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How to Start a Bitter Kola Export Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Do you know that you can make money very fast, here in Nigeria by exporting common bitter kola? Do you want to start a bitter kola export business but you don’t know how to go about it? Do you need a sample bitter kola export business plan template that you can use to raise funds or get loans from banks? Then I advice you read on.

Bitter Kola or Garcinia Kola is a seed with great medicinal value. It is found abundantly in sub-Saharan Africa especially in Nigeria, where it is held in high esteem on the traditional front.

Why You Should Start a Bitter Kola Export Business Today

The demand for bitter kola in the international market has been on the high for some time now. This is because the seed is used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries for the production of drugs, energy drinks, and other products. The demand is particularly high in countries such as the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, india and some other Asian countries.

The above statements drive home the fact that there is a lot of money to be made in buying bitter kola and exporting it to countries where it is required industrially. So, if you are living in a country like Nigeria, where bitter kola is very abundant, then you should consider starting a business that exports the commodity.

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Bitter kola export business is very lucrative, as it fetches 100 percent profit or more per export sale. And anyone can venture into the business, since it does not require huge capital or technical know-how.

How to Make Money Fast in Nigeria by Exporting Bitter Kola

If you would like to start the bitter kola export business, then I advice you read on to learn more about the business and the steps involved in starting it.

In the international market, bitter kola is required in either the fresh or the dried form. But since most buyers prefer the dried form, the seeds must be carefully dried in such a way that the color and taste are not altered. Now, let’s look at the steps involved in the bitter kola export business.

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1. Find buyers

Locating buyers is the most important step involved in the bitter kola export business (Without buyers, you won’t make money). Since most exporters keep the links to their buyers as trade secrets, you will need to take either of two routes to get this information. You can consult with Veterans in the business to learn how to connect with potential buyers or search the web for the contacts of potential buyers.

After getting the contacts, you will need to send a proposal to the contact. If they are willing to do business with you, then you can go ahead to get your bitter kola seeds and package them for export.

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2. Buy bitter kola seeds

Since bitter kola is mostly grown in rural areas, you will need to find high quality varieties at cheap prices in these areas. So, your first task as a bitter kola export merchant is to find reliable suppliers of high quality bitter kola. To ease this task, you can make inquiries from veterans in the business.

3. Dry the seeds, if possible

If you don’t have the facilities or the time to dry the seeds yourself, you will have to buy already dried seeds each time. However, there are times when all you can get are fresh seeds, which require drying before they can be exported.

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There are three methods of drying bitter kola seeds

  • Sun drying
  • Mechanical drying (which involves the use of machines)
  • Natural drying

Although sun drying is the method adopted by most farmers in the producing areas, most buyers don’t buy sun dried bitter kola, as it affects some of the natural properties of the seeds. So, the natural drying method is highly recommended.

The natural drying method leaves the color as well as the chemical makeup of the bitter kola seeds intact. This method simply involves spreading the seeds out on a clean surface in a room where they cannot be reached by sun light or moisture. In about 4-5 days, the seeds will be dried and ready for export.

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4. Ensure quality control

Your bitter kola seeds must be of high quality, which partly implies that they must be free of impurities such as stones, sand, dust, dirt, nylon, paper, leaves, and so on. Aside that some of these “extra” particles can add unnecessary weight, exporting packages containing impurities can discourage buyers from subsequent deals with you. In addition, your bitter kola seeds must not be adulterated in any way. They must be exported in their natural form.

5. Packaging your bitter kola

While there is no standard packaging method for packaging or bagging bitter kola, you will need to package your bitter kola seeds carefully to ensure the preservation of seed quality as well as protection of the seeds. You must bear in mind that air-tight bags are not used to package bitter kola seeds, as aeration is needed to keep the seeds fine.

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6. Export your bitter kola

After packaging your bitter kola seeds, it’s time to export. You can use either the standard postal service in your state or country (NIPOST in the case of Nigeria) or any of the international private courier companies (DHL, UPS, etc).