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Can You Put Pictures in Business Plan?

Yes. You can put pictures in a business plan. In fact, it is recommended that you put pictures in your business plan since they help to buttress your point and tend to provide valuable insights.

Aside from that, it will help to display your branding, as well as break up the text to ensure that anyone going through the business plan can easily note your plans and intentions. If done right, have it in mind that inculcating images in your business plan will make your plan look more professional to investors.

If your objective is to attract investors with your business plan or even rise business funding, then it is important to arrange it to impress.

As the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true when you’re formatting your business plan sections. Since readers usually jump through various business plans without reading more than a page, pictures will enable them to get the details.

Nevertheless, remember that too much of everything is bad. While putting pictures in your business plan will ensure that you pass on the right information; however, you shouldn’t go overboard. It is always recommended that you keep your plan length reasonable, and pictures can take up a good amount of physical space in a business plan document.

Types of Pictures to Include in a Business Plan

While it is a good thing to include pictures in your business plan, you have to understand the sort of pictures to include since not all are appropriate for a business plan. The type of pictures to add include:

1. Your logo

This is one important component to include in your business plan. Note that your logo will have to be displayed vividly on the cover page of your business plan. It is imperative you invest in a good logo that is professionally done.

2. Photos of your products

Regardless of the sort of services or products you offer, always remember to add some professional pictures that will give the reader a good view of your products. If you have vast products, do not put a picture of all of them in the plan. You only have to pick a few good examples of each of your product categories.

3. Your branded marketing images

For businesses with pictures that have been utilized in marketing materials, it is recommended you inculcate them into the business plan. These might be pictures buttressing your production procedures or the distinctive version of your business. Also, note that you can include stock photos that have graphics or your logo printed on them.

4. Graphs with market information

Have it in mind that the statistics and data you noted in your plan will look wonderful if they are in a graph. It will as well create a mind-blowing visual summary of your analysis. Graphs are quite useful for showcasing industry trends over time, market segmentation, or even market demographics.

5. Graphs of your financial projections

This is important especially if the objective of your business plan is to convince prospective investors or funders. This will ensure that they can go through your revenue, expenses, and net income over your projection period.

6. Maps

If you intend to cater to the needs of particular demographics within a defined, local market, it is necessary you include a map within your plan. Don’t forget to pinpoint your location as well as the location of all your nearby competitors. This will enable the reader to quickly comprehend where you are along with how close your competition is located.

7. Photos of your store, facilities, or equipment

This sort of picture will further prove your willingness and credibility to the reader. This could be a picture of your facility layout, your high-tech inventory software, or your branded vehicle. A good number of images in these sections will visually break up the plan a little.

8. Screenshots of your website and mobile application

You should also consider adding Mock-ups or screenshots of your website or the user interface of your mobile app to your business plan. This will show the reader how you present yourself to customers. This will have to be included in the marketing and sales section of your business plan.

The Types of Pictures Not to Include in Your Business Plan

While putting pictures in your business plan will ensure that you pass on the right information and hold the interest of the reader; also note that some pictures can end up being distracting or confusing when added to a business plan. They include;

1. Complex graphs or charts

Always remember that your intentions are to convince the reader not to confuse them. Owing to that, all the graphs or charts you input in the business plan ought to be straightforward and easy to understand. Ensure you do not add too many elements or compare things that are not even comparable in the same graph. Make sure you label the graphs appropriately and include titles where necessary.

2. Generic stock images

It is always recommended you avoid inculcating generic stock pictures into your business plan. A good number of these photos found online are amateurish and have been used by numerous people for varying purposes. If you are considering adding pictures to your business plan, it is important you add the right ones such as those mentioned above.

3. Pictures communicating the very same message

No matter how relevant you feel they are, it is always advisable you do not add pictures that are buttressing the same points. Even if you have vast products, make sure you do not put a picture of all of them in the plan. You just have to pick good examples of each of your product categories.

4. Unrelated images

This is an important mistake to avoid. You wouldn’t want your business plan to be too big to discourage prospective readers. Owing to that, it is important you avoid unnecessary data and pictures. Avoid including generic photos, memes, personal photos, or even photos of another business.

The Best Part of a Business Plan to Put Pictures

Although this will vary depending on the content of your business plan and your objectives for writing the plan, have it in mind that the best place to put pictures in a business plan is the appendix.

The appendix is most often the last section of a business plan and it gives you the opportunity to add additional important details or information that support the business plan. Putting the right photos in your business plan appendix helps to buttress your point and will provide valuable insights regarding the business plan to your readers.


There are numerous reasons why you should consider adding pictures to your business plan. Note that adding the right pictures can, in clearer details, convey a concept promptly and effectively. Owing to that, it is recommended you leverage charts and graphs to discuss your forecasts. Readers will be able to understand your company and opportunity better if you “show” rather than just “tell.”