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8 Best Phone System for Dental Office

Folks still get nervous once they arrive at the entrance of a dentist’s office. The combination of the patient’s anxiety, distress, as well as procrastination makes the dental profession one of the most challenging positions on the planet. It is therefore critical for dental clinics to ensure strong relationships with patients.

A dental office phone system manages both calls that come in and go out, in addition to voicemails. VOIP phone systems use the internet to make calls instead of conventional phone lines. A VoIP phone system proves to be a more economical and productive platform than a conventional telephone line for several dental offices.

The major reason dental offices require a virtual phone system is to ensure that no calls are missed, even after business hours as well as on closed days. It enables them to collect client details in order to call them back eventually before offering any data that the patients require.

When choosing a dental phone system for your clinic, search for useful functions that can help you gain control of your calls and messages. These encompass functions like automatic call answering or re-routing, integration with your CRM, fax system, and perhaps other office systems.

All such additional features will make it easier for your staff to handle a high number of phone calls. A better phone system for dental practices ought to be simple to use, in addition to having useful call management capabilities.

Best Phone System for Dental Clinic

  1. GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is an excellent HIPAA-compliant VoIP system configured for medical services. GoTo Connect has a number of functionalities that facilitate communication with patients and can provide dental telehealth services. You can set an appointment or urgent trips with dental patients using any gadget. GoTo Connect as well provides numerous interfaces that link up to your operating technology stack.

  1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a robust virtual cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes. KrispCall offers a comprehensive fully functioning cloud phone system for the dental industry. It has an advanced ACD and IVR system to ensure that no calls are missed.

KrispCall does have a simple dashboard titled unified callbox that lets you oversee your phone records as well as connections without requiring professional help. Voicemails for every interaction can be controlled individually from the dashboard.

KrispCall supports number porting, which allows you to transfer your current phone number into it. Furthermore, it can incorporate third-party apps such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, and others.

  1. Weave

Weave is indeed a phone system and business management solution for medical centers as well as small enterprises. Although it is not really made for dental clinics, it works exceptionally well for dentists. Their advanced dental office phone systems make it possible to maintain track of all your dental customer interactions in one location.

  1. Nextiva

Nextiva is a well-known virtual phone system that provides unrestricted calling and SMS text messaging with a toll-free or local telephone number. It even has group partnership, teleconferencing, as well as call recording capabilities, making it ideal for medium, enterprise, and large businesses that demand a significant volume of calls.

  1. RevenueWell

Revenuewell is a thorough interaction and promotional tool tailored to dentists. They provide dental phone systems, computerized patient interaction, telemonitoring, texting, as well as promotional tools. Revenuewell is intended to improve the dental encounter for both clients and staff members. It caters to any and all kinds of dental practices.

  1. RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based unified business communication as well as a cooperation software provider that is consistently improving call, text messaging, and voicemail features.

It excels at workforce leadership and performance analytics, as well as market-leading CRM tools for medium, entrepreneurship, and industry clients. On the desk, you can access team chat communication, desktop sharing, project tracking, as well as live file sharing with unrestricted SMS and MMS.

  1. Grasshopper

It is a popular digital phone system that is ideal for both in-house and remote teams that require flawless interaction between your dental office and patients’ phones. It makes solopreneurs, business owners, and small enterprises look more established and provides them with digital telephony functionalities that safeguard the business from communication problems.

It has voicemail transcription, personalized pleasantries, business texting, and basic reporting, along with numerous additional features.

  1. Talkroute

Talkroute is a versatile VoIP system that works for dental clinics of all sizes. They have desktop as well as Smartphone apps that enable you to make phone calls from any location.

They provide text as well as voice calling in addition to unlimited talk. Talkroute’s dental office phone systems are simple to operate and instinctive, and you’re able to personalize your phone system to satisfy the particular requirements of your business.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Phone System for Dental Office

  1. Essential Features and Round-the-Clock Support

Check to see whether the phone system includes the functionality as well as support and services that your dental office requires.

  1. User Testimonials

Examine all consumer reviews for the virtual phone system you intend to use.

  1. Pricing

Almost any VoIP or virtual phone system offers a variety of capabilities and facilities at varying prices. You must try comparing the rates of every other VoIP phone system and select one which provides more functionalities at a lower cost.

Rate plans vary from one VoIP service supplier to the next; as such make certain you look into what every price structure would have to offer.

  1. Popularity in the industry

Aside from pricing, user evaluations, or functionalities, popularity is also important. In a broad sense, the more widely known a company is, the further proven it is in providing the service. As a result, you should determine whether the virtual phone system is well-known in the VoIP industry. Consequently, search for any accolades or accomplishments that every phone system has obtained.

  1. Scalability

Who wouldn’t want optimized services when their company does have the possibility of reaching a larger number of people? As such, please remember that scalability is among the most important considerations when selecting the best virtual phone system.

  1. Security

Because your voice information flows over the internet, security breaches or cyber-attacks are possible. Your virtual phone system provider ought to be up to current with the most recent protection practices to guarantee that your information remains secure.


Dental clinics are quite busy. It’s tough to keep track of all the phone calls. And that is where virtual phone systems come in handy.

If you are considering installing the best virtual phone system for your dentist’s practice or clinic, you must first become acquainted with the most recent functionalities as well as how they’re going to impact your operational processes.