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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Plateau

Plateau state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria, located in the North Central part of the country and the state was created on the 3rd of February, 1976. The capital of Plateau state is Jos and it has its nick name as ‘Home of Peace and Tourism’. The languages that are commonly spoken in the state are English and general Hausa.

Plateau state shares border with Bauchi state to the north east, Kaduna state to the North West, Nasarawa state to the south west and Taraba state to the south east. Plateau state is amongst the states in Nigeria that has over 30 ethnic groups. As a matter of fact, Plateau state has over 40 ethnic groups. The Langtans, the Beroms, the Baches and the Ngas people are the predominant ethnic groups in Plateau state.

Plateau indigenous people are majorly Christians and Idol worshippers and they have other settlers who are Muslims. Jos in Plateau state is one of the major destinations in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, the state host loads of White visitors year in year out. This is so because Plateau state has the coolest weather in the whole of West Africa; similar to the weather in European countries.

Plateau state is not just ‘Home of Peace and Tourism’ for mere saying, it is home to the Wildlife Safari Park; one of the few parks in Nigeria that has loads of wild animals like; Lion, Leopards, Chimpanzees, Buffalos, Baboons, Crocodiles, Hippopotamus and much more. The state is also home to National Museum in Jos, The Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture, Kurra Falls and the Jos zoo amongst other.

The mainstays for the people in Plateau state are Farming, Hunting, Trade and Commerce and Mining. The state has a large deposits of tin and granites. Plateau state is also highly conducive for the cultivation of varieties of fruits, tomatoes, vegetables, onions sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes et al

These are the top ten business opportunities in Plateau state;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Plateau State

1. Tin Mining and Production Company

Plateau state has the largest deposits of tin in Nigeria and the state is highly suitable for this type of business. If you are an investor looking for a business to setup in Plateau state, you can consider starting your own tin mining and Production Company.

There are loads of companies that use tin for packaging their products. Some of the companies you can target are beverage production companies, drinks production companies, milk production companies, tomato paste processing companies and any food processing company that make use of tins to package their products.

2. Travels and Tourism Company

Travels and tours business is one of the businesses an entrepreneur can successfully float in Plateau state. Plateau state is one of the choicest destinations for foreign visitors in Nigeria; the peace and suitable weather makes it so. Once you are able to setup this type of business in the state, you should also go ahead to launch a website for your business and you will definitely attract clients from within and outside Nigeria.

3. Coffee Café

Coffee café is one of the strategic businesses an entrepreneur can possibly establish in Plateau state. If you have been to the state before, you will agree that the state can be extremely cold around December period. So, one of the ways people keep warm is to drink coffee at regular intervals. Hence, once your coffee café is well positioned, you will attract loads of customers per day and you will make good returns from the business.

4. Boutique (Mainly Winter Clothing) Business

If you want to take advantage of the cold weather in Plateau state to establish a business, then you should consider opening a boutique where people can buy winter clothing. As a matter of fact, Jos can be so cold that one would need winter clothes to be able to be around in the state.

5. Unisex Salon

People are always in need of having a good hair do, as well as having a good haircut. It is for that reason that you can consider starting a unisex salon. Be sure to have this business of your located in a strategic location so as to attract ample customers.

6. Hotel

The city of Jos has loads of white folks who troop in every now and then. Therefore, there would always be the need to be well accommodated. If you have a penchant for being hospitable and have the money to invest in this business, then you can look to start a hotel.

7. Restaurant and Bar

There are lots of people in Plateau who love to unwind after a hard working week. On the other hand, there are even folks who love to a large extent to unwind every day. If you are interested in starting this business, then you must be ready to serve the everyday fun lovers, as well as those who unwind at the weekends.

8. Dry Cleaning Business

The cleaning business is such that have continually thrived in Plateau. You too may tap into starting this business in Plateau or any of the cities there if you have the wherewithal to do so. Be sure that you have enough manpower to serve the teeming clients that you may be faced with.

9. Mechanized Farming

Gone are the days when farmers overburden themselves to farm the crude way in Plateau. You can decide to invest in this type of venture when you have the passion as well as the capital to acquire the needful equipment. Furthermore, you are sure to get capable hands to help when you are ready to hire.

10. Food Processing Plant

The food processing plant business is a soaring one in Plateau and entrepreneurs have taken a cue from this. You can be sure of good profit when you go about doing things the right way. Be sure to draw up a comprehensive business guide to guide you all the way.

In addition to all these, you have got to make sure that you seek the advice of experts in what you want to dabble into. This is because you would be able to garner information from an expert’s point of view.