Threading is a popular method of hair removal that uses a manually twisted string in fast motions to remove single strands of unwanted hair in order to create a defined eyebrow shape.

Many people believe threading can create a more defined eyebrow shape compared to waxing and one of its strong points is that it is less likely to cause irritation. Eyebrow threading is one of the most popular methods of eyebrow shaping all over the world. For someone who is quite versed with beauty treatments, it can be a great way to start a small business and start making some money.

Eyebrow threading has become a very popular treatment in the United States over the last few years and with a few tips and ideas, you could benefit from starting your very own threading business.

There is a huge potential for earning good money as a self-employed beauty therapist offering eyebrow threading as a service. Look at most salons and even shopping malls these days, most of them carry signs for threading in their windows. Look inside a salon and you will nearly always see them busy.

When it comes to the eyebrow threading business, customers don’t usually need to make an appointment; they just walk in and wait or get it done after they have had their other beauty treatments.

There has never been a better time to start your own eyebrow threading business. If you are game, we are going to show you how you can setup your eyebrow threading business in the United States.

How to Open an Eyebrow Threading Business in USA

  1. Get trained

The first step toward starting an eyebrow threading business in the United States is to get some training. Having a professional certificate will make your clients trust you and, of course, it’s always good to be as skilled as possible. It will up your reputation greatly.

Courses abound when it comes to learning to thread eyebrows, and they can cost as little at $95 once-off, which is not a lot for a skill that could change your future for the better. Once you’ve completed a course you can set up shop in the comfort of your own home, which will mean you will have low overheads to start with.

You can also offer a mobile home service which means you will travel to your clients’ requested location – this can take up more of your time but it also means you can charge more. Also, you can suggest that people bring friends round so that you can do everyone in one go and charge them all less.

2. Select Your Business Structure

Next, you will need to take care of your business structure. You should start by visiting a certified public accountant so as to get information about different business structures that are available in the eyebrow threading business. You are free to choose from structures such as limited liability companies, sole proprietorship, and Subchapter S corporations. You should also visit a commercial insurance agent who is an expert in liability issues.

Then, you need to look into getting a business license to enable you open your eyebrow threading business from the authority in your city. You should also ask your health department for a pre-opening inspection of your business. Note that if you don’t do it, you stand the chance of getting into trouble with the law. You should also be informing your state department of your business so they can give you a sales tax license.

3. Define your Vision

Before you start planning your business, you must have a clear idea of what you need. Think of what is essential for the business, as it would impact your entire business. Is your eyebrow threading business going to accommodate both sexes? Will it be a combination of a salon and eyebrow threading, or do you want to get more creative with your concept?

Once these choices are made, they will assist in determining all the other selections needed. Your final choice will determine your guests’ experience — the treatments, the things they see and touch, and the details that will evoke emotions. This will create a unique experience, differentiating from your competitors.

4. Get some experience

With something cosmetic like eyebrow threading, it’s important that you get enough practice to feel 100% at ease with all sorts of brows.

A good way to do this is to apply for a job as a beauty therapist at a brow bar to start off with – this way you have other professionals to learn from and a steady income. During this time, you can even focus on starting a threading business of your own on the side, offering your services to friends and family members at a special price.

Once you feel comfortable enough, you can start transitioning away from your beauty bar job into your own threading business. Gaining a couple of additional beauty therapy skills – manicures, pedicures and the like – could also give your business an extra boost.

If you become very popular you, could find that you are starting to turn down work. At that point you could scale your business by bringing in other threaders who do some of your jobs and pay you a commission for it. You could even set up your own training courses and then send your trainees out to work for you.

5. Define your market

Take a close look around and determine who your potential clients will be. After all, your eyebrow threading business will revolve around them, so you should endeavor to do a comprehensive study about their tastes, likes, and budget. Make sure that your services target them.

Determine if your eyebrow threading business will attract neighborhood residents, or will it be a destination all inclusive spa for the affluent and celebrities in an upmarket. The logo design, apart from other things, should be created keeping these aspects in mind. To understand your target clients better, you can also predict the demographics such as socioeconomic groups, sex, age, education, occupation, etc. which comprise a market niche.

6. Make a Business Plan

Running an eyebrow threading business requires more than just being a skilled practitioner. You will also need a solid business plan to help you identify your potential costs and create a roadmap that you can follow. Create a business plan that outlines your potential earnings and expenses, marketing efforts, target audience and other key aspects. Consider the location of your eyebrow threading business and estimate the cost of rent. Search for companies that sell wholesale products. Get multiple estimates and try to negotiate.

Your business plan should include these things along with your company’s mission and goals. Think of it as a roadmap to success. Cover every aspect of running an eyebrow threading business, from legal requirements to financing and advertising. Make sure you also research popular eyebrow threading businesses to see what makes them successful, what services they offer and how they promote themselves.

7. Find A Suitable Property

You might have plans of offering treatments from your own home. In that case, you have already found a suitable property. But if not, you will have to look for a location. If you are going to rent a property, keep in mind that you often have to pay a 3-month deposit, which is quite an investment. You will also have to deal with additional bills, including gas and electricity, municipal taxes, telephone and internet costs. If you are on your own, it is often cheaper to rent a chair or space in another salon. The cost of renting a chair can vary per city, or from one street to the next.

8. Determine the Services You Will Offer

Which services will you offer at what price? Be realistic, and consider that you do need to make a profit. You should definitely not set your prices too low. List all costs, and consider, for example, purchase prices of the products you use, VAT on your services and rental prices. Start thinking about how many treatments you want to do and can do. You will then be able to calculate how many treatments you need to do to cover the costs and make a profit. Bear in mind: if you are good at what you do, your prices can match that.

Now that your name has been decided and you are officially registered, it is time to design your logo. There are many agencies out there who are happy to help you with this. Visualize it carefully, and do not be afraid to give feedback. Your opinion matters. There is a reason why your logo is an important part of your business and you want to be able to use for a long time. It is not because of the amount of work that has been put into it, but because it represents your business and determines your recognisability. Scroll through Pinterest or Instagram for a little bit of inspiration if you need one.

10. Get Your Permits

Once you have settled on a name for your business, you will want to establish a limited liability company, or LLC, and register it with your Secretary of State. LLCs have certain tax benefits that you can discuss with a qualified accountant. Other permits you will need for this business include sales tax, a federal tax ID and a Certificate of Occupancy. You’ll also need a liability insurance policy that protects your business against theft, liability, damage and fire, in addition to commercial vehicle insurance and worker’s compensation, unless your staff will be self-insured contractors leasing space in your eyebrow threading business.

11. Take Out Insurance

You have to take into account that you need to be properly insured as an eyebrow threading specialist.

  • Liability insurance is essential. There are a lot of things that customers can hold you responsible for. Think of, for example, a customer slipping due to a bit of spilt water on the floor. Or worse, if something goes wrong during a threading.
  • Disability insurance. If you unexpectedly fall ill, have an accident or are unable to perform your work due to physical complaints, this insurance is your saving grace. The disability insurance provides you with an income regardless of whether you are unable to work temporarily or for a longer period of time. Another option is to set something aside for these kind of unpredictable moments.
  • Contents insurance. If you open your own salon, it is wise to have your little gem insured for things that are out of your control. In the event of a leak, fire, theft or vandalism, then at least you will know for sure that you can be reimbursed.

12. Hire workers and get them trained

The success of your eyebrow threading business will largely depend on how much expertise your employees carry and how they deliver their duties. Hire experienced employees who can efficiently carry out services to the satisfaction of your customers. A better way to get trained people working for you is to get recommendations from a community college cosmetology instructor.

Note that it is entirely possible to start your eyebrow threading business with you being the sole worker, but if your business starts getting an influx of customers, you will need an extra hand or two. A strong training program becomes even more important when you consider that the eyebrow threading industry is also subject to high turnover.

In addition to the actual technicians that will provide the hands-on services for your guests, you will also need someone to help you with a wide variety of administrative tasks such as:

  • Booking appointments
  • Ordering supplies and talking with salespeople
  • Creating and revising work schedules to accommodate employees’ scheduled time off and personal needs
  • Tracking receivables and monitoring expenses
  • Developing new advertising and marketing strategies, and crafting daily or weekly specials
  • Hiring new employees, conducting performance reviews, and mentoring young or inexperienced staff
  • Toubleshooting problems between staff members or guests

13. Choose an Online Booking System

To prevent your phone from going off all day or having to note your appointments in a paper calendar, you can install an online booking system on your website. Salonized is one such booking system. This is a software that can take over almost all of the administration. It offers a calendar for your bookings, a POS system and client management. The monthly fee depends on the number of employees in your salons who can also be booked. It will save you time that you would rather spend on styling eyebrows and lashes.

14. Make plans to get more clients

To get more clients you can try posting leaflets around your local area or sticking them up in shop windows, community centre libraries and supermarket notice boards. This type of business model will benefit most from word of mouth so if your clients think you’re friendly, cheap and reliable, your appointment book will start filling up.

Another good way to maximize on your clients spreading the word about your good work is to have an active social media presence. Start a Facebook page where you can share before-and-after photos, advertise specials and build a community through client comments and reviews.

Instagram and Twitter are optional extras, but you also don’t want to burden yourself with the maintenance of too many platforms. So, start with the one that makes most sense for you and your clientele – in most cases this would be Facebook.


Threading is an effective hair removing treatment which means people want it done all over their bodies – just like waxing or shaving. Once you’ve mastered the art of eyebrow threading you could offer threading services for the upper lip, legs, arms and even the whole face.

While making money by starting a threading business may take a bit of effort at first, being your own boss – and possibly even training others – will certainly be rewarding in the long run.