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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Adamawa

Adamawa State is one of the 36 States of Nigeria and it is located in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. The capital of Adamawa State is Yola and other main towns in the state are Mubi and Numan. Adamawa state happens to be one of the largest states of Nigeria and it is a mountainous state.

The economy of Adamawa state is dominated by the Agric sector. The average citizen of the state is either working for the government or in the agric sector. Adamawa has a very fertile farming land and the state is notable for the cultivation of crops such as rice, cotton, maize, guinea corn, groundnuts, millet, and cassava. Fishing and cattle rearing is another source of income for people in Adamawa state.

Adamawa state can boast of having one of the finest universities in Nigeria – the American University of Nigeria, Yola. The state comprises of 21 local governments and the predominant tribes are Marghi, Higgi, Bachama, Hildi, Mbula, Mumuye and Fulani. Christianity, Islam and Traditional religion are the main religions in the state.

If you considering starting a business in Adamawa, then you will find these top 10 business opportunities very helpful;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Adamawa

1. Cattle Ranch

One of the businesses an entrepreneur can easily start in Adamawa state is cattle rearing business. Although there Fulanis (Nomadic) whose occupation is cattle rearing, but you can move away from the norm of cattle rearing in most part of the northern states in Nigeria and setup your own cattle ranch.

The truth is that if you are successful in starting your own modern cattle ranch, you will attract customers from far and wide who would want to do business with you. Cattle rearing are a lucrative business to start because people would always demand for beef, milk and leather.

2. Groundnut Farming

Groundnut farming is another very lucrative farming business to start in Adamawa state. Aside the fact that groundnut has great economic value; Adamawa has one of the most suitable land for groundnut farming. One good thing about starting a ground farm in Adamawa is that you will get a large portion of farm land at a very cheap price, and labor is also cheap too. People come from all over Nigeria to the North, Adamawa inclusive to buy groundnut. You can as well add groundnut oil production to your groundnut farm business.

3. Cotton Production

Adamawa is one of the states in Nigeria where cotton are cultivated in commercial quantity. If you are an entrepreneur that is looking towards positioning a business for the future, then you can consider starting your own cotton production business in Adamawa with the aim of going into clothes manufacturing in the nearest future. It is indeed a viable business to go into, and the market is not just restricted to Nigeria, but other nations of the world.

4. Food Processing Company

Since Adamawa state is notable for agriculture activities, an entrepreneur looking for a business to do can conveniently start a food processing plant in the State. You can choose to go into milk production, beef processing, or malt production, et al. The bottom line is that you stand the chance to get your raw materials at a very cheap price and you can as well get cheap labor.

5. Rice Farming

Rice is another cash crop that grows in Adamawa state. So, if you are looking for a business to go into in Adamawa state, you can go into rice farming. The good thing about rice farming is that you are going to get support from the government of Nigeria and there are large markets for rice in Nigeria because rice is one of the foods that are consumed all over Nigeria and even in the world.

6. Mobile Phones and Accessories Shop

With the advent of GSM in Nigeria, the telecommunications industry has grown in leaps and bounds providing job opportunities and business opportunities to millions of Nigerians. One of the easy businesses you can start in the telecommunication in Adamawa state is mobile phones and accessories shop.

The demand for mobile phones will continue to soar as long as there are innovations in the industry. If you are thinking of starting this type of business ensure that you rent a shop in a busy part of town where people can easily locate you. You can source for shops in large cities like; Yola and Mubi.

7. Consignment Shop

Consignment shop is another very lucrative business that an entrepreneur can start in Adamawa state. This type of business requires low startup capital and it is highly profitable. People patronize consignment shops in Adamawa simply because of the rate of poverty in the state.

8. Car Wash Business

Car wash is another lucrative business an entrepreneur can successfully start in Adamawa state. If you intend starting your cash wash business in Adamawa state, then you should consider a suitable location in Yola or in Mubi; these are the places where this type of business can thrive.

9. Haulage Business

The fact that business merchants travels from far and wide to buy agric produce in Adamawa state makes haulage business a viable business to start in the state. All you need to do to get started is to acquire reliable trucks and then source for clients who would want their goods to be transported from Adamawa state to other parts of Nigeria. Most of the goods that are transported from Adamawa are Groundnuts, Cotton, Millet and Cattles. Once you are properly positioned, you will have enough clients to handle.

10. Pharmacy Business

Pharmacy business is one business that can thrive in any part of the world. If you have ever visited major cities in Adamawa state, you would realize that the number of pharmacy stores available is far below the required number to serve the state. So, if you are a pharmacist, you can consider opening your own pharmacy shop in any of the major cities in Adamawa State.

There you have it; the top 10 business opportunities in Adamawa state, Nigeria.