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10 Best Nurse Call Systems for Nursing Home

Are you looking for the best nurse call systems for nursing home? If YES, here are the most reliable nurse call systems for nursing home. If you are looking towards opening and equipping a standard nursing home, one of the major work tools or gadgets that can’t be found missing in your home is a nurse call system.

Nursing home facilities usually have a campus-wide call system so residents can notify caregivers by initiating a call from a personal pendant or emergency button press/pull.

The systems specified for these types of facilities are usually referred to as emergency call systems or personal emergency response systems. Call system requirements in nursing home vary but may be mandatory in some states. Getting the best nurse call system in your nursing home will go a long way to make sure that your nursing home is well-organized.

As a matter of fact, fast and efficient communication is vital when caring for the elderly or those in need of long term care.

Best Nurse Call System for Nursing Home

  1. The Tek-CARE500 Wireless Nurse Call/Emergency Call System

Wireless and wired Tek-CARE life safety systems are a perfect solution for nursing home facilities. With fixed or mobile wireless devices, the Tek-CARE500 Wireless Nurse Call / Emergency Call System provides residents with the safety, independence, and peace of mind they deserve.

The wired Tek-CARE400 Nurse Call System with touchscreen master and crystal-clear audio provides residents in skilled nursing areas with the additional comfort of two-way communication. TekTone is also the first company to offer a wireless system that fully integrates with a wired audio-based system.

The Tek-ALERT Integration Manager allows a facility to seamlessly integrate calls and activities from all life safety systems and route those calls to the appropriate caregiver.

By integrating hard-wired nurse call, wireless nurse call/emergency call, fire alarm, security, and access control systems, Tek-ALERT Integration Manager provides nursing homes a single point to manage staffing, patient safety, and maintenance.

  1. Systems Technologies UL 1069 Edition 7 or UL 2560 listing by ETL

For over 20 years, Systems Technologies has been the leader in wireless nurse call systems for nursing home. Engineered and listed to the highest industry standards, UL1069 and UL2560, you are assured of the highest level of safety and security for your residents and staff.

Quality manufacturing practices, independent inspection, and testing ensure reliability. Free technical support and training on a toll-free number and no annual or per licensing requirements keep your ongoing costs minimal. Advanced emergency senior living systems allow you to provide a better solution for existing and potential residents, leading to a higher level of resident satisfaction and higher occupancy level.

  1. Cornell Communications

The flexible and highly adaptable emergency nurse call systems offered by Cornell Communications are designed for a wide range of senior care facilities and the individual care requirements of residents.

Whether your residents are independent and only require limited assistance or need round-the-clock care and attention, Cornell Communications will provide the exact solution your facility requires for quick responses to life-threatening emergencies.

Each of their emergency communication systems can be customized with the call system design services. Get as many bedside stations, wireless pendants, and pocket pagers as your facility needs for optimal efficiency. Their trusted contractors provide nurse call system installation services to ensure all wiring and other specifications are installed correctly and every component is working properly.

  1. CallToU Wireless Calling System

CallToU Wireless Calling System’s signal transmission is very stable, and it can provide long-distance coverage of up to 1000 feet if placed in an open area. Since this product is designed for elderly people and seniors, it is made sure that the device is waterproof because seniors usually have weak muscles, and the spilling of water could easily damage the product.

Its easy-to-use interface and long standby time make it worthy of use. You can use it in different ways. It can be placed on a table, can be hung on the wall, stuck to a wall, or hung around the neck. This is a one-way paging system, which means that anyone who needs help or assistance, will just have to click a button, and the caregiver will receive a call/notification right away.

It is quite a durable product as it is made of metal, and the call button is waterproof as well, which means you won’t have any problem in the construction department. However, the package includes ten pieces of call buttons along with one display receiver, making it best suited for hospitals or nursing homes.

  1. Retekess T114 Wireless Calling System

Retekess T114 Wireless Calling System provides a coverage range of 500m/1540ft if placed in an open area. It features a 15-level volume adjustment that provides 5X more volume than normal speakers. Furthermore, the screen display receiver also has a 3.5mm audio port through which you can connect a big external speaker.

The screen display can be modified and customized depending upon the need. Seniors or those who need help can call or cancel according to the situation. The caregiver can immediately respond to the call and be available for help.

You can either mount it on the wall or put it on the table near you. The standby time of its battery is six months. Also, this wireless calling system is backed up by a 2-year warranty, and if you are not satisfied after using it, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. In case the call button gets damaged, then it will be replaced for free.

If you require a nurse call system for patient care, elderly people, nursing staff, hospitals, or rehabilitation centers, then this product is highly recommended.

  1. Sentrics

Sentrics is the emerging technology leader in the senior living industry. It is helping communities nationwide transform into more sophisticated, clinically oriented, risk-management businesses. Its Sentrics360SM suite creates a 360-degree view – physical, medical, social, and behavioral – of the well-being of each resident.

The game changing suite integrates popular third-party solutions and includes emergency call, life safety, contact tracing, and case management, entertainment, whole-health engagement, and AI-based insights within a single community.

  1. Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.

The Pro-Alert™ and Provider® Nurse Call Systems by Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. provides senior living and sub-acute care environments easy-to-use resident to caregiver alerting and communications. Multiple alerting choices, two-way intercom options, reporting analytics, wireless smartphone alerting, are all part of this virtually maintenance-free nurse call solution.

Including a full complement of bedside, bathroom, and emergency stations, the system gives residents and staff easy access to place calls.

Streamlined call placement and alerting allow caregivers to quickly and accurately triage and respond to active calls. All key system components are continuously monitored to assure residents and caregivers that every station will always be available to place a call; especially for an emergency situation.

  1. Arial Solutions

Arial is a centralized safety and security solution with the widest range of reliable emergency and nurse call systems. All Arial solutions empower caregivers by providing better visibility into residents’ needs through a wide array of integrations and extensive alerting, notification, and reporting capabilities.

The Arial Mobile Application enables caregivers to quickly and easily receive centralized alerts and communicate via voice or text directly in the app. Your staff can receive notifications from residents in the facility and coordinate prompt care.

Once an event is responded to, the care provided is easily documented, linking care data directly to a resident. This information provides visibility beyond standard response time so you can optimize staffing levels and document needed care plan changes for discussions with families and residents.

  1. NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button Personal Help Alert Pager System

With just a push of a button, the seniors/elderly/disabled, and sick can call for any assistance through this wireless caregiver pager call button by NiCalBel. The pager/chime unit offers 55 different ringtones to choose from according to your choice.

Its 5-level adjustment volume (from 0db to 110db) allows you to customize the ringing sound as per your convenience. For example, if you are near to the pager, you can decrease the sound and increase it if you have put it far away from you.

The transmitter is lightweight and can be easily carried in the pocket or hung around the neck. You will also find a neck strap inside the package. If the device is in an open area, then it can provide an operating range of more than 500ft.

  1. Rcare Solutions

RCare combines cutting edge technology with unparalleled user-friendliness. Designed with caregivers in mind, the comprehensive call system and monitoring solutions have been leading the industry since 2006.