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50 Best Business Name ideas for Sports Podcast

Choosing a name for your sports podcast is without doubt a very important decision to make. Once you put out a name, note that it becomes the business card of your podcast.

It remains the first impression your listeners will have of your podcast. Podcasts have grown in popularity within the past few years owing to fresh internet penetration in remote areas as well as the pandemic of recent times. They have proven to be very exciting and you get to decide the type of podcast you wish to listen to.

Sports podcasts provide sports lovers with information regarding their most anticipated match which they probably couldn’t watch due to certain issues.

If you have the capacity or insights, then this is a very interesting field to consider as a host. To get started, you require a solid name for your sports podcast channel. This will be what establishes your impact and impression on listeners even before they begin listening to your content.

Catchy Names for Sports Podcast

  1. Expert Talks
  2. 3 Points Podcast
  3. Current Sports Gist
  4. The Coach View
  5. Love of Sports
  6. Penalty Glory
  7. Sports Analysis Podcast
  8. EPL Weekly Summary
  9. Goal!
  10. Deep Analysis Podcast
  11. Green Grass
  12. Voice of Sports
  13. Breath Sports
  14. 8 Pointer Podcast
  15. Game of Toss
  16. Wit and Experience
  17. Minute After Minute Evaluations
  18. Referee Decision Jury
  19. Sports Everyday
  20. Green Ticks
  21. The Sports Philosophers
  22. Clean Facts
  23. The Pundit Show
  24. Sports Hub
  25. Football Gossips
  26. On Target
  27. Clean Cut Podcast
  28. The Last Whistle
  29. Sports Update
  30. Overtime Podcast
  31. Extra Time Cream
  32. 11 vs. 11
  33. The Game of the Ages
  34. The Offside Webinar
  35. Baseball Today
  36. Fresh Soccer Update
  37. Sports Insider
  38. Sports Guru Channel
  39. Your Sports Opinion
  40. SR Sports
  41. Wednesday Night Debates
  42. First Touch Podcast
  43. Scores Update
  44. Half Time Beef
  45. Athletes Podcast
  46. Open Field Plays
  47. Sports Vibes
  48. Guess and Win
  49. Open Space
  50. Speak Your Mind

Steps to Name a Sports Podcast

  1. Start with Brainstorming Names

This has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to activate your creative side. However, the main issue for those who are looking to leverage this idea is – how do you brainstorm sports names?

  • Put together a list of words with a connection to the sports industry.
  • Run a Google search which will help you find out more words and ideas.
  • At this point, begin thinking of some fun words related to your niche.
  • Add your name to the words.
  • Make a list of words and start exploring. Note that this list might very well contain adjectives that describe your target audience.
  1. Compare to Other Sports Podcast Names

This is without doubt another valuable step when naming a sports podcast. Take your time to find out all you can regarding other sports podcasts that have similar themes as yours. Also understand who your competitors will be, and what their names represent; howbeit, don’t forget to take inspiration from their ideas.

  1. Shortlist Your Name Ideas

Once you are done brainstorming, at this point you must have come up with a long list of options, which you will have to line up and evaluate extensively in order to do away with the ones that are less ideal. To ensure you do this properly, you can keep a list of 10 to 20 alternatives that should have satisfied at least one of the criteria to pick the name of a sports podcast.

  1. Shorten The Name List

This is the point where you start eliminating the alternatives from the previous step until you are left with 3 options. To ensure you make the right decision regarding which ones should go or stay, consider if the domain of the names is still available and if you can use the name to create unique social media handles.

Don’t make the mistake of finalizing your sports podcast name prior to checking the availability. This can easily be done by checking sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, and NameChekr to see if your podcast domain is available for use. Immediately you find a particular name viable, secure the domain and social media handles as soon as possible to guarantee they don’t get used by another entity.

  1. Ask Your Friends and Family for Feedback

Once you have found a name or names that you feel are ideal, it is important you seek feedback. While it is possible to do it yourself, it is recommended to seek different points of view to ensure that you have made the right choice. Consider presenting them to a small group of people.

You can request that they vote for the option that seems most ideal to them. It is recommended that you seek various points of view to ensure that your listeners can resonate with the name.


Truth be told, sports podcasts have grown in popularity, especially with the advent of technology. It is a very competitive field but if you can make a place for yourself then it could be extremely exciting and lucrative. Don’t forget that the name you pick will be what establishes the impact and impression to listeners even before they begin listening to your content. Ensure to go for a good name as the name will be there for the long haul.