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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Zamfara

Zamfara State is one of the 36 states in Nigeria, located in the North Western part of the country and it was created on the 1st of October, 1996. The capital of Zamfara state is called Gusau and the nick name of the state is ‘Farming is Our Pride’. The languages that are generally spoken in Zamfara state are; English, Hausa, Arabic and Fulfulde (Fulani).

Zamfara state shares borders with Sokoto state, Niger state, Kaduna state, Katsina state and international border with the Republic of Niger. The major ethnic groups in Zamfara state are the Hausa and the Fulani, and the minor ethnic groups that are found in Zamfara are Gwari, Dukawa, Bussawa, Kamuku, Kambari, Kanuri, Nupe and Zabarma people. Islam is the religion of the people in Zamfara state and as a matter of fact, Zamfara is the first state in Nigeria to embrace the practice of Sharia law across the state.

The major sources of income for the people in Zamfara state are farming, cattle rearing, gold mining, and commerce and trade, et al. Zamfara state is notable for the cultivation of groundnuts, millet, maize, potato, onion and sorghum et al. The major employer of labor in the state is the government.

Now let us quickly consider the top ten business opportunities in Zamfara state;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Zamfara

1. Mechanized Farming

Just like in most states in Nigeria, Zamfara state is one of the states in Nigeria that is suitable for mechanized farming. If you are an investor looking for a business to establish in Zamfara state, then you should consider going into mechanized farming it is just the major means of making it big in the agric sector. The bottom line is to ensure that you conduct your market survey to know the crops you can cultivate per time.

2. Cattle Rearing Business

Zamfara state is one of the states in Nigeria that is notable for cattle rearing. As a matter of fact, you can get goats, cows, and rams at a very cheap price in Zamfara state compare to what you will get elsewhere in Nigeria. So one of the businesses you can consider starting in Zamfara state is establishing your own cattle ranch; a place where traders can purchase large quantities of goats, cows and rams. It is more profitable if you transport your cattle to the southern part of Nigeria to sell as against selling them in Zamfara state.

3. Poultry Farm

Poultry farm is another highly profitable business an entrepreneur can setup in Zamfara state. It is cost effective to run this type of business in Zamfara state; you will have access to cheap labor and cheap feed for your poultry as well. It is important to state that if indeed you want to maximize profits in this type of business, then you should market your poultry outside the state, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt should be your target market.

4. Government Contractor

Government contractors are some of the thriving business men and women in Zamfara state. Zamfara state is a civil service state and there are loads of contracts that are issued to contractors by the government on a regular basis. If you are interested in making cool cash in Zamfara state, then you should consider registering with the government of the state as a contractor. The truth is that if you can secure a supply contractor from the government, you are sure going to make a fortune from the deal.

5. Water Refill Station

Water scarcity is a common occurrence in Zamfara state. One of the means of making money in Zamfara state is to open a water refill station from people can get treated water at an affordable rate. You can as well purchase a water tanker that can be used for home / office delivery service et al.

6. Consignment Shop

Consignment shop is another thriving business an entrepreneur can start in Zamfara state. A larger percentage of the indigenes of Zamfara state are poor hence they result to buying second – hand stuffs. No doubt, if you open your consignment shop in Zamfara state, you will make good returns on your investment.

7. Electronics Store

Electronics business is yet another business that can thrive in any part of Nigeria and Zamfara state is not an exemption. The bottom line is to ensure that you rent a shop in a location that can easily be accessed; the main market in Gusau will be ideal for this type of business.

8. Provision Store

Provision store is one of the businesses that an entrepreneur can set around his / her house and still make good profits. It is cheap to start this type of business and you can easily recoup your money if you are good with retailing stuff. All you need to do to launch this type of business is to ensure that you stock your store with essential goods like; milk, sugar, biscuit, candy, toilet roll, detergent, toothpaste, beverage and toilet soap et al.

9. Vet Clinic

If you are a vet doctor and are looking for a state to launch your business, you can consider launching it in Zamfara state. The services of vet doctors are needed in Zamfara state and there is little or no competition for vet doctors in Zamfara state. Just like most businesses in Zamfara state, Gusau the state capital is the only major town this type of business can blossom.

10. Pharmacy Business

Driving around Zamfara state reveals to you that the number of pharmacy stores available in the state is far below the numbers needed. If you are a pharmacist that is looking for a state to start your own pharmacy business, then you should consider stating it in Zamfara state. One good thing about starting this type of business in Zamfara state is that you will have little or no competition.

There you have it; the top ten business opportunities in Zamfara state.