Are you considering pivoting into the off-market industry but you are unsure how? If YES, here are 6 ways off market properties can make you rich. Everything you need to know about the definition of off market properties is in the name. Off-market commercial real estate is exactly how it sounds – commercial properties, whether they are office, retail, industrial, or multifamily, that are sold to another investor without ever having hit the market for sale.

The property trades hands without the general public ever knowing that it was available – they never hit an online listing source or have a sign in the yard. Note that these investment opportunities are often sourced off-market through word of mouth, quality commercial real estate brokers, or other networks. Apart from privacy there are other reasons buyers and sellers might choose to trade off market.

Price might not be the only motivation, as the vendor sees an opportunity to move quickly without the hassle of a drawn-out marketing campaign and the headache of open home inspections. If you have ever sold a house yourself, managing people trudging through every Saturday, preparing for an auction or negotiation… then you will extensively understand why it is appealing to be able to skip the whole thing.

The seller can also save big money by avoiding an expensive marketing campaign. Vendors have been known to spend tens-of-thousands of dollars in advertising, a small fortune that could have been managed in a quiet negotiation.

In addition, some sellers believe off-market helps them achieve a price premium. These vendors think that if the perfect purchaser falls in love with the home and has plenty of funds, they will be prepared to pay a premium just to keep the listing from going public. There are many reasons why a property owner would decide to sell their property without taking it to the market, including:

  • Fewer commissions and finder’s fees paid to brokers, which means the seller will net more on the property
  • Less “sales” risk, since tenants can see on-market properties as a risk to their business and will sometimes move elsewhere
  • No lowball offers and time-wasting tours from unsophisticated buyers that don’t have the ability or don’t intend to actually close on the property
  • And less intrusion or unwanted attention upon the operations of the asset

How Can Off Market Properties Make You Rich?

Buying a profitable investment property is a critical part of the real estate investing process. Therefore, to be successful, an investor should know how to find real estate deals. With the current trend of high demand and low supply, locating good deals in the market can sometimes be very daunting. Nonetheless, there are some fairly outstanding pros to sourcing your investment opportunities off-market.

  1. Off Market Real Estate Deals Can Be Kept Out of the Spotlight

Note that one of the benefits of off market real estate is that it is not publicized. Simply put, the property never hits the open market for everyone to see. Therefore, you can control the transaction and keep it private if you want to. High-profile people tend to prefer off market deals so as to keep the media away from their purchases.

It also ensures that they don’t reveal their financial situation to the public since nobody knows how much they are paying. A real estate investor can also buy an occupied rental property without prematurely upsetting the current tenants. Note that some tenants may choose to vacate upon learning that the investment property is being sold. However, with off market real estate deals, it is easier to maintain such tenants.

  1. Negotiations Are More Flexible

Since off market real estate deals have no time pressures, both the seller and the buyer are far more relaxed at the negotiating table. Have it in mind that these conditions encourage reasonable and more flexible negotiations, and it can lead to contracts that would be impossible in an open market.

In addition, it is easier to have a win-win situation for both parties. If you are searching for an off market property for sale, ensure you understand the terms you want and have your contingencies ready beforehand. This will enable you to negotiate better.

  1. The Real Estate Transaction Is Typically Smoother

In off market real estate deals, the property sellers are more or less dealing with one or a few buyers. Note that this makes it possible for the sellers to dedicate more of their time to the prospective buyers. The sellers often deal with the buyers directly. As a property buyer, you won’t be worried about property sellers hosting open houses or dealing with third parties. The transaction can be handled smoothly through closing.

  1. Off Market Properties Provide Unique Opportunities

Off market listings may be a result of unfortunate circumstances faced by the seller. The homeowner may be in financial distress or looking to make a quiet and quick exit from the property. Moreover, some off market deals are handled by people with little experience in home selling. Thus, they may not know how to fetch the best price for the property.

All these situations offer unique investment opportunities that are typically not on the MLS. It is possible to find a hidden gem unknown to most other buyers at a cheap price. These properties can offer high-profit margins for investors.

  1. Competitive Edge

When buying properties that are publicly listed on the MLS, you will be competing with many potential buyers. Nonetheless, when buying off market property, you will be competing with only a few other people, if any. Howbeit, since off market real estate deals have less competition, it is unlikely for bidding wars to occur. And it will be easier for investors using this strategy to purchase properties at a good price. This is the main reason why off market properties make for good real estate deals.

  1. You Have More Time to Do Due Diligence on Properties

Sellers who have listed their properties on the MLS are always expecting a quick sale. However, one disadvantage of this is that time is never on your side since many buyers will rush to make offers on the property before it gets sold. In such a situation, it is challenging to thoroughly look over the properties before making an offer.

In non-MLS deals, however, property sellers are not always so eager to sell. Moreover, since only a few buyers know about the property, competition is driven down and the property could take longer to sell. This allows potential property buyers to take their time and do their due diligence before making an offer on the property.

However, it is imperative to note that not all off market real estate deals take long to close. Deals like short sales and pre-foreclosures may need a quicker closing process. However, this is usually made up for with a discounted buying price.


Becoming a rich real estate investor isn’t an easy feat. There are numerous paths to go down and a number of different decisions that need to be made. However, noting all the benefits of off market properties for both a buyer and a seller can boost your career in the right direction. Making the right choices in the right market will ensure your wealth build-up. Off market properties give you more control, time, and flexibility.