All companies strive for innovation; however, many companies get stuck because they make use of rigid standards in managing and measuring innovation performance in the workplace which then limits or kills the creativity of the employee.

Successful companies usually allow their employees the freedom to experiment while still ensuring that the structure being used to evaluate this performance is maintained. Also, these successful companies see the management and measurement of innovation performance as a means of achieving set goals and not the end goal itself.

Ways Innovative Performance Can Be Managed and Measured in the Workplace

Focusing on behaviors before results

It is essential that before the structures to achieve innovation are firmly in place that efforts are taken to adjust systems such as job descriptions in order that they may be able to emphasize on essential qualities that allow for innovation. Also, within the workplace, it is important to ensure that the right employees are focusing on the right challenges.

Promotion of Trust

In order to be able to achieve innovation in the work place, it is essential that employees have the highest degree of trust for their leaders as this will enable them continually seek to improve, thereby allowing for quick innovativeness in the workplace. Aside from wanting leaders that they can trust, employees do not want to be judged for whatever ideas they might bring forth as this will limit their creativeness and how innovative they can become.

Ensure that the right support system is created

As a leader, it is essential that you make use of a systematic way to support, nurture and develop innovation. This might include a variety of activities such as provision of resources for employees, coaching the employees and or removing whatever obstacles that might likely limit their innovativeness. Ensure that the system that you have created is not only flexible but that it is disciplined as well in order to effectively challenge employees as well as manage innovation performance.

Ensure the facilitation of planning and control

If you do not properly facilitate planning and control, you are likely to have innovation overload. It is important that you are very careful when it comes to the implementation of some of these innovations so that you do not end up focusing less on existing products and services to the detriment of the organization.

Always encourage new ideas

As long as you have people from varied backgrounds together in a work place, there is bound to be constant stream of new ideas as well as innovation. Ensure that you constantly engage these people in order to drive new innovations for the company.


The workplace allows for the practice of a whole lot of various concepts and innovative performance is one of such concepts that is being used by managers in these work places to ensure that corporate goals are being met. In order to be able to rightly measure innovation performance, the right models and measures have to be used.

Ajaero Tony Martins