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29 Cost Effective Tips on How to Market Handmade Jewelry Online

Do you want to sell your handmade jewelries from home with ease? If YES, here are 29 cost effective tips on how to market handmade jewelry online. If you are someone who makes jewelry on a small scale probably for your friends and family members, you can also expand your market and sell to a lot of people so as to make a lot more money. Marketing your jewelry doesn’t have to cost you a lot. You can market your handmade jewelry both on the internet and offline in order to get the best results.

It is not uncommon for handmade jewelers to be at a loss on how to market their jewelries effectively. There are a lot of marketing techniques that can be used, and choosing the right approach for your business is not easy. Also, most handmade jewelers would prefer a marketing method that will not cost them a lot of money.

A good marketing strategy is a very valuable tool for any business with handmade jewelry business not being an exception. In order for your business to be successful, it is essential for people know about your brand as well as the products and services you offer. This is where a good online marketing strategy can help. With tons and tons of jewelers out there, it can be hard to get your business noticed. Here are some tips that can help to market your handmade jewelry.

29 Cost Effective Tips on How to Market Handmade Jewelry Online

1. Open a Store on an Online Marketplace

There are a variety of online platforms that are available to people who wish to take their wares online. Most of these websites are easy to use and they offer tech support and a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to use. Because these online market places allow you to market your handmade jewelry right from the comfort of your home, you will have even more time to focus of your jewelry making and be more productive.

You can list your products in online market places such as Etsy, Artfire, et al. As soon as your business gets going, it would be beneficial for you to create your own ecommerce website as well. The more places you can sell your items, the better. You want to get your name (and jewelry) out there as much as possible.

2. Keep Up With the Trends

As someone who creates jewelry, you should try your best to keep up with the trends so as to know what is in vogue at any given time. This is especially true if your target market are teens and young adults.

In order to find out what is trending, you can do a quick online search of jewelry trends and get creative. Change is constant in life and handmade jewelries are no exception. Keeping up with the latest trends will give you the edge you need when selling your handmade jewelry.

3. Make use of word of mouth

This is definitely the oldest form of advertising used by businesses since the world began. While it may bring slower results than radio or television, it still works very well. In recent times, there has been a growing apprehension and distrust towards paid advertising, but word of mouth still continues to be the most trusted method of marketing in the world today.

When a customer makes use of a service and he enjoys it, he will be willing to share his experience with his family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and even in some cases with total strangers. A satisfied customer is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools a small business can ever have.

Satisfied customers become foot soldiers, evangelists and advocates for your business. It is amazing how many of your satisfied customers will go to great lengths to promote, convince, protect and defend your business outside. You can make use of word of mouth to market your handmade jewelry business by;

  • Providing top notch service to your clients. If your jewelries are of top quality and does more than what it says, it’s definitely a winner!
  • Giving them great customer experience. Most times, it doesn’t really matter how large or deep-pocketed your competition is. You can grow a successful business on great customer service. People like to buy products and services from businesses that treat them with respect. People love to be given attention and treated well and will always return to enjoy that beautiful experience again.

Always bear in mind that your customers are spending their hard earned money to buy your jewelries and as such a ‘Thank you” will not be out of place. People hardly forget a great customer experience and will happily tell other people about it. Give your customers a reason to advertise and market your business. Sometimes, word-of-mouth advertising doesn’t come automatically; you have to encourage, motivate or incentivize your customers to do it for you.

4. Make sure that you get your prices right

In order to market your products effectively, you need to know the right amount to sell them for. If your jewelries are unique and have a high quality, you should not be afraid to charge a reasonable price for them. However, you should not make your pieces too costly, else, you will find it difficult to sell them off. On the other hand, you should never under-charge them because people tend to see cheap products are products of low quality.

5. Make sure that pictures of your products are stellar

If you are posting your home made jewelry in an online market place, your website or on your social media page, then you should know that pictures are everything. Since the customers can’t touch the jewelry, you have to use pictures to entice them.

Here are some tips you can make use of:

  • Less is more: this is especially true if you intend to market jewelry. You should take pictures that are simple and devoid of any form of “distraction”. Your jewelry should be the star of the picture.
  • Take multiple photos: online buyers want to see exactly what they are buying in its entirety. You should provide multiple pictures of the jewelry you are listing taken from different angles as well as one or two of someone modeling the piece so that the shopper can see what it looks like when being worn.
  • Use a plain background: like it was mention previously, you piece should be the star of the pictures you post. You can make use of a light or dark colored background that makes the product stand out. Make sure it is simple and not distracting. You want customers to be drawn to your product.
  • Make use of high definition camera to capture the jewelries and if necessary, you can still go ahead to edit and touch up on the picture with Photoshop or any other free online tools.

6. Write Product Descriptions That Attract Shoppers

If you are selling online, in addition to high quality pictures, a detailed product description can go a lot way to get you more sales. The more detail you give, the better. You should however not confuse details for a ton of writing. In fact, a long text will put off your buyers especially if you are repeating ideas.

Include a description of the product materials, as well as any other information you think someone would want to know before purchasing. (Colors/patterns your jewelry comes in, sizes, how it was made, any customization you accept and so on.)

7. Wear your jewelry

One of the simplest (and free) methods of marketing your handmade jewelry is to wear them yourself. Most at times, when you wear them, people will admire them and can even get to become your customer. It’s not uncommon for a prospect to ask if they can buy the jewelry the artisan is still wearing! You can be a walking advertisement for your own product.

8. Your voicemail

The message people get when you’re not able to answer your phone is a powerful opportunity to market yourself. Your voice mail message doesn’t have to be limited to your name and a request for the caller to leave a message.

You can as well use that opportunity to mention your website and suggest that the caller check out your blog, too! For instance, you voicemail message can say: “You’ve reached The Jewelry planet. We’re sorry we’re not in right now to receive your call … please leave a message after the tone and we’ll get right back to you. Also, visit us online at [your site] … our Valentine’s Day jewelry is shown there now. Thanks!”

9. Your invoice

Your invoice or statement is a good avenue for a marketing message. In fact, printing a marketing flyer on the back of your invoices is an excellent way to market your jewelry and conserve paper. For instance, If you send invoices via e-mail as a PDF file, you can include a second page with marketing information on it.

But, why should try to market someone who is already a customer? People who buy from you already are your best customers. And adding a marketing message to an existing invoice is a great way to tell those customers about upcoming shows, home parties, new lines and more.

10. Write your buyers a thank you note

Right from childhood, we have been taught about the power of thanking people when we receive something from them. This can also be useful in our business life. You can do this by sending a separate thank-you note with an order. A free alternative for sending a thank you note is to write a personal, hand-written thank you note on every invoice accompanying your orders.

A personal thank-you should go out with every single one of your orders. Even if you are selling from a small shop or at a jewelry home party, please take the time to write a personal thank-you to the buyer. It’s a free marketing strategy that pays off more than you could imagine.

11. Reward repeat customers

Do you want more patronage from an existing customer? Then you should reward them with your own loyalty strategy. How you reward them is up to you. Perhaps you could offer a discount. Whatever you choose, encourage loyalty by being loyal in return.

12. Your appearance

The way you look can go a long way to make or marr your marketing efforts. A lot of studies have found that people tend to form an impression about others in a matter of seconds. This means that the first impression you make on a prospective customer is likely to stick with them throughout their experience with you.

Whenever you are selling your jewelries to people, you should always dress neatly and professionally. People unconsciously associate how you appear with how your jewelry is made. Looking shabby casts doubts on the quality of your ware while a clean appearance raises their confidence in the quality of your jewelry.

You should also make sure that your fingernails are clean and trimmed (can be a problem depending on what kind of jewelry you make) because prospects will see them when you show or hand them a piece of your jewelry. If you are selling from a booth, make sure that it is kept very neat.

13. Smile

A genuine smile can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal when you are marketing your jewelry. A warm smile conveys to your customers that you care about them as a person. It greets others without you having to say a thing. And it is almost always returned. Smiling warms up the interaction and, makes the customer feel a sense of friendship and comfort with you. People buy from those with whom they feel comfortable.

14. Rapid response to inquiries and orders

If you are selling your jewelries online, then you have to be able to respond to inquiries and as soon as possible. The world is becoming more and more impatient by the second. These days, you can create a microwave meal in 5 minutes, get answers to questions in seconds and see your own digital photos immediately and as such, everyone wants instant gratification. Leaving your customers waiting will definitely drive them into the open arms of your competitors.

Additionally, your customers are likely to be busy people. The time they take out of their day to contact you about your jewelry is precious to them! Although auto-responders are a good way to confirm the receipt of an email, it’s important to get back to customers as quickly as possible. Speed sells. Your ability to rapidly respond to a prospect’s question may mean the difference between making the sale or not. Respond as soon as you can.

15. Take advantage of Jewelry talks, seminars and lectures

Giving a free talk about how to make various types of jewelry, history of jewelry, how to care for your jewelry and other such topics is a very good way to get in front of an audience that could turn into your customers.

Public speaking also provides an opportunity for you to practice connecting with people, a critical skill for selling well. If you’re not comfortable talking in front of groups, join your local Toastmaster’s club and they’ll help you become great!

16. Take photos of you interacting with customers

Keep a digital camera with you when you’re selling from a booth or at a home party, and ask someone to take photos of you with smiling customers! Pictures convey instantly that buying from you and connecting with you is an enjoyable experience. Others who see that will seek that connection with you, too.

Display the photos on your website, in marketing material, at your blog, in newsletters and in a “scrap book” that you can display at shows.

17. Testimonials

Testimonial is a very powerful way to let people know what your customers think about your product. At times, potential customers may be skeptical about your product, however a testimonial can go a long way to push them “over the edge”. These days, a testimonial does not have to be only a written text. It can also be video or a audio. Don’t be shy about bringing printed testimonials with you when you sell face-to-face so prospects can see and read them.

18. Create a gift guide

You can put together a list of handmade items that combine your products with other small businesses. Contact handmade vendors with an offer to include their products in your gift guide if they agree to share it with their audience. If you get several people sharing the guide it can reach a large number of people.

19. Website

As a local company, your website can be a key tool for new (and old) customers to find you. A simple, attractive and well-designed marketing website gives you a marketing advantage.

20. Be creative with your business card

In addition to handing your business card to people when the time is right, there are also other ingenious ways in which you can make use of to get our business card across to potential customers. Always have you business card in your wallet and anytime you’re someplace your ideal customer may be, casually leave a card behind. It’s for no one in particular but the right person might pick it up.

Make sure that your business card is unique and eye catching as opposed to the basic white card with your Business Name, address and website which will probably get pushed aside or tossed out. Do something out of the ordinary to encourage people to pick it up for a closer look. Be sure the card mentions the benefits of your product (it’s not what you sell, it’s why you sell it). Here are some ideas for places you can leave cards and market:

  • Magazines: head to a bookstore and slip your card into the spine the way subscription forms often are. Choose magazines aimed at your demographic.
  • Restaurants: leave one with your tip or on the counter of the bathroom.
  • Coffee shops: slip one into the magazines they have for patrons, leave one on a table or by the cream and sugar.
  • Public transportation: leave a card behind on the seat or on the window ledge of a bus, cab, train, etc.
  • Local shops: email boutiques that share your target audience and ask if they’d be interested in keeping a stack of your business cards on their counter. You have to consider what the other business is gaining so offer to include their business card in each of your orders. Or you can advertise their business on your website and social media pages.
  • Bathroom stalls: you know those frames on the back of stall doors? Wedge a card in the corner of the frame. People will stare right at it when they sit down.
  • Change rooms: not in the shops you want to get your products into; the owner won’t take kindly to you trying to poach their customers. But think of a busy retailer in the mall that has hundreds of people going in and out of the change rooms on a Saturday. Wedge a card in the corner of the mirror or behind a hook.

21. Build Your Brand

Even though it is quite important, a lot of handmade jewelry makers skip it because it takes a little more time and money to build a strong brand. But it’s worth it and is what can help make an ordinary product extraordinary, attract customers, stand out from competitors and encourage shoppers to choose you over competitors. You should think of your business as a person. When you meet someone, how do you decide if they’re a fit for you?

  • Looks: what attracted you to the person in the first place? The same thing applies to your brand. When scrolling through photos or walking through a craft fair, we’re drawn to colors, fonts, styles, etc. Does your brand’s looks attract your targeted audience?
  • Values: we’re naturally drawn to people who share similar values to ours. Define the values of your company and how to communicate them. If kindness is a strong value of your business you might communicate it through your thoughtful replies to emails and social media comments.
  • Communication: if you are someone who is quiet and reserved, you may prefer someone who is interested in quite conversations as opposed to someone who loudly tell inappropriate jokes at a party. Think about your brand’s communication style. Is it formal or informal? Is it mainly done through speaking, writing or visuals? Is it bold and in your face with social media posts and selling tactics or a little more reserved and in the background?
  • Interests: the saying that birds of the same feathers flock together is very much applicable to human beings. People typically hang out with people who have similar interests as those give us topics of conversation and a way to bond. What are the motivations and interests behind your business? Are you helping to save the environment or do you simply want to make the world more beautiful? If you create products out of recycled materials you want that to come through in your brand to attract others who care about the environment.

22. Offer Discounts and Deals

Everybody loves discounts. Offering discounts is a very good way to market your wares and reward your existing customer. Make sure to promote your offers on your social media profiles and through articles and blog posts. There are also many deal websites that you can take advantage of. This is a great way to get extra coverage for your business.

23. Be Active on Social Media

If you are serious about marketing your handmade jewelries then, a social media account is a must have. However, having a profile on major social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter will not offer much marketing benefits for your business. To maximize the benefits of social media, you must do more. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure that your profiles up to date and fresh with new information
  • Be consistent with your post. You can post a few times per week
  • Add value for users by sharing content that is of value to them
  • Engage actively with users – follow, share, retweet, like content of other users
  • Don’t just share content from your website

Facebook and Instagram are both brilliant platforms for your jewelry business because they are so visual. Use photos, text and video to push your products in front of people.

24. Get To Know Your Customers

In order to market your jewelries effectively to your customers, you need to know them. Who are your customers? What are their age, location and interests? Knowing these information can be truly beneficial to your business.

Start by conducting customer surveys and finding out more about your customers. You can also link Google Analytics to your website to analyse your audience and web statistics, you can then use these statistics to understand your audience’s behavior and work on new projects that your customers care about.

25. Take A Second Look At Your Website

If you have a website it can be good to take a step back and rethink the design. Make notes into whether it is current, up to date and providing the best information about your business. Is the website easy to navigate, could the about page be better or could your photos be in need of a refresh? All these little details can make a difference to your customer’s experience and could be stopping them from ordering with you.

26. Open a blog

A blog is an excellent idea that can increase the visibility of your handmade jewelry business. You can share each blog post on your social media platforms and bring people to your website and get your website found in Google too. This is your chance to share your news and knowledge with others, whether its jewelry making tips or sharing your week at the workbench.

27. Run A Giveaway

A giveaway on social media or your website is a very good way to get your business noticed and have some fun! Select your prize and get your customers engaged – whether it’s offering them a gift voucher or finished piece of jewelry to win!

28. Offer free product samples

It is not uncommon for first time buyers to be anxious about spending their money on your product. This can be quite an obstacle, but you can overcome it by providing a select number of your product to consumers as free samples or as an incentive for a greater purchase, you are boosting exposure to your product and, in turn, its future promotion.

29. Listen to your customers

Your customers will give you the most helpful insight into how you can improve your business and ultimately get more customers. Listen to their feedback and put new systems in place to ensure your company thrives and survives.