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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Osun

Osun state is one of the states in Nigeria with prestige. It is an inland state in south western part of Nigeria. It has its capital as Oshogbo and it is bounded in the north by Kwara state. It is also bounded in the east partly by Ekiti state and Ondo state. Furthermore, it is bounded to the south by Ogun state and in the west by Oyo state.

Osun state is known for some very famous landmarks, including Obafemi Awolowo university campus. This great institution of learning is located in the ancient town of Ile –Ife.Ile –Ife happens to be an important early centre of religious and political development of the Yoruba culture. Other very important cities in Osun stste include;Oke-Ila, Orangun, Ijebu-Jesa, Ejigbo, Ede, Iwo, Ibokun, Modakeke, Ifetedo, Ilesa and Esa-Oke.

Every year indigenes, as well as non indigenes, gather to attend the annual Osun-Oshogbo festival in August. Some of the visitors that come for this august occasion also take time out to visit the popular and most revered Osun River. Some of the countries tourists come from include; those from Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, cuba, Grenada, and other countries of the Americas with a major Yoruba cultural heritage. There are people with different religious backgrounds like; the Christianity religion, Muslim, as well as traditional worshippers.

If you are an indigene of Osun state, or are looking to relocate to Osun state to start a business, then you may want to take a cue from these tips as these are businesses that have worked well for others and can work well for you too.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Osun State

  1. Farming Business

This is one of the primary occupations of the people of Osun state. There are very fertile grounds that can produce great crops that could possibly yield profit. Therefore, if you have always had a penchant for the production of food crops, then you may look to start a farm business. If you have the capital required, you can look to buy a farmland. If on the other hand that might not be feasible, then you can hire a land. You do not need to be the one farming. There are farmers in Osun state who are ready to take up your farming job.

2. Garri production Business

One of the ways through which garri is got is through Cassava. Cassava is one crop that is readily grown in Osun. You can turn this into viable business venture, when you start to produce Garri like other people in Osun. You can decide to invest some money into the startup of this business. Some equipment that you may need to start your garri business include; a big industrial machine.

3. Adire Business

This is one very good business that you can possibly start in Osun state. This is because of the way tourists throng the state for the periodic Osun festival. The Adire business which is synonymous with the people of Ogun state has found its way to Osun and the people here have come to embrace this venture. If you aren’t conversant with this business, then you can look to acquire the training.

4. Aso-Oke Business

Aso-oke is one business that is known to be the signature business of the Yoruba people. This craft have continued to gain popularity amongst Nigerians, as well as foreigners. Hence, this is one business that yields foreign currency exchange. You too can start this business with little or no capital and look to its growth and success in no time.

5. Food Processing Industry

There are different types of food processing industries in Nigeria, and Osun state is not left out. Osun state can also boast of some food processing industries. If you have a penchant for this line of business, then you can look to start your own industry. It is left to you to decide in what line you want your industry to operate in.

6. Automobile Repair Business

The automobile repair industry is such that have always grown in Nigeria. In Osun state it is one business that can guarantee great returns. If you do not know anything prior to your ambition to own one, then you may look at getting trained in this field. Starting this business would require that you get a good garage that would serve well.

7. Mobile Phone Repairs

If you have a great knowledge of how to repair phones, or have a penchant for mobile phones, then you can start this business. It might also require that you get a first hand training from experts so that you do not leave your customers dissatisfied. In Osun state there are a good number of people who are into this; you too can tap into this.

8. Crafts Business

The people of Osun state are known to love crafts. Craft is one sure souvenir that foreigners love to take home. It is for that reason that there are lots of folks in this line of business. You can start with several painting businesses, as well as the crafting of popular musical instruments like the Gongo and what have you.

9. Recharge Card Business

All over Nigeria, recharge cards are being bought and dealers continue to smile to the bank. If you are looking to start this type of business, then you can think to invest in this. You can take it some notch higher, so that instead of being just a dealer, you can go into the production of recharge cards.

10. Transportation Business

The need to move people from one place to the other cannot be over flogged. This is because of the way people have continued to move around to eke out a living. You can start a transport business in Osun state if you have the where withal. You can start with a fairly used bus or car. On the other hand, if you have the money, you can invest in buying a new car.

Those who have started one of these businesses or the other can really boast of smiling to the bank, as they meet their profit targets all the time. Be sure to still undertake some feasibility studies so that you can be sure to start on a right note.