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Do You Need a License and Permit for Demolition?

Yes. You need what is referred to as a demolition permit before you can carry out demolition. A demolition permit describes a legal document that permits you to demolish any structure that requires a building permit to construct.

However, note that a building that was developed without the appropriate building permit still requires a demolition permit before it can be knocked down. When working on more than one structure, you are still expected to obtain separate demolition permits for each one.

Howbeit, depending on the area where you will be carrying out the demolition, various code provisions will stipulate the permit requirements as well as the review process.

Steps to Obtain a Demolition Permit

A demolition permit is considered mandatory for property owners or contractors who intend to knock down structures. While this permit is very essential in almost all states in the United States, note that the process to obtain this permit will vary from one state to another, and sometimes even across municipalities. Nevertheless, below are basic steps to guide you through the process.

  1. Research Local Regulations

Although this permit is mandatory for property owners or contractors looking to knock down a structure in almost all states in the United States, you have to understand that the process to obtain it varies from one state to another, and sometimes even across municipalities.

You must begin by first carrying out extensive research to ensure you fully comprehend the exact demolition regulations in your local jurisdiction.

Consider visiting or reaching out to your local building department or permit office to obtain all requisite information on zoning ordinances, environmental impact assessments, as well as any other vital regulations.

  1. Hire a Qualified Professional

A good number of jurisdictions in the United States mandate that a licensed professional will oversee the demolition process.

Keep in mind that an experienced and licensed contractor will make sure that the work is carried out safely, aligns with all legal requirements, and reduces liability for the property owner.

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Demolition Plan

You have to come up with a comprehensive demolition plan that provides adequate details into the scope of work, methods that will be used, as well as the safety measures in place.

This plan is also meant to include information on the disposal of debris, asbestos removal (if applicable), as well as any essential environmental considerations. Sending in a properly written and well-detailed demolition plan will speed up the permit approval process.

  1. Complete Permit Application

Once you are done with putting up a well-detailed demolition plan, it is time to obtain a demolition permit application from your local building department. You must take your time to carefully and accurately fill it out.

Make sure to input all required documentation, which will most often include your demolition plan, proof of contractor’s license, coupled with any other information as stipulated by local regulations. Send in the completed application in addition to all the associated fees to the building department.

  1. Environmental Review and Inspections

Depending on your location and as well as the environmental components in the area, you might have to carry out assessments for hazardous materials like asbestos or lead-based paint.

You make sure that your demolition plan covers all these concerns and arrange necessary inspections with the right agencies. Ensure to stay in line with environmental regulations because it is very essential.

  1. Receive Permit Approval

Once you are done submitting your application and completing the requisite reviews and inspections, you should then wait to get the permit approval.

One thing to note is the fact that the timeline for approval differs from one location to another, as such it’s pertinent to plan accordingly.

Immediately after your application is approved, it is recommended you understand the permit conditions, carry out the demolition as per the approved plan, and let the building department know once you are done.