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Do You Need a License to Sell Kratom?

This will be determined by a number of significant elements, especially in the United States. Since the kratom industry is largely policed, obtaining a license for a kratom firm is quite difficult. Regulatory frameworks differ not only from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but also based on your business type (cultivation vs. retail, for instance) and the municipality wherein you intend to conduct business.

To comply with regulations, you must obtain all required business licenses, permits, and registrations. Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a psychoactive drug derived from the petals of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, which grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand.

To experience the benefits, people usually chew the leaves, take capsules containing ground leaf particles, or make tea from them. Dating back to at least the nineteenth century, folks in Southeast Asia have been using the matcha-green element as a muscle relaxant and mood lifter.

The primary substance in kratom differs significantly from plant to plant, making its impacts hard to predict. This increases the likelihood of overdosing and adverse reactions such as seizures, mental confusion, shivers, puking, liver failure, or even death.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) might safeguard the validity of kratom in a particular jurisdiction while enabling regulatory authorities to set prerequisites, which may include a minimum age.

Even though kratom is legally acceptable at the national level, a few cities and states have preferred to prohibit its sale, possession, cultivation, or use. Some have foisted age limits. You will have to submit your operational documentation with the Secretary of State’s office in certain jurisdictions, and in others, you may have to deal with multiple licensing authorities.

Basic Licenses Needed to Sell Kratom

Just as was noted above, the kratom industry is largely policed, and obtaining a license for a kratom firm can be complicated. Nonetheless, below are licenses you should obtain when beginning a kratom business in the United States! It should be noted that these licenses are not limited to kratom businesses but can be applied to just about any retail company.

  1. Retail Seller Permit

In terms of selling kratom in your state, you may be required to obtain a special permit. A seller’s permit is usually free of charge. However, you may be required to put down a damage deposit to protect any taxes owed in the event that the company shuts down. The deposit sum will be set at the time of application.

How to Apply

  • Get the application from your state agency.
  • Gather the details and documents you’ll need to finish the application.
  • Pay the fee to get your reseller certificate.
  • Learn when and if you need to renew your reseller permit.
  1. Business Operation License

A business license is required in every state in the United States. You only need to provide your social security number and profession on a form. A business license typically costs approximately $100, but it can span from $50 to $400. It should be noted that an extra processing fee of about $25 can be incorporated.

How to Apply

To find out, consult your city. The typical business license costs less than $100, and they are not required in all cities.

  1. Doing Business As (DBA) License

A Doing Business As (DBA) License allows you to conduct your enterprise under a title other than your own—for example, if you want to utilize the company trade name “ChrisKratom,” you must file a DBA, LLC, or corporation. A DBA is not required, it’s just something to think about obtaining because it fulfills several prerequisites for starting a business bank account and imposing any needed contracts.

How to Apply

If you want to register a DBA, you should do so with your county or state.

  1. Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

It is significant to mention that every state collects sales tax on products sold to consumers. State tax is ordinarily 8% of the kratom price. You must register for this free Tax Identification Number at your state’s tax office. You will also be required to provide your business license, personal information, and an explanation of the products you intend to sell.

How to Apply

For an EIN, online incorporation services charge around $75. Nonetheless, the IRS does not charge for it, so you can obtain it for free by heading straight to them. The IRS allows you to apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number online.

  1. Certificate of Occupancy

You must also prove that your property is suitable for the local shop you intend to open. A kratom product-related business is required to satisfy specific water installation and chemical treatment requirements, so you should have the property checked before establishing your business.

The Certificate of Occupancy is a certificate prepared by a local government agency or building department that validates that your property satisfies the criteria for the kind of company you intend to operate.

How to Apply

It is important to note that you must obtain this certificate before any work is done on the property. A Certificate of Occupancy costs between $20 and $80, depending on where your business is located and the size of your property. Commercial spaces less than 1500 square feet are typically around $30, while larger ones can cost up to $80.

It should be noted that this certificate will be issued once all inspection checks have been completed. An electrical inspection, a plumbing inspection, a fire safety inspection, and a general building inspection are among the inspections performed.


Starting a company in this highly regulated industry can be difficult. Understanding and following all the regulatory obligations that are expected of you necessitate a significant amount of planning, understanding, and readiness. Learn about the guidelines, legislation, and prerequisites in your state, city, and possibly even county.