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How to Recruit Real Estate Agents to Your Firm

All over the world, the real estate industry is such that have continued to record a great boom. Investment experts would always advice that the real McCoy in investment is the real estate. This is because of the way properties appreciate overtime, thereby causing an increase in profit for investors.

It is for that reason that realtors have continued to saturate the industry. However, truth is that they are always smiling to the bank as profit is to a large extent assured when you are able to meet the demands of your clients. Before delving into what this article is about, it would be appropriate to look at what the real estate business is all about.

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A real estate business or a brokerage firm is a firm that is involved in the buying and selling of real estates and properties. The success of a real estate firm is dependent on the performance of the agents attached to the firm; that is why care should be taken in the recruitment process to ensure only the best hands are recruited into the firm.

The duties of a real estate agent is numerous, amongst which is; to market the brokerage firm to clients- especially those that wish to sell their real estate. It is also the duty of the agent to scout for buyers and introduce them to the property whilst presenting them reasons to buy off the property. Other responsibilities which a real estate agent is saddled with include; following transactions through, preparing pamphlets and brochures with explicit details of the real estate property for sale.

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Before going into how recruit a real estate agent, it is important that you look for the following character traits in a potential employee. They are the ability to communicate effectively, self motivation, ability to meet targets, as well as team work spirit. Now to the business at hand; how can you possibly recruit this kind of person?

6 Steps to Recruit Smart Real Estate Agents to Your Firm

1. Put up a Recruitment Advert

The first rule of thumb is that you have got to place a recruitment advert in the advert section of popular newspapers and publications. The adverts have to be as specific as possible to attract only the right people qualified for the job and do away with time wasters.

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You may also consider going through the internet. If there are any specific certification, education qualification or experience you wish your ideal agent for the firm to have, mention it in the advert. Vague words in your employment advert may attract more of unqualified time wasters and will be stressful to sieve out the best.

2. Qualifications

After the advert is sent out, people that meet the requirements stipulated in the advert will start sending in their CVs and cover letter for employment. At this stage, you need to go through all the cover letters and CVs submitted to sieve out those who do not meet the requirements and qualifications you stipulated in your advert.

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Also, watch out for real estate licenses; any agent that applies for the job without a real estate license is automatically disqualified because he or she cannot practise without the license. The next step is to invite people that qualify at this stage to an interview; an oral one on one interview is always the best.

3. Pick the Best Out Of the Lot

Fix a date to interview applicants that pass through the verification stage. The oral interview shouldn’t be only about basic real estate questions, it should include personal questions to give you a glimpse of the applicants’ personality. Remember to include real life scenarios during the interview to get agents that will perform well in the real world.

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4. Experience Counts-: Be sure to choose experience over qualification anytime. Always consider applicants with experience to those with just qualification. A person with sales experience in any other field will before well in the real estate industry.

5. Do Your Background Check

After you make your choice of candidates; you have to make a thorough background check on them to ensure that they don’t have any history of crime or violence. You can employ a background check company to carry out thorough check and run their fingerprints through their database; the basic checks include; Credit card crime, confirmation of qualifications, license check.

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6. Training

This is the final stage involved in the recruitment process. At this stage, you need to give some intensive training to your recruited agents to give them good a head start, especially if the person is new in real estate industry.

Be sure that you do not compromise on any of the steps and guidelines that have been given. Doing this would to a large extent be tantamount to not getting things right. You may also consider looking out for other personal things.