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Metaphysical Store Business Plan [Sample Template]

Metaphysical Store Business

A metaphysical store is a type of business that specializes in selling products and providing services related to metaphysics and spirituality.

Metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that explores the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, existence, and the nature of consciousness. Metaphysical stores often cater to individuals who are interested in exploring spirituality, alternative healing practices, esoteric knowledge, and personal growth.

In addition to selling products, metaphysical stores may provide services such as tarot card readings, astrology consultations, energy healing sessions, meditation classes, and workshops on various metaphysical subjects. These services aim to support and guide individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Steps on How to Write a Metaphysical Store Business Plan

  1. Executive Summary

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. is a newly established metaphysical store located in Poughkeepsie, New York. Poughkeepsie is a vibrant community with a growing interest in spirituality and holistic wellness.

Our strategic location in the heart of the city ensures convenient access for both residents and visitors seeking metaphysical products and services. Our store aims to provide a unique and immersive experience for individuals seeking spiritual growth, personal development, and metaphysical products and services.

We are dedicated to offering a diverse range of high-quality products and exceptional customer service to meet the needs of our target market.

At Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc., we believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals, regardless of their spiritual background or beliefs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are trained to provide personalized assistance, helping customers select the right products based on their specific needs and interests.

  1. Company Profile

a. Our Products and Services

Our store specializes in catering to the growing demand for metaphysical and spiritual products in the Poughkeepsie area. We offer a comprehensive selection of crystals, gemstones, tarot and oracle cards, books, incense, candles, oils, ritual tools, meditation aids, and energy-healing products.

This extensive product range ensures that our customers can find the items they need to enhance their spiritual practices, create a sacred space, and explore metaphysical concepts.

b. Nature of the Business

Our metaphysical store business will operate the business-to-consumer business model.

c. The Industry

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will operate in the retail industry, specifically the niche market of the metaphysical and spiritual products and services segment.

d. Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals on their spiritual journeys by providing a curated selection of high-quality metaphysical products and transformative services.

We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive space where customers can explore, learn, and connect with their inner wisdom, ultimately fostering personal growth, healing, and a deeper understanding of the metaphysical realm.

e. Vision Statement

Our vision at Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. is to be the leading destination for metaphysical exploration and spiritual nourishment in Poughkeepsie, New York.

We strive to be a trusted source of knowledge, guidance, and inspiration, catering to a diverse community of seekers who are passionate about expanding their consciousness, enhancing their well-being, and embracing their spiritual paths.

f. Our Tagline (Slogan)

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. – “Illuminate Your Spiritual Journey”

g. Legal Structure of the Business (LLC, C Corp, S Corp, LLP)

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will be formed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

h. Our Organizational Structure
  • Chief Executive Officer (Owner)
  • Shop Manager
  • Spiritual Practitioners
  • Inventory Manager
  • Accountant (Administrative Assistant)
  • Sales Associates.
i. Ownership/Shareholder Structure and Board Members
  • Adie Marson (Owner and Chairman/Chief Executive Officer) 52 Percent Shares
  • Derrick Morgan (Board Member) 18 Percent Shares
  • Ether Woodrum (Board Member) 10 Percent Shares
  • Capron Grass (Board Member) 10 Percent Shares
  • Linda Carrick (Board Member and Secretary) 10 Percent Shares.
  1. SWOT Analysis

a. Strength
  • Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. offers a diverse range of high-quality metaphysical products, including crystals, tarot cards, books, and ritual tools.
  • We prioritize providing exceptional customer service, with knowledgeable and friendly staff who offer personalized assistance to customers.
  • Our store employs experienced and skilled spiritual practitioners who provide services such as tarot card readings, astrology consultations, and energy healing sessions.
  • Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. is strategically located in the heart of Poughkeepsie, a vibrant community with a growing interest in spirituality and holistic wellness.
b. Weakness
  • As a newly established store, Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. may face challenges in establishing brand recognition and awareness among the target market.
  • While we have plans to establish an e-commerce platform, our current online presence may be limited. This could impact our ability to reach and engage customers who prefer online shopping or who are outside the immediate vicinity of our physical store.
c. Opportunities
  • There is a growing interest in metaphysical and spiritual practices, with an increasing number of individuals seeking tools and guidance for personal growth and well-being. This presents an opportunity for Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. to capture a larger market share and attract a diverse customer base.
  • Collaborating with local spiritual practitioners, holistic wellness centers, and complementary businesses can expand our reach, enhance our offerings, and create mutually beneficial partnerships. This allows us to tap into existing customer networks and benefit from cross-promotion.
i. How Big is the Industry?

Interestingly, the metaphysical and spiritual products and services industry is a big industry. For example, according to reports, the global market for crystals and gemstones alone was valued at over $3 billion in 2019 and is projected to experience significant growth.

ii. Is the Industry Growing or Declining?

The metaphysical and spiritual products and services industry has been experiencing significant growth in recent years and shows no signs of declining. While the industry’s growth is evident, it’s important to note that specific market dynamics may vary in different regions or segments within the industry.

However, overall, the metaphysical and spiritual products and services industry is experiencing positive growth as more individuals embrace spirituality, holistic wellness, and personal development in their lives.

iii. What are the Future Trends in the Industry

The metaphysical and spiritual products and services industry is evolving and adapting to changing consumer preferences and emerging trends.

The industry is expected to undergo further digital transformation. More metaphysical stores and practitioners are likely to expand their online presence, offering e-commerce platforms, virtual services, and digital content. This allows for greater accessibility and convenience for customers who prefer online experiences.

Technology will play a larger role in the industry, with the integration of tools like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. These technologies can enhance the immersive and educational aspects of metaphysical experiences, such as virtual meditations or interactive tarot readings.

There is a growing interest in bridging the gap between science and spirituality, seeking a more evidence-based approach to metaphysical practices. Businesses that can provide a scientific perspective or incorporate scientific research into their offerings may appeal to a broader audience and gain credibility.

iv. Are There Existing Niches in the Industry?

Yes, there are existing niches when it comes to metaphysical store business and they are:

  • Online metaphysical store
  • Brick and mortar metaphysical store.
v. Can You Sell a Franchise of Your Business in the Future?

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. has plans to sell franchises in the nearest future and we will target major cities with thriving markets for metaphysical and spiritual products and services in the United States of America.

d. Threats
  • While there may be limited direct competition in the immediate area, there is the potential for new metaphysical stores or existing retailers to enter the market. This could increase competition and impact our market share.
  • Economic fluctuations, changes in consumer spending patterns, and shifts in disposable income could affect consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.
  • The growing popularity of online retail presents a threat, as customers have the option to purchase metaphysical products from online platforms with convenience and potentially lower prices.
i. Who are the Major Competitors?
  • The Green Man Store
  • The Sword and the Rose
  • Raven and Crone
  • Atlantis Rising
  • Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore
  • The Psychic Eye Book Shops
  • Magickal Realms
  • Crystal Visions
  • Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
  • Mystic Journey Bookstore
  • The Smoky Mountain Magick Shop
  • Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore
  • Storm Wisdom
  • Earth Gifts
  • The Dreaming Goddess
  • The Sacred Well
  • Isis Books and Gifts
  • The Crystal Matrix
  • Enchantments
  • House of Intuition
ii. Is There a Franchise for Metaphysical Store Business?

Yes, there are franchise opportunities for metaphysical stores, and here are some of them:

  • Buddha Belly
  • The Crystal Cottage
  • The Wellness Tree
  • Mindful Marketplace
iii. Are There Policies, Regulations, or Zoning Laws Affecting Metaphysical Store Business in the United States of America?

Yes, there are county or state regulations and zoning laws for metaphysical stores, and players in this industry are expected to work with the existing regulations governing such business in the county or state where their business is domiciled.

Most jurisdictions require businesses, including metaphysical stores, to obtain the necessary licenses and permit to operate legally. These licenses may vary based on the location and the specific nature of the business. It’s important to check with the local county or city government offices or consult a business attorney to determine the required licenses and permits for your specific area.

If you plan to operate a metaphysical store from your residence, additional regulations may apply. Many localities have specific rules regarding home-based businesses, including restrictions on customer visits, signage, and the storage of inventory.

Be sure to research and comply with any regulations that apply to home-based businesses in your area. Metaphysical stores often sell products such as crystals, essential oils, herbal remedies, and other items related to spirituality and wellness.

Depending on the nature of the products, there may be regulations related to labeling, safety standards, and compliance with health and safety regulations. It’s important to ensure that the products you sell meet any applicable regulations and guidelines.

  1. Marketing Plan

a. Who is Your Target Audience?

i. Age Range

Our target audience primarily falls within the age range of 25-45 years. This demographic is often characterized by individuals who are actively exploring their spirituality, personal growth, and holistic well-being.

ii. Level of Education

Our target audience comprises individuals with various levels of education, including high school graduates, college students, and individuals with higher degrees.

iii. Income Level

While our offerings are accessible to a wide range of individuals, our target audience generally falls into the middle to upper-middle-income bracket. This group has the financial capacity to invest in metaphysical products, services, and experiences.

iv. Ethnicity: Our target audience is diverse and inclusive, embracing individuals from various ethnic backgrounds.

v. Language: English is the primary language of communication at Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. However, we strive to accommodate customers who may prefer or require assistance in other languages.

vi. Geographical Location

Our primary geographical focus is the Poughkeepsie area in New York. We aim to attract customers who reside in Poughkeepsie and the surrounding communities, as well as visitors who seek metaphysical experiences while in the area.

vii. Lifestyle

Our target audience typically embraces a holistic and mindful lifestyle. They prioritize self-care, personal growth, and exploring spiritual practices. They may be interested in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energy healing, astrology, and other metaphysical and holistic practices.

b. Advertising and Promotion Strategies
  • Build Relationships with players in different industries.
  • Deliberately Brand All Our Vans and Delivery Bikes.
  • Develop Your Business Directory Profiles
  • Tap Into Text Marketing
  • Make Use of Bill Boards.
  • Share Your Events in Local Groups and Pages.
  • Turn Your Social Media Channels into a Resource
i. Traditional Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing through Direct Mail.
  • Print Media Marketing – Newspapers & Magazines.
  • Broadcast Marketing -Television & Radio Channels.
  • Out-of-Home” marketing (OOH marketing) – Public Transits like Buses and Trains, Billboards, Street shows, and Cabs.
  • Leverage direct sales, direct mail (postcards, brochures, letters, fliers), tradeshows, print advertising (magazines, newspapers, coupon books, billboards), referral (also known as word-of-mouth marketing), radio, and television.
ii. Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing Platforms.
  • Influencer Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing.
iii. Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Start using chatbots.
  • Create a personalized experience for our customers.
  • Create an efficient content marketing strategy.
  • Create a community for our target market and potential target market.
  • Gear up our profiles with a diverse content strategy.
  • Use brand advocates.
  • Create profiles on relevant social media channels.
  • Run cross-channel campaigns.
c. Pricing Strategy

When working out our pricing strategy, Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will make sure it covers profits, insurance, premium, license, and economy or value and full package. In all our pricing strategy will reflect;

  • Penetration Pricing
  • Cost-Based Pricing
  • Value-Based Pricing
  • Competition-Based Pricing.
  1. Sales and Distribution Plan

a. Sales Channels

Our channel sales strategy will involve using partners and third parties—such as referral partners, affiliate partners, strategic alliances with players in different industries, and freelancers to help refer customers to us.

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will also leverage the 4 Ps of marketing which is a place, price, product, and promotion. By carefully integrating all these marketing strategies into a marketing mix, we can have visible, in-demand products that are competitively priced and promoted to our customers.

b. Inventory Strategy

We will source a diverse range of high-quality metaphysical products, including crystals, tarot cards, books, candles, essential oils, and ritual tools. Implement a robust inventory management system to track stock levels, sales, and reorder points.

Regularly assess customer preferences and market trends to adjust the product selection accordingly. Maintain good relationships with suppliers to ensure timely deliveries and competitive pricing.

c. Payment Options for Customers
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cash
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Checks
  • Electronic Payment Systems such as PayPal or Venmo
d. Return Policy, Incentives, and Guarantees

Return Policy

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will establish a clear customer-friendly return policy for its products. Our policy outlines the conditions under which returns are accepted, including any time limits, acceptable reasons for the return (such as product defects or damage during shipping), and the process for initiating a return.

We will strike a balance between accommodating customer needs and protecting the business from fraudulent returns or misuse of the policy.


To incentivize customers and promote loyalty, Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will consider offering various incentives. These incentives may include discounts on future purchases, loyalty reward programs, referral programs, or special promotions for repeat customers.


To instill confidence in the quality of its products, Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will offer guarantees or warranties. These guarantees can cover defects in materials or workmanship and provide assurance to customers that the company stands behind its products.

Clear terms and conditions of the guarantees will be communicated to customers, including any limitations or exclusions. The duration of the guarantees will vary depending on the product category and industry standards.

e. Customer Support Strategy

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will offer support through various channels to accommodate customer preferences. This will include phone support, email support, live chat on the company website, and social media engagement.

Each channel should be staffed with knowledgeable and responsive customer support representatives. Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. aims to provide prompt and timely responses to customer inquiries or issues. Establish service level agreements (SLAs) to set clear expectations for response times.

Quick response times demonstrate that the company values its customers and their concerns. Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will ensure that customer support representatives have a deep understanding of the products and services offered by Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc.

This knowledge allows them to address customer inquiries effectively and provide accurate information or troubleshooting guidance.

  1. Operational Plan

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will develop an aesthetically pleasing store layout that creates a calming and inviting atmosphere. We organize product displays strategically, ensuring easy navigation and visibility.

a. What Happens During a Typical Day at a Metaphysical Store Business?
  • The day may start with preparing the store for opening, including turning on lights, music, and any necessary equipment.
  • Check inventory levels, restock shelves, and ensure product displays are organized and visually appealing.
  • Greet and assist customers as they enter the store, providing a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Engage with customers, answering their questions, providing product recommendations, and offering guidance on metaphysical practices.
  • Administrative duties, such as record-keeping, inventory management, customer inquiries, order processing, and financial management, are typically handled throughout the day to ensure smooth business operations.
b. Production Process

No production processes.

c. Service Procedure
  • Greet and assist customers as they enter the store, providing a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Engage with customers, answering their questions, providing product recommendations, and offering guidance on metaphysical practices.
  • Schedule and conduct various metaphysical services, such as tarot card readings, astrology consultations, or energy healing sessions.
  • Coordinate appointments, ensuring practitioners and customers are well-informed about the timing and details of their sessions.
  • Prepare the designated area for services, ensuring a tranquil and comfortable space.
  • After each session, clean and reset the space for the next appointment.
  • Receive and unpack new inventory shipments, checking for accuracy and quality.
  • Update inventory records, including stock levels and product details, using an inventory management system.
  • Restock shelves and ensure products are displayed attractively.
  • Regularly assess inventory for popular or low-selling items, adjusting orders as necessary.
  • Continuously engage with customers throughout the day, providing personalized assistance and addressing inquiries.
  • Offer knowledge and insights about metaphysical practices, products, and their uses.
  • Provide recommendations based on customer preferences and interests.
  • Create a positive and inclusive environment that encourages customers to explore and learn.
d. The Supply Chain

The supply chain for our metaphysical store business involves coordinating with suppliers and distributors of metaphysical store products. Good communication and planning are critical to managing the supply chain and ensuring that the business can meet customer demand.

e. Sources of Income

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will make money by selling a selection of metaphysical products, including crystals, gemstones, essential oils, tarot cards, spiritual books, candles, and meditation tools.

And also from services such as psychic readings, energy healing sessions, workshops on meditation and mindfulness, and classes on topics like astrology, tarot reading, and crystal healing.

  1. Financial Plan

a. Amount Needed to Start Your Metaphysical Store?

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. would need an estimate of $135,000 successfully set up our metaphysical store business in the United States of America. Please note that this amount includes the salaries of all our staff for the first month of operation.

b. What are the Costs Involved?
  • Business Registration Fees – $750.
  • Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits – $1,300.
  • Marketing, Branding, and Promotions – $3,000.
  • Business Consultant Fee – $2,500.
  • Insurance – $2,400.
  • Rent/Lease – $45,000.
  • Operational Cost (salaries of employees, payments of bills et al) – $30,000
  • Start-up Inventory – $45,000
  • Store Equipment (cash register, security, ventilation, signage) – $1,750
  • Website: $600
  • Opening party: $5,000
  • Miscellaneous: $5,000
c. Do You Need to Build a Facility? If YES, How Much will it cost?

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will not build a new facility for our metaphysical store; we intend to start with a long-term lease and after 8 years, we will start the process of acquiring our own metaphysical store.

d. What are the Ongoing Expenses for Running a Metaphysical Store Business?
  • Rent or lease
  • Monthly utility bills, including electricity, water, heating, and cooling, are ongoing expenses for a metaphysical store.
  • Maintaining a well-stocked inventory of metaphysical products, such as crystals, candles, incense, books, and other merchandise
  • Employee wages (wages, salaries, and any additional costs like payroll taxes, benefits, and worker’s compensation insurance).
  • Marketing and advertising (online advertising, social media management, print materials, signage, local promotions, and event sponsorships).
  • Maintenance and repairs (cleaning services, repairs to fixtures or equipment, pest control, and general upkeep).
  • Insurance
  • Software and technology (software systems for inventory management, point-of-sale (POS) systems, customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting)
  • Professional services (such as accounting, legal assistance, and possibly consultation services related to metaphysical practices or product sourcing)
  • Miscellaneous expenses (office supplies, packaging materials, credit card processing fees, internet and phone services, professional memberships, training, and education for staff).
e. What is the Average Salary of your Staff?
  • Chief Executive Officer – $65,000 Per Year
  • Shop Manager – $47,000 Per Year
  • Spiritual Practitioners – $45,000 Per Year
  • Inventory Manager – $44,000 Per Year
  • Accountant (Administrative Assistant) – $40,000 Per Year
  • Sales Associates -$30,000 Per Year.
f. How Do You Get Funding to Start a Metaphysical Store Business?
  • Raising money from personal savings and sale of personal stocks and properties
  • Raising money from investors and business partners
  • Sell shares to interested investors
  • Applying for a loan from your bank/banks
  • Pitching your business idea and applying for business grants and seed funding from the government, donor organizations, and angel investors
  • Source for soft loans from your family members and friends.
  1. Financial Projection

a. How Much Should You Charge for Your Product/Service?

The pricing of products and services in metaphysical stores can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, the specific products and services offered, the quality and sourcing of the items, and the overall market demand.

b. Sales Forecast?
  • First Fiscal Year (FY1): $300,000
  • Second Fiscal Year (FY2): $375,000
  • Third Fiscal Year (FY3): $475,000
c. Estimated Profit You Will Make a Year?
  • First Fiscal Year (FY1) (Profit After Tax): 20%
  • Second Fiscal Year (FY2) (Profit After Tax): 25%
  • Third Fiscal Year (FY3) (Profit After Tax): 30%
d. Profit Margin of a Metaphysical Store Business Product/Service

The ideal profit margin we hope to make at Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will be between 20 and 25 percent depending on the packaging size.

  1. Growth Plan

a. How do you intend to grow and expand? By opening more retail outlets/offices or selling a Franchise?

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. will grow our metaphysical store business by first opening other metaphysical stores in key cities in the United States of America within the first five years of establishing the business and then start selling franchises from the sixth year.

b. Where do you intend to expand to and why?

Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. plans to expand to the following cities.

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • San Francisco, California
  • Hendersonville, North Carolina
  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • Everett, Washington
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • New York City, New York
  • Houston, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas.

We are expanding to these cities because these cities have a thriving market for metaphysical and spiritual products and services.

  1. Exit Plan

The founder of Adie Marson® Metaphysical Store, Inc. plans to exit the business via family succession. We have positioned structures and processes in place that will help us achieve our plan of successfully transferring the business from one family member to another and from one generation to another without difficulties.

The company has successfully developed a detailed transition plan to smoothly hand over responsibilities to the new successor. This includes transferring ownership, training key personnel, and communicating with employees, customers, and suppliers about the change.