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Do You Need a License to Sell Cotton Candy?

Yes. In the United States, you have to obtain various licenses and authorizations before you can sell cotton candy. However, prior to starting to sell this sweet treat, you need to comprehend the license and permits you are expected to obtain. To do this without mistakes, you have to first decide if you are going to sell organic or traditional cotton candy or both.

Note that the choice you make here will affect everything ranging from the licenses you need to the equipment you are expected to purchase.

Once you have decided on the type of cotton candy you want to sell, you should switch your focus toward understanding local food laws and permits in your area.

Cotton candy is categorized as a non-potentially hazardous food in almost all states and as such will only require basic regulation and requirements.

License Needed to Sell Cotton Candy

  1. General Business Licenses

General business licenses vary from state to state and even from county to county. As such, you need to research the local municipality requirements to ensure you understand the necessary licenses that are expected of you.

Note that each jurisdiction will possess its own peculiar regulations and guidelines when it comes to selling food products like cotton candy.

Pay attention and ask questions where or when you need clarification. Don’t forget that applying for a business license will involve submitting the necessary documentation and fees.

  1. Sales Tax License

Since regulations tend to vary from one location to another, it is imperative you reach out to your county clerk to know if you are expected to register for a sales tax license.

Be sure to understand the sales tax regulations in your jurisdiction while also registering for this license accordingly. Aside from that, don’t forget to comply with all the relevant procedures for sales tax collection and reporting.

  1. Special Permits or Certifications

Depending on where and how you intend to sell cotton candy, you might be expected to obtain additional permits or certifications.

For instance, selling cotton candy at events or festivals will in most places require special permits, and getting food handling certification can also be mandatory to guarantee safe food preparation and handling.

  1. Food Establishment License

Depending on your plans and how you intend to sell the cotton candy, you may have to obtain a food establishment license in the United States.

You might be expected to send in or rather submit documentation, which will more or less include proof of food safety training or establishment cleanliness before you can get this license.

  1. Compliance with Regulations and Inspections

Aside from the basic licenses you are expected to obtain, it is also necessary you comply with all relevant regulations and undergo inspections if it is necessary. Keep in mind that regular inspections ensure that your cotton candy business operates in a safe and hygienic manner.

Also, contact your local county clerk as well as experienced entrepreneurs in the same field to ensure you have the right information and that your business is in line with all regulations and requirements.