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18 Best Medical Wig Suppliers

For people experiencing hair loss or thinning hair due to cancer treatment, a wig might come in handy. Wigs help to conceal hair loss and — depending on the style, length, and color — ensure that those suffering from hair loss look like they did before the treatment or offer a whole new look.

They can also shield the scalp from the sun and cold air. There are numerous places to buy medical wigs in the United States.

You can start by searching your local area and phone book for wig stores. If you are bothered about privacy, then you can request to know if the store has a one-on-one service for those who require help choosing medical wigs. A good number of them may even have a private area for trying on wigs.

In addition, if you have a cancer support group close by, you can find out from them the places to buy a wig. You can also speak to the nurses or social workers at your treatment center about where to source medical wigs. There are also online retail options where you can find medical wigs and other head covering options.

In the United States, there are wholesale wig suppliers who specialize in costume wigs, while others focus on weaves and everyday hair, but their inventory will have plenty of options to pick from and will offer competitive pricing especially when acquired in large quantities.

Best Medical Wig Suppliers

  1. Superhairpieces

This company provides medical wigs for those experiencing cancer and alopecia (Universalis, Totalis, Areata, and Androgenetic), Trichotillomania, or other medical conditions which cause long-term hair loss. Their Silicon skin wig cap collection has been specially made to provide the best comfort with a medical-grade suction base that will attach to the wearer’s bare skin without any adhesives.

Superhairpieces is currently the leading supplier in hair replacement with over 20 years experience and has continued to adapt to the evolution of what the hair replacement industry is today.

  1. UNice Hair of Irwindale

This is another well-known carrier of virgin hair products in the United States. Note that they offer 24-hour customer service support, free shipping storewide, 30-day hassle-free returns, professional hair consultants, and their award-winning wholesaler program.

Also note that their wig products come in body wave, natural wave, deep wave, loose wave, silky straight, jerry curly, and other styles colored to the exact hue required to match their client’s wardrobe.

  1. Shar’s Hair & Medical Supplies

Note that they offer high-quality, customized products. Owing to the experience of their founder with hair loss, they claim to understand the challenges of cancer and the hair loss that comes with it, along with other medical conditions such as neuropathy and diabetes.

They provide wigs, mastectomy bras, breast forms, diabetic shoes, compression sleeves, compression socks, and breast pumps with the help of a certified fitter. The company’s mission is to help its clients “Look Good and Feel Great.”


This company boasts of a massive catalog of wigs for both men and women based out of San Diego, CA. They own famous wig brands such as Wig Pro and Bali collections and provide style-able wigs in synthetic and human hair varieties.

Have it in mind that they carry over 150 styles and colors, and provide custom-made wigs to fit your exact fashion needs in wholesale quantities.

  1. Wigs by Vee San Diego

This company specializes in helping women with medical-related hair loss in San Diego. Note that they offer high-quality wigs for cancer patients or medical wigs. Wigs by Vee San Diego medical wigs are perfectly made for women dealing with hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, or other forms of medical hair loss.

  1. Wigs Warehouse King Inc.

This company supplies the latest synthetic hair, human hair, and lace front wigs for men and women alike. Their website lets customers select their perfect wig in their step-by-step process and offers free shipping over orders of $50. Note that their brand name products include Bella Nuova wigs, Velle Trees wigs, Gabor wigs, Estetica Designs wigs, and more.

  1. It’s a Wig

It’s a Wig remains one of the well-known wig manufacturers in the world and is the leader in wholesale and imports in the industry. Also, note that you can find all of the top name brands at wholesale prices with 100% human hair. They also offer useful color charts and the website is designed to help the consumer find the perfect wig.

  1. All Virgin Hair Boutique of Smyrna

This is a wholesale supplier of virgin hair, hair care products, and wigs. Boasting of various colored and natural wig options to choose from, AVH carries a vast range of inventory for buyers and suppliers alike, all made with unaltered, unprocessed, natural virgin hair.

  1. Hairrfashion

Hairrfashion remains a top online wig shop offering top-quality synthetic wigs and hairpieces. Note that they produce a vast range of styles and shades for modern women who seek a unique and polished look. They also offer wholesale prices with FREE shipping and 30-day FREE return worldwide.

  1. Beauty Forever Hair

Formally based in China, this is a popular supplier of a vast range of hair, weaves, extensions, wigs, closures, and more. Their wholesale segment is fully backed by their in-house manufacturing capabilities, making Beauty Forever Hair’s a competitive and high-quality option. Currently, their headquarters is in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

  1. M&M Beauty Supply

M&M Beauty Supply is renowned as an online beauty supplier and retailer that carry a wide range of wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces. Note that this is a family-owned business and they just launched their online brand.

  1. Dynasty Goddess

Note that this is one of the most respected virgin hair companies in the United States. Owing to a vast selection of textures, lengths, and hair types, this company offers instant wholesale financing and can take orders as massive as 2000 bundles a week. Their headquarters is currently in West Palm Beach, FL.

  1. Sunwell Wig

Sunwell Wig is a big online retailer and wholesale business known to offer 360º lace frontal wigs, full lace wigs, and lace front wigs with 100% human hair. Also, note that they have a no-hassle 14-day exchange policy and offer free shipping.

  1. Her Hair Company of Indianapolis

In the United, this is a trusted online distributor of virgin hair. This company has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and has cultivated lasting relationships with suppliers, making them both a knowledgeable and plentiful source of hair products.

  1. Klayi Hair

Have it in mind that this is a supplier of 100% human Remy hair products with international quality standard accreditations. This company boasts of over 5000 sq. meters of workshop and warehousing space and can ship worldwide in precisely the form you want them in. Their USA headquarters resides in Santé Fe Springs, CA.

  1. Nadula Hair

This is a top supplier of wigs in over 50 countries. Nadula Hair has steadily innovated on its products, offering designer-made wigs at encouraging prices. Also note that they offer a 30-day guarantee, a global warehouse, and overnight shipping services from their headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA.

  1. Private Label Extensions

This company is a well-noted supplier of wholesale hair extensions, wigs, sew-ins, and more based out of Atlanta, GA. According to reports, they are one of the most efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly wholesale services for wigs and hair products with over $10,000,000 in sales in the past two years.

Once you sign up for a free membership, you immediately gain access to wholesaling, private labeling, exceptional hair experts, and much more.

  1. Rose Wholesale

Note that this is an industry-leading online fashion supply store, with a vast range of product lines to choose from. Their wigs are fashion-focused and affordable and come in styles ranging from costume wigs to everyday wigs, all ready to be shipped to more than 200 countries worldwide. Also note that they offer frequent sales and discounts, and can effectively ship from their headquarters in Worth, IL.