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Giving Clients a Catering Price Quote – 10 Factors to Consider

Do you want to offer clients the best catering service at an affordable price? If YES, here are 10 crucial factors to consider to get a perfect catering price quote.

You just might agree with me that food is very essential to the human race just the way the air we breathe in is. The role food plays in our numerous body systems cannot be overemphasized. It is because of this that some folks have taken to dabble into the catering business. They have made this a line of business because of the vacuum they have been able to fill.

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It would be needful to do a rehash of what the catering business is all about and who a caterer is. The catering business to a large extent has to do with supplying meals to people who might need to be serviced. This could be in parties, homes, schools, just to mention a few. Therefore, it is the duty of a caterer to see that the needs of the people who patronize them are adequately met.

Whilst, the catering industry all over the world is already being saturated, It is also needful to note that with the best practices one could still operate with high standards that could take your catering business to the zenith. If you are a caterer or are thinking to delve into this kind of business, then you may as well consider some tips about the factors to consider before giving a client a quote.

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10 Factors to Consider Before Giving Clients a Catering Price Quote

1. Know the Class of People Attending

You just might agree that there are different levels of parties. Whilst some might be targeted at the elites and the crem- de- la- crem in the society, yet others might be targeted at the average people in the society. So, you have got consider the caliber of people that might be in attendance, so as to know how to quote. Knowing this would help you quote wisely, as you might have to serve some people in the highest of standards than others.

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2. Know the Amount of People Attending the Event

This is yet another fundamental factor to note. You have got to know the number of people who would be in attendance. This is very important, so that you make all the adequate preparation that might not fall short of what is being expected. Your client could want just a room party, whilst others may want a crowd. These are things to factor in when quoting.

3. Know the Kind of Meals Needed

You have got to find out from your client the kind of meals that might be appealing to their guests. Whilst some clients might want local delicacies, yet others might prefer continental dishes to meet the demands of the different guests that might be in attendance.

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4. Know the Race of the Guests

If you are dealing with a foreign client for instance; it is your duty to know whether there might be only a particular race or more. Arming yourself with this information means that you would know what appeals to the different races in terms of meals and how they want to be served.

5. Know the Venue

It is important that you know the venue of the event. This is so that you are able to decipher if it is someplace that isn’t far from where you are. If peradventure it happens to be a far distance, then it means that you might have to quote more to cover for transportation costs.

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6. Ask to Know How the Meals Should Be Served

One other important factor to consider before giving your client a quote is whether the party might take the form of buffet or otherwise. This is expedient, as it would cost more to come up with a buffet than when you have to do the dishing of meals. This is because some guests might prefer to eat more than others. Therefore, buffets might cost more.

7. Ask to Know the Duration of Event

You have got to ask to know for how long you would be catering for. If it is a single day event, then you have got to know for how many hours you would be expected to cater for. Same also applies when you are catering for two or more day’s event. This would give you a cue on how you must quote.

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8. How Many Servers Would You Need

You have got to consider the number of service folks that you might need for the big day. It is worthy to note that when you use about 5 service people, the price might be less than when you have to use more. Therefore, you have got to consider all these when you are quoting .

9. Consider a Great Packaging

It would be important that you consider to how your client wants to the guests to be served. This means that you have got to know whether the guests would be eating in the party or taking the meals away. This is so that you add to the costing what it might take for a thorough take- home package.

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10. Transportation

Consider what it might cost for the overall movement of plates, cutleries, glass cups, as well as other tools that might aid the smooth run of the events of the day. This is from the point of cooking and preparedness for the big day, to the venue of the event. This is one very important factor to consider, so that you do not run at a loss.

Remember, that the ultimate goal of all caterers is to make profit and so you have got to really consider these factors so as not to run at a loss. These are actionable tips that can will work wonders any day and any time.