Are you proficient with the use of English? Is your grammar impeccable and flawless? If yes, do you know that you can make money on the internet by teaching other people how to improve their grammar and use of English? Well, this article is going to take you the process of how to make money teaching English Language online.

Teaching English language online is becoming more popular. With MSN Messenger, Skype and other webcam chatting software tools, you can help people from anywhere in the world who are having a hard time learning English Language.

Another positive fact about this business is that you can start it from home with no money. One great advantage of this profession is that you can set your own availability or number of working hours. The salary isn’t bad at all. However, that will depend on how much you charge and how much your clients are willing to pay.

Hey! Did I just say salary? Well, it is not salary in the real sense of it because you are not working for anyone. You are self employed, your own boss. So if you are ready to earn big bucks from your English speaking and writing skill, then below is a step by step guide to making money online by teaching English:

7 Steps on How to Make Money Teaching English Language Online

1.  Make sure you have a PC with webcam, headset or speakerphones at home. Also, a prior experience in teaching English would be an advantage. You must understand that it is one thing to speak and write in English but it takes entirely another skill to teach. If you are not good at teaching, then you can take a course in teaching or get someone who can.

2.  Once you already have the above mentioned requirements, you need to obtain a certification from TEFL or any organization authorizing the operation of online schools in your community.

3.  After obtaining your certification, you can then proceed to search for students enrolled in online schools. Just make sure they are studying English. Google is the easiest way for you to find online schools with a number of language students.

You will be able to know if a particular student is looking for an English tutor if he/she posted at the Language Bulletin Board section. Take note that not all language students are giving compensation to their online teachers. Some of them request for free instruction only.

Another creative approach is to look beyond the student market. You can target adults and professionals residing in non-English speaking countries that are willing to learn how to communicate in English language. Examples of countries where the demand for English tutors are high include China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

4.  Decide on your service rate. How much will you charge your clients and how will you charge them? Will you charge hourly, daily, weekly, monthly per session? Regardless of the payment, you must make sure you negotiate with your students before starting your online lessons. As much as possible, offer a competitive rate for every session completed.

5.  There are plenty of avenues for English Language sessions online. One of them is getting hired to develop English speaking and writing skills. Through lesson plans and modules, this session can be beneficial for part-time online English teachers. So it is important you prepare your modules, notes and lesson outlines before each session.

6.  Try using video conference in teaching your students online. This set-up is deemed “more experimental” than chatting with students. Video conference allows you to interact with your student directly and requires application to any mediating online school.

An experience in video conferencing while teaching English online adds more credibility. Not to mention, lots of money! There are lots of video conferencing software and app on the web like Skype, so you can choose the one that suits you.

7. Will you teach via live streaming or through pre-recorded sessions and broadcast through YouTube? You must think this out critically because of the financial implications and network service reliability. Will you teach as an independent tutor or work under a company / school?

You must decide on this. Also, you must make provisions on how to receive your money but bear in mind that your medium of payment must suit your clients. You can receive payment through PayPal, Wire transfer, bank deposit, Check, etc.

In conclusion, teaching English lessons online under a recognized company has a lot of benefits. The modules and lesson plans are already provided. Also, communication is facilitated by AV computer apps like Skype and that’s for free! Applying at a company is considered by many as the best way on how to make money teaching English Language online.

The requirements are minimal and even those with incomplete academic records can apply as long as they passed the service provider interview which is conducted online.  Teaching English lessons online is a job or business that guarantees a long future. So what are you waiting for? Start making money by teaching English lessons online today!

Ajaero Tony Martins