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How Much Do Pest Control Business Owner Makes?

Do you want to know the average salary of a pest control worker? If YES, here is a detailed analysis of how much pest control technicians and business owners make monthly / annually.

Pest control workers are responsible for preventing and getting rid of insect and bug infestation in homes and public spaces as well. The do their work by spreading chemical solutions and toxic gases that kill or deter pests and vermin from the premises.

It is also the duty of pest control workers to check homes and businesses to identify if there is an infestation and after the identification, they will need to create a plan of action to eradicate the infestation. When they have spread the necessary chemicals, they will have to follow up with the appropriate paperwork and documentation.

They additionally need to have an extensive working knowledge of pest control equipment such as sprayers and equipment trucks. A high school diploma is required for employment in this field.

How Much Money or Salary Do Pest Control Business Owner Make

A Pest Control Worker will usually earn an average salary between $24,000 and $36,000 depending on the level of experience. Pest Control Workers are compensated at the highest average salary in the District of Columbia, where they receive an average job salary of approximately $42,320.

Professionals that work in this career are paid most highly in Public Administration, where they can earn average compensation of $39,700.