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Can You Run a Gun Shop Business from Home? If NO, Why?

Do you want to start and run a gun shop business from home and you are wondering if it is possible? If YES, here is everything you must know. The buying and selling of guns and ammunition is one business that is highly regulated by the government of various countries.

It is a fact that if you open a gun shop you would definitely rake in huge returns on your investment because there are only a few people who are engaged in this line of business.  This is because the process of securing a license and permit to engage in this trade is demanding, and also because most countries restrict the sale of guns and ammunition to few locations and only to a few people they can easily control.

If you are looking towards opening a gun shop business, one of the major things you need to know is the location that is ideal for such business. In as much as people consult with experts to know the most ideal location to start a business especially as it relates to profitability and survival of the business, zoning of the business is still another aspect that must not be neglected.

Please note that aside from a location, part of the criteria that would be used to assess your readiness to run a gun shop is the safety mechanism you install in your shop. You must ensure that your guns and ammunition are not displayed in a place where anyone can easily pick them up.

Even if you are going to display them in a glass shelve, the glass shelve must be secured enough to prevent people from picking it up. There should be other safety gadgets installed in your shop. The fact that gun powders are highly explosive makes it necessary to be safety conscious when running a gun and ammunition shop.

Can You Successfully and Legally Run a Gun Shop from Home?

The answer to this question is NO! In the United States, it is illegal for a gun shop to operate from your home or from a residential estate at that.

The reason is that it is wrong to expose residents and perhaps your family members to the influx of strangers and also going by the mass shootings that are now frequent across the United States of America and recently in Canada, no government would want to allow a gun shop to operate anywhere near a residential estate not to talk of someone’s home.

It is the responsibility of the government of any country to enact laws that will not only protect people, but also also protect businesses which is why governments usually enact and enforce zoning laws. For example, you would not want a waste management and recycling facility to operate right inside a residential estate or a noisy factory right by a school or library. Some industries present hazards and zoning laws distance those hazards from residential areas.

Please note that if you have license to deal in firearms and ammunition, you can successfully run an online gun shop from your home, but you must fulfill all the security requirements and you must not expose residents to firearms, hence your warehouse must be in a safe and approved location.

In the United States of America, there are different types of zoning areas (law) and they are;

  • Residential Zone – This zone is meant for people to live in that area
  • Commercial Zone – This zone is meant for businesses, offices, stores, and other similar businesses
  • Agricultural Zone – This zone is meant for farming and related activities
  • Industrial Zone – This zone is meant for manufacturing and similar industries
  • Recreational Zone – This zone is meant for spaces for parks, sporting events, and other recreation

Where Then Can I Locate My Gun Shop?

The choice of location for your gun shop determines how successful your business will be. The truth is that the location you choose to open your gun shop determines if you will be issued Federal Firearms Dealership License. Government officials must first inspect your shop to be sure that it is located in a secured location before issuing you a Federal Firearms License – FFL.

Locations ideal for Gun Shop

  1. Outskirt of Town
  2. In and Around a Shooting Range
  3. In and Around Stadium Facility
  4. Shopping Complex
  5. Close to a Military Base
  6. Hunter’s Hub

In Conclusion,

In order not to get it wrong when looking for a location for your gun shop business, it is important to contract the services to a realtor. They are trained to help businesses find the perfect location for their business including a gun shop.

The real estate agent takes responsibility for all the important things and he helps you save a lot of time and money. The only thing you must keep in mind while hiring the real estate agent is that you should always choose someone that has extensive knowledge of the industry and city you have in mind to start your gun shop business.