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7 Best Non CDL Hot Shot Companies to Lease On With

As a truck driver who is just coming into the trucking industry, especially a truck driver that is yet to obtain his or her commercial driver’s license, one of the ways to build a career in the trucking industry while awaiting your commercial driver’s license is to start with Non-CDL hot shot companies.

A Non-CDL hot shot company is a company that makes available trucks and vans that do not require commercial driver’s licenses to lease to truck drivers.

Please note that trucks and vans that are leased by Non-CDL hot shot companies are usually below 26,000 lb. in some states, while some states consider only trucks or vans that are not more than 10,000 lb. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking forward to a Non-CDL hot shot company to lease on within the United States, then you may find this article very useful.

Best Non-CDL Hot Shot Companies to Lease on With

  1. ACME Truck Line

One of the best Non-CDL hot shot companies a truck driver can lease on in the United States of America is ACME Truck Line.

No doubt, ACME Truck Line is the leading brand in the hotshot leasing industry and the company has an active presence in over 15 states in the United States of America. ACME Truck Line can boast of having reliable and affordable trucks and vans for both short-term and long-term leases.

  1. CKJ Transport Company

If you live in Texas, then one of the options you have is to consider CKJ Transport Company. CKJ Transport Company is one of the best hotshot companies in the United States. Apart from leasing Non-CDL trucks, CKJ Transport Company also provide support services for owner-operator truck drivers who lease trucks from them.

  1. Expedited Freight

Another Non-CDL hot shop company a truck driver can lease on with is Expedited Freight. Expedited Freight no doubt is one of the largest hotshot leasing companies in the United States with a fleet of over 50,000 trucks and vans suitable for moving different types of loads.

Aside from having an active presence all across the United States, Expedited Freight also has an active presence and offices in Canada and Mexico.

  1. Hotshot Logistics

Hotshot Logistics is yet another hotshot leasing company that a truck driver looking for Non-CDL vans or trucks to lease should consider. Hotshot Logistics is a full-service hotshot freight company.

The company is involved in offering everything from site and project management to warehousing, and of course, hotshot trucking. Hotshot Logistics has an active presence across the United States (49 states) and in Canada. Hotshot Logistics has logistics offices in Texas, Ohio, Missouri, and Maine.

  1. Hazel’s Expedited Freight

Hazel’s Expedited Freight is yet another hot-shot lease company that a truck driver should consider. Hazel’s Expedited Freight has its head office in Texas and the company can boast of having a large fleet of reliable and affordable Non-CDL trucks and vans.

The company also offers other related services that aid truck drivers. Interestingly, Hazel’s Expedited Freight also hires owner-operators with their own trucks – for short and long-haul loads on a local (Texas) or nationwide basis.

  1. USA Truck Company

Another Non-CDL hot shot lease company that owner-operator truck drivers or businesses should consider is USA Truck Company. USA Truck Company no doubt is one of the leading and largest trucking and logistics solutions in the United States of America and North America.

The USA Truck Company part of the business is also one of the most well-known options you can lease with if you are in the United States of America. Interestingly, USA Truck Company also offers opportunities to drive your own truck, get training, and lease to own a truck.

  1. JF Express Fr8

Lastly, another Non-CDL hot shot company that owner-operator truck drivers or businesses can lease on is JF Express Fr8. JF Express Fr8 is an Ohio-based hot shot company that offers nationwide last-minute and hot shot freight. JF Express Fr8 currently only leases with owner-operators who are at least 24 years old, have a CDL and current DOT physical, and are willing to run long-distance freight.

Aside from leasing trucks or vans from JF Express Fr8, you stand the chance to benefit from the extra related services that they offer to owner-operators who lease on with the company.

In conclusion,

Before settling for a Non-CDL hotshot company to lease on with, it is important that you carry out your due diligence. This will help you make wise business decisions because you will be able to compare the options that are available to you, the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, and of course the extra support services you are going to get when you lease trucks or vans from the company.