications include retail, industrial, mixed-use, and others to specify what your building is for. Howbeit, be certain that your building is up to code before applying for a C of O because that will be checked.

  1. Seller’s Permit or Sales Tax License

When looking to start a daiquiri shop, you will have to obtain this permit when you apply for a resale permit. The need for this license will vary from one state to another, however, note that in some states it is referred to as a business permit, a seller’s permit, or a sales tax license.

Irrespective of what it is called, it identifies your business for tax purposes. Since you’re selling goods as a business, you will have to pay taxes, and registering with your state guarantees that they can track your business. Register your business with your state’s government to get your seller’s permit or sales tax license.

  1. Signage Permit

Note that this permit is important especially to ensure that your clients can easily identify your business location. It also helps with marketing and publicity and to draw in new customers. Nevertheless, take your time to understand what you are allowed to have outside your daiquiri shop and how to get a signage permit.

The requirements will differ from city to state. As such, whilst renting a shop for your business, ensure you understand the specific requirements.

  1. Music License

Depending on your business concept, you might want to inculcate music to ensure that your shop possesses the appropriate ambiance. However, note that before you can play music in your shop, you might be expected to obtain a music license.

A music license works to reimburse the musicians for the music you are playing in your establishment. Without a license, you may have to deal with federal penalties and owe damages that range between $750 and $30,000.