Do you run a small business like restaurant, retail shop, etc? If YES, here are 50 best mobile POS system that come with printer & phone app and their cost.

Mobile POS systems are simply POS systems that are established in the cloud for use on a tablet or mobile device. For mobile POS devices, being cloud based means that all they need to function is a device and an internet connection.

These systems can integrate easily with hardware such as cash drawers, barcode scanners or ticket printers, although these hardware items don’t need to be provided by the software vendor. With just a phone, tablet or specialized terminal, you can establish a POS system that aligns well with your business, even if it’s just a table at a farmers market.

Due to the fact that they are stored in the cloud, it makes updates very easy. Plus, access to the cloud means that your data is backed up in case something goes wrong. Also, mobile POS often integrates with accounting software, making it easy to track your business’ success on a daily basis. Reports have it that mobile POS systems will be taking over the restaurant industry in years to come.

The portability and ease of use make them increasingly attractive to both retailers and restaurateurs, and the lack of reliance on hardware certainly doesn’t hurt. Below are top mobile POS systems that come with printer and phone apps and how much they cost.

50 Best Mobile POS System That Come With Printer & Phone App and How Much They Cost

  1. Dynamic Inventory

Known as a full-scale inventory management solution designed to help small to medium-sized organizations track inventory, products, purchase orders, vendors, and sales orders, the solution provides users with a POS (point of sale) system for effective inventory control. It includes a customers module which allows users to record multiple addresses including billing, shipping, and business, and sales order histories related to each customer.

Users can assign pricing groups and discounts, as well as add custom fields for personalized data points. The products module allows users to attach images and documents such as warranty info or user manuals, assign locations to products for warehouse tracking.

Organizations can record descriptions on their products for SEO purposes within various shopping networks. The solution’s platform includes a messaging system that allows users to send messages to team members, and create groups to efficiently contact the right person within the organization. Users can add a photo and contact information to their profile, as well as track their activity and login / logout times.

  • Cost – $395 / month
  1. Hana POS

Hana POS is a web-based point of sale system designed specifically for florists which supports tools for marketing, ecommerce, email, website, social, front-of-house POS functions, and more. As a web-based solution with native iOS and Android apps, Hana POS gives users the flexibility to manage their floral business anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Google Maps integration enables users to manage multiple deliveries in real time, and plan the most efficient delivery routes.  Integrations with apps such as QuickBooks and Clearent help users manage accounting and payments accurately and securely from within the Hana POS platform. The customer portal allows clients to download their own statements and invoices and manage their repeat orders.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. Xilnex

Xilnex Retail Business Solution is a new-age business solution which runs on the Xilnex Software+Services Platform and enables users to enjoy the great benefits of Xilnex. It can be deployed into many kinds of retailing and servicing enterprises, be it a single outlet or chains, it has the capability of helping business owners to manage and operate more efficiently, reduce IT cost and also increase their sales. It has built-in customer and service management, POS (point of sales), inventory control, services tracking and also integrated marketing tools.

  • Cost – $19 / month
  1. Nutralysis

Nutralysis is a cloud-based nutrition practice management software which provides tools for managing scheduling, nutrition counseling, exam documentation, point of sale (POS) activity, inventory management, and more. The responsive web-based software is designed to work seamlessly on all devices and from anywhere.

Nutralysis allows users to create professional nutrition schedules including automatic bottle calculations, with a nutritional supplement resource guide (NSRG) detailing nutritional supplement information and clinical protocols.

The inventory management module includes an algorithm to predict ideal stock levels, automatic purchase order creation, reordering reports, in-app purchase order emailing, and streamlined receiving of purchase orders and stock into inventory. Inventory is automatically updated each time a patient checks out, and backorders are tracked per person and factored into algorithms.

  • Cost – $25 / month
  1. A&B POS

It is popular as an end-to-end Point of Sale solution for small (starter) and enterprise businesses, operating within the retail and hospitality sectors. Promising robust integration with merchant accounts, existing POS hardware / software and indeed eCommerce websites, the system is securely centralized online to provide 24/7 user access.

Cloud deployment enables a dashboard-based overview from web-enabled PC, tablet or mobile devices, providing portal features such as real time store metrics, up-to-date business intelligence data, sales reporting, historical departmental break-downs, performance trend analytics and more.

  • Cost – $39.99 / month
  1. Oliver POS

Oliver POS is a cloud-based point of sale solution which enables small to medium retailers with barcode scanning and sales reporting. Built on WooCommerce, Oliver POS enables users to track inventory, analyze financial data, and manage customer relationships.

The Oliver POS platform supports integration with payment terminals, enabling users to process payments including credit and debit cards, store credit, cash, mobile payments, gift cards, split payments, and more.

Staff members can add customer information into the WooCommerce database, keep track of store credits for each customer, and track past purchase history for returns, refunds, and loyalty programs. Plus, customers can use the application to monitor item-wise transactions and promotional content.

  • Cost – $24.99 / month
  1. SynergySuite

This is a web-based restaurant and bar management software suite which provides a range of modules for HR & staffing, time & attendance management, sales analysis, cash management, inventory & purchasing, and food safety. Users can purchase any combination of modules to meet their business’ needs.

The time and attendance module of SynergySuite automatically generates timesheets from employee clock-in data, with biometric (fingerprint scanning) time clocks to prevent buddy clocking.

Timesheets can be created based on sales forecasts and historical patterns, and staff can request specific or preferred shifts, vacation or time off, and shift swaps. The HR & staffing system covers the full employee lifecycle, from posting vacancies to hiring staff, carrying out performance reviews and appraisals, disciplinary processes, and more.

  • Cost – $75 / month
  1. ACCEO

ACCEO Smart Vendor POS is an all-in-one point of sale and inventory management system for retailers. The platform can be utilized within the cloud for processing transactions securely, managing customer data, and tracking inventory. The ACCEO software can be integrated with hardware, including receipt printers, pole displays, and card scanners, to create an entire POS system.

With ACCEO Smart Vendor, retail businesses are able to customize their POS to adapt to their business needs, with the ability to choose from a range of optional add-on modules including consignment management, digital signage, gift card management, sales commissions, promotions management, serialized inventory tracking, and more.

  • Cost – $79 / month
  1. Runit

Runit is a hosted, real-time POS and inventory management system that enables organizations to improve ordering and manage centralized distribution. The solution was designed specifically for multi-store apparel, footwear, sports and gift retailers, ranging from three locations to 100.

Runit allows users to manage their business on-the-go with iOS and Android native apps for mobile devices. Runit provides a broad range of functions including point-of-sale, CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, automatic ordering and replenishment, accounting, reporting, workforce planning, and business analysis.

With the accounting A/P module users can process checks for invoices, set up recurring expenses, and review payment calendars. Organizations can track and search vendor terms by invoice date, date due, invoice number, payable category, and more.

  • Cost – $258 / month
  1. Worldpay POS

This is an integrated point of sale payment solution that can be used to accept credit card or mobile payments from a mobile device, tablet or counter. In order to allow businesses to accept payments from their existing point-of-sale, Worldpay can seamlessly integrate with devices to create a complete sales payment infrastructure. Suitable for any business type including restaurants, retail, hospitality, and more.

With Worldpay POS, businesses can accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, mobile contactless payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay, and alternate payment types such as eWIC, EBT, and more.

To aid small start-up businesses or businesses that trade on the road, the mobile and tablet POS solution facilitates payment processing from a mobile device or tablet on the retailers end. Users can accept the same payment types and also have access to all other key features, even without an integrated payment infrastructure or permanent counter.

  • Cost – $9.99 / month
  1. Sapaad

Sapaad is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and restaurant management system for cafés, fast food chains, restaurants, home delivery, and take-away outlets of all sizes. The software supports various order types such as dine-in, walk-in, take-away, and home delivery, and can be implemented in a single location or multi-location Business model.

Sapaad’s add-ons include the online ordering module, in-built loyalty program, and SMS. It also has a Kitchen Display System that enhances kitchen operations and provides real-time insights into kitchen efficiency.

Sapaad has also partnered with various third-party apps to provide accounting integration and more. The software has a pay-as-you-go pricing model, and is available to restaurants across the world. It has ten different tiers of monthly subscription plans based on the number of outlets and users.

  • Cost – $59 / month
  1. Ovatu Manager

This is a scheduling and online booking tool with recurring appointments, automated reminders, scheduling, device sync, and POS. With the aim of helping businesses to organize their time, staff, and resources, Ovatu Manager boasts features including group scheduling, SMS and email reminders, real-time reporting, online booking, social media integration, point of sale (POS), and more.

The scheduling features within Ovatu Manager allow users to facilitate single or group bookings, provide multiple services within one single booking, set up recurring appointments, and assign a booking to a specific employee or service category. The point of sale (POS) feature within Ovatu Manager allows vendors to accept online payments, email invoices, add discounts, calculate taxes, and generate gift cards, customer credit or loyalty points.

Customer files are automatically created with sales history, contact logging, current balance, notes, custom fields to collect relevant data, and easy re-booking, and users can gain an overview of how much revenue each customer brings in from the previous bookings.

  • Cost – €14 / month
  1. DetailProPOS

Better known as a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system designed for auto detailing businesses and tint shops. The software provides a range of features including appointment scheduling, customer management, estimating, billing and invoicing, inventory tracking, marketing, and more.

DetailProPOS supports dealership billing, eInvoicing, and recurring billing as part of the POS system. Estimates and quotes can be generated and sent to customers, and converted into invoices once work is agreed or completed. The card vault allows users to securely store customer cards on file to streamline billing, and digital tips can be collected during customer signature capture.

  • Cost – $129 / month
  1. Welcome Anywhere

Welcome Anywhere is a property management and hotel booking system for accommodation businesses and restaurants, providing a suite of integrated tools to help maximize revenue and improve customer service. Key features include back office tools, reservation management, automated guest correspondence, customer profiling, mobile-ready online booking, billing & invoicing, rate & discount management, POS integration, and more.

Welcome Anywhere provides advanced reservation management, featuring filtering options to help narrow down booking availability to meet specific guest requirements, as well as view detailed house lists and stats for occupancy. Additional platform features include POS integration, ledger accounting, advanced guest billing, reports, and multi-currency billing.

  • Cost – £30 / month
  1. Nova POS

Nova POS is a retail POS system which supports retail businesses of all sizes, including carts/kiosks, franchises, and wholesalers. The platform’s key features include sales and accounting management, plus CRM, operations management, and more.

Nova POS is available as an iOS and Android mobile app, giving users the flexibility to track and manage their business on-the-go via smartphone devices. The mobile app provides push notifications, inventory management, and employee scheduling.

  • Cost – $89.99 / month
  1. TablesReady

TablesReady is a web-based waitlist management solution for businesses of all sizes in the hospitality, retail, healthcare, entertainment, and restaurant industries. The system provides users with an opportunity to remotely create reservations & appointments without being present on the location and it comes with features like a digital waitlist, a notification system, POS integration, customer accounts, traffic analytics, and more.

The waitlist can be accessed on any web browser and will alert customers when their waiting time is coming to an end. In addition, the software will provide the businesses with color coded alerts if a reservation is missed or if a waiting period has exceeded the allotted time.

  • Cost – $69.95 / month
  1. Envision Paws

Better known as a pet grooming salon software designed to help users manage, build and grow their pet grooming business online. With Envision Paws, users can book appointments, track pet history, control inventory, and more. Email marketing templates facilitate automated marketing, while automated email and SMS reminders enable users to send appointment reminders to clients automatically.

  • Cost – $25 / month
  1. Sku IQ

Sku IQ is an omni-channel retailing system for both in-store and online businesses that connects point-of-sale data to ecommerce, apps, and marketplaces. The platform enables users to manage sales, inventory and customers in one dashboard, eliminating double data entry.

The solution provides users with cross-channel analytics, and helps minimize overselling with automated quantity adjustments between POS and ecommerce. Sku IQ unifies all inventory data, allowing organizations to push their products from their POS system to their eCommerce with a click.

All items sold in-store will be deducted from the website, eliminating inaccurate sales and nightly reconciliations. The consolidated sales dashboard allows users to see their online and in-store sales in real time, with actionable analytics throughout in-store and online channels.

  • Cost – $99 / month
  1. Countr

Countr is a point of sale (POS) software for small to medium-sized retail stores, cafes, and restaurants that is optimized for both Android and iOS tablets. The solution enables businesses to manage inventories, track sales in real time, and perform comprehensive store analysis with detailed reports.

Countr serves businesses within all industries including pop-up stores, food trucks and market stalls, with a single location or many. Countr allows users to add an unlimited number of products to the catalog, including multiple variants and add-ons. Customers are able to download products directly from the webstore, and receive digital receipts via email.

  • Cost – €59 / month
  1. RICS Software

RICS Software is a Point-of-Sale software solution for FOOTWEAR, APPAREL, and ACCESSORY retailers. For single-store, multi-store, and franchise operators. Spanning POS processing, inventory and customer management, plus a numerous reporting tools.

RICS enables users to centralize operations via a single platform. Cloud-based back-office avoids local installation and hosting requirements, while partnerships with popular payment gateways and ecommerce solutions provide smooth integrations. Easy to implement and learn. POS capabilities include the capture and retrieval of customer information and purchase history, plus real-time connection of shop floor, stock room, and ecommerce store.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. eZee Optimus

Renowned as a cloud-based restaurant POS system which allows single or multi-chain restaurants, bars, nightclubs, bakeries, and more, to streamline daily operations with a number of automated features including, menu, table and billing management, plus secure user privileges and reporting and analysis capabilities. eZee Optimus also aims to enhance user-productivity with modifier configuration, order management and template management tools.

  • Cost – $30 / month
  1. Quetzal

Quetzal is an iPad-based POS system that provides boutique fashion, shoe and clothing retailers a single and centralized platform from which to manage payment processing, inventory, and customers.

Incorporating ecommerce integration, employee gamification, customer tracking and ranking as well as advanced reporting and offline capabilities, Quetzal aims to provide users with a simple yet powerful POS solution. With Quetzal, users can manage payment transactions, receipts and transaction history with users.

Since Quetzal integrates with a number of leading payment processors including CardSmith and Moneris, users can handle Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) payments alongside Apple Pay and NFC payments as well. Quetzal also supports integration with Shopify, thereby allowing users to create a Shopify hosted eCommerce store online.

  • Cost – $75 / month
  1. Tilroy

Tilroy is an online point of sale (POS) software which enables retailers and wholesalers, in the non-food sector, to manage their store or webshop with product, stock and store management features. With a centralized, cloud-based system, Tilroy gives users the flexibility to manage their business anytime, anywhere, on a single platform.

Tilroy’s omnichannel solution allows users to sell offline, as well as online, to their customers. Users can manage stock and products with inventory management, stock optimization, real-time data technology and search functionality. Barcodes and product categories help users carry out inventory counts and locate products.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. Eats365

Eats365 is a cloud-based POS platform specifically designed for quick-service and full-service bars and restaurants of any size. Various modules allow businesses to tailor the solution to fits specific operational needs, and provide users with actionable intelligence around transactional data, inventory data, and foot traffic data. Eats365’s entire platform is designed to run on standard tablets, smartphones, TV streamers, and printers.

Users can create custom menus and categories based on day-of-week and time-of-day, as well as item options using single and multi-selectable modifiers, combos by linking single items and/or entire categories, and adjusting the selectable quantities and discounts provided.

  • Cost – $79 / month
  1. Teamwork Retail

Known as a web based retail management and Point of Sale solution that helps retail businesses of all sizes to enhance their business efficiency and analytics. The software helps retail stores to increase the shopping experience of customers at both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

Key features of this software are inventory management, employee management, mobile point of sale solutions, universal customer access, payment processing, business intelligence, analytics and reporting.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. ePaisa

ePaisa is a SaaS based Point of Sale (POS) platform and iOS and Android mobile app that allows businesses of all sizes to accept all forms of payments (cards, digital wallets, UPI, cash, Bitcoins), alongside features for inventory management, billing, marketing, and analytics.

Users can setup item modifiers to add and adjust item quantities, as well as edit product details such as names or prices. ePaisa allows businesses to organize products by category, type, sale and more to speed up payments at the point of sale, and the system can also integrate with logistics and delivery companies to give real-time updates and order fulfillment.

  • Cost – $9/year
  1. POSbistro

This is an Android tablet point of sale & management software for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, food trucks, franchises, and other food based businesses. With POSbistro platform, waiters take orders and process payments with one touch of a tablet from anywhere: at a counter or by a table. Businesses can also give customers the power to self-order at a kiosk using the POSBistro Android app.

  • Cost – $49 / month
  1. CreditLIne

CreditLIne is an ISO compliant, credit card payment processing solution that gives end users the freedom to choose any processor. Customized to fit customer requirements upon request, the software interfaces all major merchant account providers with support for credit and debit card processors across the USA, Caribbean, Canada, Australia and Worldwide.

Boasting PCI-friendly tokenization and UI encapsulation, CreditLine and the Cloud9 payment processing gateway also support leading gift card and loyalty card processors, utilizing secure programmable card storage for automatically taking recurring payments.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. RezExpert

RezExpert is a web-based reservation and property management solution for hotels and hostels of all sizes that comes with an online reservation system, reviewing monitoring platform, POS system, a housekeeping module, and more.

The product’s reputation management feature monitors and scans guest reviews in real time and allows guests to attach photos or documents to the review for authenticity purposes. The review platform can be utilized on any mobile device and will be directed to the manager on duty immediately if any star rating under three is selected.

  • Cost – $39.95 / month
  1. FlexyBeauty

FlexyBeauty is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and business management system for spas, hairdressers, and beauty salons with tools for online booking, appointment management, payment processing, and more. The platform can be accessed on desktop and mobile, and provides custom apps for Android and iOS.

Users can manage their sales, cash, and accounting with the POS system. Multiple payment methods are supported, and tickets can be put on hold and resumed later on. VAT rates can be entered, and customer receipts can be printed.

Accounting data export includes turnover, discounts, payment types, prepayments, product stock, and more. Barcode scanning streamlines product sales, and inventory is automatically updated for every sale. Multiple customer loyalty programs can be created, with support for spend-based, visit-based, and subscription-based programs.

  • Cost – €29 / month
  1. Primaseller

Primaseller is a cloud-based Inventory management and order management system designed for online (Markeplaces and Webstores) and offline (POS and B2B) channel sales. Primaseller’s POS system allows users to handle sales taxes for different product categories, cities, and countries with the option to set tax rates when listing products or when generating invoices.

Users can accept payments in multiple currencies, track split payments and apply them to a single invoice, and process refunds.

  • Cost – $59 / month
  1. Goody

Goody is a customer loyalty and automated marketing solution with which SMBs and large enterprises use to create customized loyalty programs, communicate with customers and track business performance. The Goody mobile app includes benefits for both business user and customer.

Every user can create a mobile-friendly profile page to highlight information such as business opening hours, phone number, website, social media links and available rewards. The Goody mobile app ensures user profiles are easily accessible and searchable to customers.

  • Cost – $79 / month
  1. Mobile Payments

The system processes transactions through a NFC or EMV mobile swipe, which can be accessed via Bluetooth or connected through an audio jack on IPhone and Android devices. The processing feature automatically uploads on any mobile or tablet device, while calculating sales tax and tip to provide a detailed customer receipt that can be delivered via email or SMS. The software can be accessed offline and also provides a refund tool that automatically voids past sales.

Mobile Payments provides an inventory management feature, which tracks items for sale and updates staff with real-time updates on status and quantity of each item. Through the mobile solution, staff members can edit inventory details such as taxable items, available quantity, product names, and set sales tax regulations based on a product’s physical location. In addition, the system comes with reporting tools that can be set to view sales metrics over specified periods of time.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. Highline

Highline is a cloud-based retail platform for specialty retailers with one store or hundreds–clothing, boutiques, bike shops, apothecary, hardware, sporting goods and wine stores are typical clients. The platform includes everything needed to run a retail enterprise: Mobile POS on IOS devices, Promotion Management, Apple Wallet, Loyalty, Gift Cards, Inventory Management, CRM, Multiple locations, and Business Analytics.

Highline is EMV and Apple Pay Compliant today. One free EMV and Apple Pay Reader is provided with qualified accounts. Payments are integrated into the platform making reconciliation and settlement simple. Highline is turnkey, setup can be done in 10 minutes. Simply signup, download the iOS app and go.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. PHP Point of Sale

Popularly known as a cloud-based retail POS solution designed for small to mid size businesses that manages inventory, sales reports, customer relations, employee onboarding, and more. The system’s inventory tracking capabilities allow items to generate their own barcodes, which can be scanned and tracked for stock tracking or sales purposes.

This feature also allows managers to generate their own pricing based on the popularity of items and remaining stock available. Additionally, employees will receive alerts when an item is out of stock and have the ability to approve automatic replenishment.

  • Cost – $34 / month
  1. Teamwork Retail

A web based retail management and Point of Sale solution that helps retail businesses of all sizes to enhance their business efficiency and analytics. The software helps retail stores to increase the shopping experience of customers at both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

Key features of this software are inventory management, employee management, mobile point of sale solutions, universal customer access, payment processing, business intelligence, analytics and reporting.

Mobile point of sales feature enables the employees of the retail stores to complete the selling process from anywhere within the store. The tablet or device with the software provides function as that of a retail station such as inventory management, in-store advertisements, catalog display and signature capture for credit cards.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. Iconic

Iconic is a modular brewery management system which provides breweries with a range of tools to help manage their entire business, including production, distribution and inventory, plus accounting, reporting, a point of sale (POS), and more. As a cloud-based system, Iconic gives users the flexibility to manage their brewery anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

With Iconic’s mobile POS system, users can manage sales on the go, at events or in the tasting room. Iconic provides four price plans, from Nano through to Enterprise. Nano supports unlimited registers, employee management and product/SKU management, while the Micro plan adds in lot/serial control and Shopify integration.

  • Cost – $75 / month
  1. PawnMate

PawnMate is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform created to help single store and multi-location pawn shops manage and process transactions, with an intuitive POS system, unified inventory across multiple stores, full till management, a jewelry estimator, and more.

Full API integration enables users to integrate PawnMate and sell directly on eBay and other ecommerce marketplaces. As a cloud-based solution, PawnMate gives users the flexibility to manage transactions anytime, anywhere, via any internet-enabled device.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. Hike

This is a comprehensive POS system, ideal for all types of businesses. One system can be used to sell across all channels, whether that is in-store, online or on the go. Hike breaks down the barriers between your physical and web stores, merging all your sales channels into one system.

This helps with optimizing inventory management, sales process, loyalty programs and more. Hike is cloud-based with offline capabilities. It is a complete POS system with built-in inventory, CRM, loyalty program, real-time analytics, employee management and 24×7 support.

  • Cost – $49 / month
  1. Rapid Garden POS

Rapid Garden POS is a complete garden center and plant nursery point-of-sale solution created for garden centers, nurseries, greenhouses, and landscaping businesses which supports a range of tools including inventory management (mix and match flats, bulk purchases, combo items for planters and baskets, tracking dead count), barcode management and printing, landscaping services (delivery, installation, recycling, design services, invoicing, etc.) reporting, labor management (time tracking), ecommerce, gift card and loyalty programs, and more.

Users can manage delivery, landscaping, recycling, installation, design services through the Rapid Garden POS system. The platform also allows users to prepare estimates for customers, track and control labor, invoice customers and manage remote payments through the POS system.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. Square for Restaurants

Square for Restaurants is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system with support for dine-in, pickup and delivery restaurant operations. The system provides tools for front and back of house management, online ordering, credit card processing, mobile payments, employee management, reporting, and more.

Square for Restaurants also provides tools for managing employees, including timecards enabling clock-in and clock-out from the register, customizable access permissions, personal passcodes, and check assignment for sales attribution.

A variety of reports can be generated, such as cover reports, shift reports, revenue center reports, discount reports, taxable sales, labor costing, employee sales, and more. Users can also create custom reports to match their business’ workflow or needs.

  • Cost – $60 / month
  1. Lavu

Lavu is an iPad POS (point of sale) system designed for small to large businesses within the restaurant industry. Lavu is adaptable to any sort of environment whether it’s full-service, quick-service or a franchise. The software is a combination of cloud-based management and mobile/wireless technologies with a modern and intuitive touchscreen interface.

The back of house control includes scheduling, managing employee shifts and payroll reports, as well as inventory management tools including low-count warnings and an ’86 countdown’. In addition to the POS, Lavu also provides users a variety of sales, inventory and expense reports that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Cost – $69/month
  1. FoodZaps

Popularly known a mobile ordering and POS system for Android that serves restaurants, bars, cafes, and other retail food and beverage outlets. The solution helps streamline customer ordering and payment processes, and facilitates product order entry via mobile device.

The platform provides an integrated customer billing and payment system, with sales reports that provide insights into data such as product popularity or customer behavior. FoodZaps’ mobile POS system enables employees to process payments from anywhere in the establishment, with access to real-time information. Servers can use the ‘quick order’ function for any last minute add-ons, or take-away orders.

  • Cost – $9.90 / month
  1. Maitre’D

This is a POS software designed for different kinds of retailers: restaurants, fast food, hotels & bars. Its different functionalities make Maitre’D a complete software to handle all aspects of POS business, from your mobile phone. You can handle your day to day business with the application and coordinate your teams efficiently. Manage your tables, your wait list, your payments & your employees and create events to attract more consumers.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. POS Online

POS Online is a web-based management system for F&B, accommodation and retail businesses. POS Online provides a flexible solution with necessary & signature features to support users to run their sales operation smoothly without any dependence on hardware, manage store activities strictly, and upgrade businesses to understand & engage with target customers.

  • Cost – $25 / month
  1. GuestTracker

Known as a hotel and property management solution that services all lodging industries including hotels, resorts, luxury inns, B&Bs, state parks and campgrounds, hospitals, universities, government and armed forces facilities.

The platform’s features include online booking engines, reservations, restaurant and retail POS, accounting with QuickBooks integration, and a Shift4 credit card integration gateway.  GuestTracker’s Point-of-Sale solution enables properties to post charges from gift shops, spas, restaurants, bars, and room service workstations. Users are able to post POS totals to guests’ folio, or settle payments at any POS station.

  • Cost – $1450 / month
  1. NCR Silver®

This is a tablet-based, point-of-sale system to help small and medium sized retail businesses manage their entire business, including inventory tracking, employee management, consolidated reporting, mobile POS, and multi-store functionality.

NCR Silver integrates with hardware in order to setup an entire POS system. This cloud-based business solution is easy to use and works anywhere – even without a Wi-Fi connection. More than a point-of-sale, NCR Silver® helps businesses to cost effectively track sales, employees, and cash flow with real-time reports in the cloud.

  • Cost – $79 / month
  1. iZettle Pro

iZettle Pro is an electronic point-of-sale (POS) app and till system designed specifically for bars, cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality outlets. Incorporating a range of front of house and back of house features, for managing tables, split bills, customer loyalty, stock and inventory, and more, iZettle Pro aims to deliver a comprehensive EPOS solution.

Supported by a native iOS app, iZettle Pro gives users the flexibility to manage their business on the move, and provide mobile service via iPad.

  • Cost – £39.00 / month
  1. Business Plus Accounting Touch Screen POS

Business Plus Accounting Touch Screen Point of Sale System is fully complete with a point of sale and integrated accounting software package. As a business owner, you know that you can be more successful when you can provide customers and employees with a better experience. Business Plus Accounting Touch Screen POS will do this for you.

  • Cost – Not Available
  1. eHopper

This  is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) software for small retail and consumer service providing businesses. The software enables the processing of payments and allows retailers to spend more time driving sales. The POS works on Android tablets, iPads, and web browsers, and is integrated with the Poynt smart terminal for mobile business management.

The Poynt smart terminal is a touch screen tablet, receipt printer, and POS barcode scanner, designed to be intuitive to use and with Ethernet support for connectivity. The eHopper system is capable of splitting payments between both customer groups and payment types, and even supports credit card payments from food trucks .

  • Cost – $39.99 / month

With mobile POS systems, you can organize, optimize and modernize your business so more time can be spent on rendering services and making your customers happy.