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8 Best Patient Registration for Dental Office Compatible With Open Dental?

Dental practice management is a difficult task that falls squarely on a dental professional who already is preoccupied with patient care. To entice prospective patients as well as expand your practice, you need to possess the appropriate resources to help with administration and lessen errors and omissions.

You could be wondering where and when to begin when shopping for the perfect dental office management solutions. There are numerous desktop as well as cloud-based solutions available. The prime objective of just about any software is to significantly boost productivity and simplify from administrative work to patient follow-up, thus enabling you to concentrate on delivering outstanding treatment.

The recent software trend is towards cloud-based dental office management software as well as mobile systems that are able to be accessed through the use of iPads and other internet-connected gadgets. Below are top picks that are compatible with Open Dental to help you choose the best one for your practice.

Best Patient Registration for Dental Office Compatible With Open Dental

  1. Total Dental Care

This is a practice management and electronic health records (HER) system inside one. Total Dental, although not a “big name” in dental practice software, is a high-quality, fully cloud-based dental office management software platform that includes every one of the important practice management features and more! They promote themselves as the safest alternative for Dental Service Organizations as well as sizable practices.

  1. Tab32

This is an excellent option for just about any practice looking to revolutionize patient communication, enhance diagnostics, as well as optimize patient care with cutting-edge technology. The teledentistry and imaging features, in addition to the fully configurable attributes, have been lauded by critics.

Many have stated that the system is very reliable, as such, there is a learning curve, however, most dental professionals who’ve already selected tab32 seem to be pleased with their decision.

  1. MOGO Cloud

MOGO Cloud is Microsoft-hosted cloud-based dental practice management software. They provide fully-featured practice management with little or no add-ons or additional fees for specialized features. Comprehensive imaging packages, tailored or fully automated eReminders, configurable forms, as well as eSignature end up making controlling your practice more convenient than at any point in time.

  1. Curve Dental

This is indeed a fantastic cloud-based dental practice management software solution with a plethora of user-friendly functionalities, sensitive client support, an insightful website, as well as a humorous attitude to boot. They are indeed very clear regarding what you will receive as well as enable you to make payments as you get further.

You receive cloud-based data backup as well as mobile access in addition to every one of the conventional dental practice basic functionality. The absence of in-person training as well as the absence of comprehensive pricing on their webpage constitutes the sole drawbacks users might find.

  1. Maxident

Maxident is a new web-based dental practice management system that works on all platforms. It enables you to manage your exercise from reception to both the treatment room, and from verification to check-out. It’s guaranteed to help you carry your practice to a greater stage with functionalities such as digital records, automated basic functions, worker alerts, care plans, as well as the “never lose a patient” system.

  1. Dentrix

This has been the most widely used dental practice management system. Dentrix is a stable, wholly PM solution that has existed for many years — they’ve been doing it for 30 years — if you’re seeking a regular dental PM technology and do not necessitate the leeway of cloud-based dental practice management solutions. It will be a significant financial investment, but you realize you are receiving a reliable, high-quality product for your pay.

  1. Practice-Web

Practice-Web really does have a broad spectrum of capabilities. Scheduling, graphing, e-billing, credit card payments, computerized appointment reminders, free messaging services, as well as other features are available. It’s an all-in-one application that lets your practice go digital.

However, there is a significant disadvantage. Practice-Web only works with the Microsoft.NET platform (part of Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.) Practice-Web will not work if your practice runs macOS or Linux.

  1. Dentrix Ascend

This would be the cloud-based equivalent of Dentrix. It is much more configurable and cost-effective than conventional Dentrix because it is cloud-based. It contains all the necessary components for dental practice management, as well as a simplistic user experience.

As a matter of fact, you get a model that is simpler to comprehend, and because there are no costly servers to manage, it is also cheaper to run.

Nevertheless, although the Dentrix name tends to come with a credible track record, a major corporation such as this can feel less personal (and, in our particular instance, less supportive) than a relatively small vendor such as Curve Dental.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Patient Registration for Dental Office Compatible With Open Dental

While we cannot teach you which features would be most crucial to you, we have listed the factors we think are critical to any and every practice below.

  • Compliance with HIPAA. Each dental practice should always follow HIPAA regulatory requirements, and picking dental management software that makes conformance difficult is not worth it. It tends to put your clients’ data in jeopardy, which is something we would never endorse.
  • Just about every worthwhile dental management software system will necessitate a capital commitment, but some investments are more significant than others. Owing to that, ensure to concentrate on the choices available that provide the best value for money for dental practices.
  • Customer Service. Eventually, ensure to only choose dental practice management software that offers excellent customer service to its users. Have it in mind that you might require assistance with navigating the functionalities of just about any software solution you pick, as such it is important you give preference to companies that offer it.


When running a dental practice, you should select management software that can help you stay productive and structured.

Whether you’re seeking out the most effective patient management software or perhaps the best web-based dental practice management software, there is bound to be an endless slew of innovative capabilities that will assist you to optimize your operations and make your dental practice extra successful and effective.

When you’re not completely satisfied with your dental practice software, try a few of the demos on our list to determine whether they work for you.