Are you about writing a non-profit business plan? If YES, here is a sample SWOT analysis for a non-profit NGO to help you form a competitive strategy.

Running a Non – Profit Organization can be challenging if there are no clear cut ways to attract funds. As such; what most Non – Profit Organizations do is that they try as much as lies within their power to cut down on the cost of overhead and the operational cost as well.

Economic Analysis

Some non – profit organizations also engage in business activities that helps them to generate incomes to run the foundation. The truth is that people that run non – profit organizations still go to the same market that real time profit making organization go to, hence they must do all they can to keep attracting donation and grants if they must continue to keep the foundation running.

Over and above, non – profit foundation should ensure that they put structure in place that will guarantee them steady flow of income; it could be building a civic center where people can rent for their events or it could be creating a skill acquisition center where people can pay to acquire different skills. Why is this important, you might ask? This is especially important because of the need to always run expenses within and outside the business.

A Sample Non-Profit Organization SWOT Analysis

In order for us to perform optimally and achieve our aims and objectives as a foundation, we have decided to subject ourselves and the foundation to critical a SWOT analysis. This is why we provided a sample non-profit marketing plan template to help you out with conducting a SWOT analysis.

In as much as we are not set out to Strength

Our strength as a foundation is anchored on the expertise and robust experience that our founding directors are bringing to the table. Beyond their expertise and robust experience, their network is also a great strength for the foundation.

For illustration; one of our founding directors can boast of a close relationship with the ’crème de la crème’ in America, because he has served as a special adviser to three US presidents. With our rich network base, fund raising wouldn’t be as difficult as it ought to be and lastly, the fact that we work with youths makes it easier for us to get volunteers to help us achieve our aims and objectives.


Our weakness just like the weakness of most not for profit organization is the ability to attract the best hand in the industry to help us man our key positions. It is no longer a hidden thing that non – profit organizations find it difficult to compete with corporate organizations when it comes to recruiting employees to occupy key positions.

This is simply because they can’t match – up with the wages that is usually offered by these corporate organizations. Most Non – profit organizations find it difficult to attract, pay and keep experts in their payroll.


The opportunities before us as a foundation working towards empowering youths and helping the country reduce crime rates in the society are unlimited. Because of the cause we have chosen to pursue, we are sure of getting support from government and key stake holders in the United States of America and Canada. There are loads of donor organizations that will be willing to partner with us once we present our proposals to them.


One of the major threats that we stand to face as a not – for profit organization is generating the required fund needed to achieve our aims and objectives, recruiting and retaining key and competent employees, as well as managing our financial and human resources.