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How to Present a Business idea on Powerpoint Successfully

Microsoft PowerPoint is a worthy and helpful addition to the software suite of any business. It offers you the platform to create, manage and display presentations for your clients.  Note that a visual representation helps to explain your ideas in very vivid detail, and also ensures that even someone who barely has any technical knowledge can quickly grasp the subject matter.

However, carrying out an effective PowerPoint presentation requires a captivating design, a format that’s easy to navigate, and a whole lot of practice. Making a business idea presentation to prospective investors can be quite daunting even for experienced entrepreneurs.

Even if they are certain that their business plan is thorough and viable, they still worry that they will not be able to adequately outline the most vital aspects of their plan and hold the interest of the audience in the short time allocated for the in-person presentation.

Your business idea PowerPoint presentation should be designed to explain and sell your idea to investors via a well-tailored and engaging overview of what your business has to offer, how it will meet the demand of consumers, and what you are looking for in terms of an investment.

Also have it in mind that your audience will most often be very busy individuals who won’t be interested in a cumbersome, drawn-out presentation filled with irrelevant information. Most often, you will be allotted a specific time limit and a suggested outline for your presentation; if you receive these suggestions, you must adhere to them.

Note that by adhering to this outline and focusing on the most critical information, you will be able to respond to investors’ questions and also give them the details they need to make a positive decision. Always strive to only hit the highlights, and don’t attempt to fit your entire business plan into the presentation. Too many slides can result in information overload!

Steps to Present a Business idea on PowerPoint

If you are looking to present your business idea on PowerPoint, here are well-detailed steps to help create your presentation:

  1. Choose the Ideal Business PowerPoint Template

Indeed, you can just open PowerPoint, add up a few pictures and charts and call it a day. However, if this is how you intend to create your presentation, then it is most advisable you save yourself the stress, skip your business idea presentation altogether, accept defeat, and head home.

You must understand that the success of your business idea is dependent on this presentation and it is something you have to do with care. By choosing a suitable PowerPoint presentation template, you can easily create a professional-looking presentation in just a matter of minutes.

  1. Set Up Your Template

Once you have chosen and downloaded a template, you will see that you have a few options to choose from in the main folder before you edit your presentation. First, select the ratio of your presentation: 4:3 or 16:9. Also note that some templates also offer a third, printer-ready mode.

Don’t forget that it is all about maximizing the screen that you intend to share your presentation on. Once you are done, choose whether you want to open up the presentation in PPT or PPTX mode. Also, note that this will depend on the version of PowerPoint you are using for your presentation, but if you are using Microsoft Office version 2007 and above, then consider the PPTX file.

If your Microsoft Office version was released before 2007, then it is recommended you go for the PPT option. Note that creating and saving your presentation in PPTX ensures that your file will be more compatible with other programs and software.

  1. Choose Your Presentation Style

At this point, you have to decide whether you want to create an animated or simple presentation. If you decide on a NO Animation presentation, then expect new slides to appear on the screen immediately as soon as you press the Next arrow.

But if you choose Animation, then the new slides will likely appear on the screen through some kind of animation. Note that this may fade in and out or slide in from the side of the screen. Additionally, each element of the slide may even come onto the screen one after the other.

Nevertheless, both versions look and act the same during the editing process of the presentation. Also, note that your choice will depend on the aesthetics you want or prefer for your finished product. Finally, select your favorite color template. Launch it, and you are ready to start editing!

  1. Pay Attention to The Visual Elements In Each Slide

When designing your business idea PowerPoint, it is imperative to use design elements smartly without overdoing them. While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, have it in mind that nailing visual components in your presentation can take some effort.

It isn’t just about inputting a whole lot of thumbnail images and icons to each slide and calling it a day. Rather, it is more about inculcating them thoughtfully so they are impactful rather than extra baggage. Always remember that the major objective is to create a business idea presentation that’s readable, comprehensible, and clutter-free.

  1. Ensure Your Message Is Clear And Concise

Always remember that the core of any successful presentation is a clear and concise message. To guarantee that your message comes off smoothly, first, explain your business idea to yourself. Note that the more you understand your idea, the easier it will be to explain it in a few sentences, or paragraphs at most.

Owing to that, you must make sure you can summarize your plans into an elevator pitch. In addition, don’t forget to use simple language to ensure that even someone who barely has any technical knowledge can quickly grasp the subject matter.

  1. Practice Your Business Idea Presentation

After you must have created the presentation, practice presenting it to ensure that you appear polished and professional come presentation day. Do not forget to keep time limits in mind, and respect the investors’ time. Also, remember to include time for questions in your overall presentation plan.

To start practicing, put together an outline of the presentation, one that addresses the most vital points that you intend to cover. Also, remember to print a copy of your presentation in outline view, and leverage that to note the vital points you intend to touch from each slide and write down additional notes about what you intend to say.

Have it in mind that creating the outline not only guarantees that you see all the vital points, but also ensures you won’t just be reading what’s on the screen, which will quickly bore the audience.


It is normal to be nervous on the presentation day, however, you must relax and calm your nerves. Inculcating your energy and personality into the presentation can ensure you get the response you want.

Note that making a genuine delivery makes you seem appreciative of your audience and excited about the material you are sharing. Remember to speak slowly, smile, make eye contact, and refer to your notes if you need to and you will impress investors with both your business and your presentation skills.