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5 Licenses You Need to Open a Smoothie Shop

These businesses are known to make and sell blended fruit drinks, health food bowls, and juices to customers. They are easy to see in busy shopping centers or fitness clubs, and this can be attributed to the rising awareness of healthy living as well as the need to introduce fresh options to a fast-food-laden culture.

Smoothie shops are known to depend on premium ingredients and inventive combinations to serve people who don’t want to sacrifice taste for health.

Although the idea of providing your community or neighborhood with delicious and nutritious concoctions is genuinely attractive, keep in mind that there is more to establishing and running a successful smoothie shop than just preparing your recipes.

You have to understand that to attain success in this business, you have to stay in line with the laws and regulations that govern these businesses and this will include obtaining the various licenses and permits that guarantee your business operates legally.

Licenses You Need to Open a Smoothie Shop

  1. General Business License

This is one of the most important licenses you will be expected to obtain if you’re looking to start a smoothie shop or any other type of business. Although some types of smoothie shops may not need it, but it’s still recommended you obtain one.

The essence of this is to have a legal document if you require funding opportunities such as loans. This license can be obtained at your state’s office, the Department of Revenue, or the agency of your area that regulates businesses.

  1. DBA License

DBA simply denotes ‘doing business as,’ and it’s a permit you’ll have to obtain if you intend to start your smoothie shop using a fictional name. First and foremost, it is necessary to reiterate that this license doesn’t serve any legal purpose.

Nevertheless, it’s considered very necessary if you want to boost your smoothie shop’s brand identity for marketing purposes. You can obtain your DBA license at the same place you registered for your general business license. It is most often advised that you apply for both at the same time.

  1. Business Tax Identification

Same as with every other business venture in the United States, you’ll likely have to file a tax return for your smoothie shop. In the United States, to be able to file a business tax return, you’ll need to get a Business Tax ID.

While it is possible to use your Social Security number especially if you’re the only owner, keep in mind that you can utilize an employer identification number or EIN if you have a team. Consider applying for a Business Tax Identification via the IRS website or mail; it comes with no fees.

  1. Sales Tax License

A sales tax license or permit is very important when starting a smoothie shop. Most often referred to as a seller’s permit, this license is considered very necessary unless the state you belong to doesn’t impose a sales tax. In most places, you have to visit your state’s Revenue Department or any agency regulating businesses to apply for this permit. Depending on your business value, the fee can fall within $0 to $100.

  1. Health Permit

The need for this permit will depend on your location in the United States; however, note that almost all local governments demand that smoothie shop owners obtain a health permit. The essence of this authorization is to guarantee that the smoothie shop is safe for customers.

To scale through the inspection, you have to be in line with safety regulations, and this will more or less include keeping a clean work area and handling products within stipulated temperature ranges.

If you are looking to start a smoothie shop, keep in mind that permits and licenses are the first to consider. Keep in mind that these authorizations are vital as you’re subject to laws and regulations. In addition, remember that getting a license for a business varies for every state and every type of business.